My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 562

Vol 5 Chapter 562: Lin Chen And Shura

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Chapter 562, Lin Chen fights Shura!

The Zi Zi advanced exercises have seen so many times in the history of the mainland of Kyushu. The Zi Zi top is even rarer.

Even if there is an inheritance memory of Shura Battle Emperor, if you want to inherit this combat skill, I am afraid you will have to consume a large amount of intermediate skills.

"In addition to the inheritance of combat skills, the trial of the 100th Palace of Asura can also gain the fighting strength of the Shura family. The inheritance just now will come a few times, and I will be able to step into the late Jiuzhong in one breath!"

Lin Chen's expression was exhilarated, the space channel was split, and he came again into the second imperial palace!

This time, it was a tall and tall female Shura who was holding a war gun and turned her back to Lin Chen.

"It turns out to be a human race, just, the strong is the king, take the trick!"

The tall woman Shura's eyes flicked, her cold cheeks showed a sense of killing, and the unreal war gun swept down!

"Four changes!"

Lin Chen's whole body was galloping, and he suddenly launched a quadruple change!

The two afterimages turned into the shattered light of the heaven and earth, flickering and colliding in the temple, the two war guns collided, and the lightning slammed back and forth. Each shot of this female Shura was quite heavy!

The imaginary figure of the female Shura turns like a gyroscopic spiral, and the gun dance dancing round by round is pulled out! The fighting spirit of the Nine Tribulation was burning, and it turned into nine battle wheels rising above Lin Chens head, and the tens of guns were turned continuously.

Hundreds of rounds of hard work, Lin Chen's move "Sura's Fury" created a gap between attacks, a shot was determined, and she penetrated her body!

"Good marksmanship, it is also a leader in my family. This is the second type of inheritance, take it!"

As the illusory figure of the female Shura emerged again, she became more illusory, and her jade fingers tapped lightly, and the streamer burst into Lin Chen's eyebrows.

An energy burning like a fire dragon is injected into Lin Chen's body. In addition to inheriting memory, there is also a large amount of energy of qi and blood and pure fighting spirit!

Boom~! The vast fighting spirit Yuanfu condensed into nine-color crystals, this is the seventh Yuanyuan crystal condensed!

Lin Chen entered the late nineth layer! In condensing two crystals of fighting spirit, that is the half emperor!

Absorbing the energy of the blood and energy that comes from the initiation of the god, Lin Chen's pure power is promoted to 990,000 dragon power, and the increase of the blessed **** is already 999999 dragon power! Only one step away from the body-finishing emperor!

"What? This kid passed on so fast?"

The female Shura was stunned, Lin Chen waved her hand, jumped into the space passage of the third palace, and waved her thanks to the female Shura!

"Thank you for your guidance! The purple pattern of the senior is very beautiful!"

Astonished, the female Shura looked down at her broken leg armor, and her expression appeared a little shameful!

"This human race hooligan!"


The third imperial palace; this time the Shura battle emperor's ghost image, the tiger back bears the waist, the momentum is domineering, burning the blood like a mad dragon, and there can still be such a powerful fluctuation of blood after death. Emperor!

Lin Chen landed, concentrated on it, and launched five changes! Temporarily reach the limit of half emperor!

boom! boom! boom!

The other party grabbed the people's voice first, and the momentum was like a thousand horses and horses, and they were about to smash thousands of miles of mountains and rivers.

"HuangmoAnger! Hundred Spear Fighting EmperorLife and Death!"

When Lin Chen was furious, the palace shook and fell, and he made two powerful moves! Crash!

This time, it's a trick! Lin Chen was breathless, and his two shots exploded with all his strength, exhausting all his fighting spirit. In a special situation, he did not dare to easily use the limit return, because there is no attribute light ball here, and the talent points will be used up!

"Well, it's worthy of being the inheritor that my family has waited for many years. This is the third style of the Hundred Spear Fighting Emperor. Take it!"

The asura warlord glanced at Lin Chen approvingly, waved his hand, and the three-color streamer merged into Lin Chen's body. They were the fusion of Qi and Daiqi, and the inheritance of memory!

Lin Chen used the skill and spirit again, and received the inheritance like lightning. Then, he turned on the decomposition function!

[The host consumes 530 Celestial Dao value, decomposes 16 kinds of sixth-order medicinal materials, and two kinds of seventh-order heavenly materials and earth treasures. Obtains: 29850 points of essence of war energy, 89 points of water energy...]

Break down herbs! This is the first step in Lin Chen's recovery of consumption. In the Shrine Hall, he can only move forward without any resources.

Elixir and other resources to recover and make up for the consumption are very valuable, not to mention the ability to use the purple class of Limit Guiyuan!

Lin Chen did not dare to waste a cent of resources easily, even if he consumed the heavenly value to decompose the medicinal materials, he did not intend to easily take the panacea on hand or use the limit to restore!

Talent points, Lin Chen left 420,000 points.

Rune energy, Lin Chen still has more than 280,000 points.

Heavenly value, Lin Chen still has more than 240,000 points. These attribute values are attributed only to the descendants of the pseudo-gods who destroyed the two war emperors, and the old gray robe who injured the five war emperors.

Lin Chen must rely on these attribute values to prop up to the last Shura Palace!

Block 5 and Block 6! Finally, to the opponent encountered in the seventh palace, Lin Chen couldn't make it through the "five changes" alone!

Lin Chen began to sacrifice his phantom runes!

Doppelganger holds the Mingyuetian Qingdao sword, one shot and one gun, and cooperates with the doppelganger in combat! Lin Chen broke through the four imperial palaces in one go, fighting all the way and winning all the way!

However, when the twelfth palace was reached, the opponent was in a late period of life. Even after death, the strength of the battle is still just a mess!

Its not enough to rely on a doppelganger alone! Lin Chen urged the second sword avatar to play with "Hoar Frost Blue Rainbow" in hand!

One body, two avatars. A fierce battle, all the way through the nineteenth palace!

In the twentieth seat, Lin Chen encountered a silver armored Shura, and the body and double avatars could not fight for a long time. Finally, the third phantom avatar was also used!

With the help of the ``Thousand Star Thunder and Bow'', Lin Chen instantly seemed like a broken bamboo, and the effect of one plus one was far more than two, not to mention the four ``Lin Chen'' teamed up!

Lin Chen doesn't know how much time has passed, he only knows the battle! fighting! Endless battle! Only by fighting all the way, will it be possible to survive!

Fight all the way, invincible! As time passes like Baiju, Lin Chen is in an endless battle, as if he can't stop for a moment! Restoring as soon as you stop is restoring within limited resources!

Lin Chen broke through to the fortieth palace in one breath!

Finally, in the 42nd imperial palace, the strength of the opponent during his lifetime was already a watershed between the double war emperor and the first war emperor, as strong as the three major avatars and the body combined, it was also difficult to shake!

The imperial palace that enters in the future is not only able to support the past by quantity!

Lin Chen's trump card finally began to open one by one! Start using Level 5 Charging Rune! In conjunction with avatar combat, the five-level charge rune is only used at the most critical moment, and the number of moves is determined!

The fiftieth palace! Lin Chen could not keep up with the speed of restoring the fighting by relying solely on the operation of the mind, and he launched the "Extreme Return" for the first time in the imperial palace!