My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 563

Vol 5 Chapter 563: When Lin Chen Was Emperor

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Chapter 563, Lin Chen Emperor Emperor! ! !

In the process of going into the Hundred Palaces alone, Lin Chen's gains along the way are also not small. His strength has been steadily improved step by step, and he has been more than several times stronger than before he entered the Palace!

However, his cultivation base has been completely locked in the realm of the half-step emperor and 990,000 dragon forces!

Because as long as one more step is taken, it is Warlord Realm! Lin Chen, waiting for this opportunity!

The sixtieth palace! The opponent's strength during his lifetime has reached the middle of the double stage. From here, it is extremely difficult for Lin Chen to defeat each Shura Emperor. Their combat experience and other factors completely overtake themselves!

However, the best opponent is the best teacher! Lin Chen learned too many fighting skills through these Shura warlords!

The 68th imperial palace, even if the charged rune was launched, the damage to the asura warlord could be minimal, Lin Chen finally offered another card to penetrate the rune!

"Charge" and "penetration", two characteristics of runes show great power! Break through the 74th palace alone!

In the 75th imperial palace, Lin Chen encountered an asura warrior with purple robe and armor. During his lifetime, he was close to the second stage. Even if it fell into a phantom, its war power was still unbeatable!

As soon as Lin Chen came up, he was beaten, and even the three avatars were almost beaten!

Finally, Lin Chen entered the ultimate moment! Avatar assist, full body firepower!

After breaking into the 85th palace, the three avatars and the body all entered the ultimate moment, Lin Chen took out all the fighting power!

In the 88th palace, Lin Chen defeated a murderous red-haired Shura, and the talent points and rune energy in his system are running out!

Lin Chen was sitting quietly, his expression, unprecedented coldness, could not see the existence of a touch of emotion. There is no such thing as cynicism in the past.

Along the way, Lin Chen didn't know how many super high-intensity battles he had experienced, and there were almost no breaks!

The heritage of the Shura Hundred Palace is simply not a level to get! This battle alone is enough to kill any arrogant extinct!

This inheritance was originally only suitable for the fighting race of the Shura family! The Shura family rarely practice, they all break through in battle, epiphany in battle, and promotion in battle! Fighting is their only way to practice!

"The rune energy still has 130,000 points, and the talent point is only 70,000 points. According to this rhythm, the next or next palace, I have to use the slow rune to defeat the opponent. The remaining attributes Value is simply not enough for me to pass through the 100th imperial palace."

Lin Chen's heart was cold and indifferent, and there were countless thoughts.

There is only one possibility to survive!

"Then take a look at it, whether it is death that first catches up with me Lin Chen, or should I first rush into the war emperor realm!"

Lin Chen held the Wulong Dynasty imperial gun suspended in the void, the body of the gun responded to his master's fighting intent, and throbbed for a while!

Staring at Lin Chen who jumped into the space channel without hesitation, the red-haired Shura exclaimed.

"What a brilliant boy, this son hasn't even been able to walk here all the way to the emperor's strength, how good would it be if I were a young man of the Shura family..."

Eighty-nine palaces, space enchantment is crumbling!

A blue cloth Shura and Lin Chen and the three phantom avatars who entered the ultimate moment were so dim and dark!

In the end, Lin Chen created a gap between battles with a five-level slow rune, and instantly defeated the opponent!

In the 90th imperial palace, Lin Chen had entered and was completely suppressed by a golden armor Shura!

This is the Shura Warlord who had the triple initial cultivation behavior during his lifetime. Even after his death, the strength is still comparable to the ordinary human triple triple warlord!

Lin Chen battle is irreversible, and he launched three consecutive five-level slow runes to create a chance. At this time, his rune energy is only 50,000 points!

"Almost touch the boundaries of Warlord Realm!"

Lin Chen's eyes narrowed, this time, he did not choose to rest. After accepting the inheritance, jump into the space channel!


Ninety-one imperial palace, silver-haired Xiu Luowei wind majestic, finger dragon war gun, proudly overlooking Lin Chen!

"Dark Thunder Breaks the Arrow!"

A burst of purple lightning bolt came like a polar star, mixed with dark mandrel rotation, bursting through the galaxy's sharp mandala, and shot towards the silver-haired Shura!

Lin Chen is full of strength when he meets! The silver-haired Shura's eyes flicked, and the gun body was instantly turned, and he waved angrily!

Dang ~! Bang ~~!

Long Xiao was like thunder, the arrow light was scattered, Lin Chen's strongest arrow was scattered by a shot, Lin Chen and his avatar continued to launch the ultimate moment, swarming!

"Oh, the Terrans also want to take away the heritage of this seat? Die!"

The marksmanship covered the sky and fluttered, like the tide of mass killing and falling feathers, the waves waved away, Lin Chens face changed slightly, pulling the gun, the hoarfrost and the rainbow sword and the Mingyuetian Qing knife slammed up again and again, colliding with infinity spark!


Lin Chen's mouth was bleeding, and he insisted on clenching his teeth! This Shura warlord is already stronger than the black robe warlord invited by Yun Mingqing, and it is a few points stronger than most of the triple early human race warlord!

At this time, the nine Daoqi rounds of fire suddenly reflected the infinite light from Lin Chen's body!

"This, this is?"

Lin Chen stunned, and then came the ecstasy!

"Nirvana moment? This kid actually showed the best opportunity for promotion?"

That silver-haired Shura's expression is both strange and astonishing!

Nirvana moment is a vanguard machine that may appear only when the life potential and cultivation potential of a creature are stimulated to the extreme. Triggering this opportunity will increase the chance of entering the realm of war emperor by 30%!

30% chance! This concept is only available at the moment of Nirvana, and any high-level panacea in the mortal world cannot be done!

"However, it's a pity! Lao Tzu is not a kind person. Lao Tzu hates your human race very much. This Nirvana moment is your death, and it is impossible for you to advance to the gap!"

The silver-haired Xiuluo Luo laughed, and was about to win the chase, Lin Chen's body burst into a cracking explosion sound of "Ka ~ Bang"!

"Since the Yuanyuan House crystallized? Do you want to forcibly advance into the Warlord?"

Lin Chen broke the wreck with one hand, and completely confused the silver-haired Shura!

Ruthless! Definitely a lunatic!

Even if there is a moment of nirvana, the impact of imperial battle is gambling life and death, he can actually take his life without hesitation for a moment in this battle!

In other words, he is nothing like this one-tenth of this humanoid kid!

On madness, he is not afraid of Lin Chen!

"You really scared me, but, you are promoted in battle, is this looking down on you? Do you think I will give you this opportunity?"

A shot of Lin Chen's two avatars, silver-haired Shura roared and rushed towards Lin Chen!

Lin Chen pulled the golden war gun and rushed to the silver-haired Shura without timidity, with a smile!

"The way I want to go is decided from the beginning. Let's see if you kill me first, or if I am promoted to the emperor first!"