My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 564

Vol 5 Chapter 564: Stunning Holy World

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Chapter 564, Stunning Holy World!

It has been nearly eight months since the opening of the Tomb of Shura Nine. In these eight months, most of the powerful people have left, and most of them stayed with the mentality of watching drama and picking up leaks or curiosity.

Because those three people have not left yet! Longchi's three five-time late warlords!

Being able to let three people stay outside the tomb of Shura Nine for so long is absolutely catty! If they don't make a squat, they will still have a wonderful harvest!

Therefore, more than a dozen war emperors remained on the scene. Eight months is a trivial matter for them who have spent tens of thousands of years.

The space boundary of the Shura Nine tomb has been re-covered. The inside of the tomb can only be accessed but cannot be entered. No one can enter into the investigation. After a thousand years, it may be reopened.

Suddenly, the world is suddenly changing!

This momentum shocked all the emperors hidden in the dark! And three people including Longchi!

Dark clouds emerge, and Tianwei shakes! The thunder is surging and the wind is violently dancing!

Awesome aurora intertwined in vertical and horizontal directions, 999 dragon-shaped sky flames merged into fire pillars, 999 water robbers were laid out like a piece of heaven into a net, and the gas of 999 Gengjin became a round screen of Jingang, which enveloped the heavens. The air of 999 wooden catastrophes engulfed eight wildernesses, breaking through the earth and changing thousands of branches, within 100,000 miles, the sea of trees came! 999 earth robbers Zhenyue's fighting spirit appeared on the mountain peaks, and everything happened only in a few breaths!

Between heaven and earth, there were signs of nine types of sky-tribulation fighting spirit that lifted the sky, just like the ninth heaven, and the weight is higher than the weight!

This sign was lucky, straight into the endless void, out of the sky tower, out of the mainland of Kyushu! !

"This, this is the emperor's meteorology, some people become emperor!

"No! Laozi Chenghuang was not so perverted that year, not even one ten thousandth!"

"It's weird. But here is the area near the tomb of Shura Nine. All of them are quite dangerous. How could anyone below Warlord's Realm get close?"

The war emperor realms hidden in the dark showed curiosity and doubt, but the three of Longchi stared at the ninth tomb of Shura Nine tomb!

"You can't be wrong, there are no creatures below Warlord Realm in this neighborhood! It's definitely the little king!"

"He actually became the war emperor in such a short time, did he get the inheritance of the ninth tomb?"

"Damn! Laozi has seen hundreds of thousands of years of history on the mainland of Kyushu and the sky tower. I have never seen this vision of the emperor! This child has terrible potential and must be strangled!"

"It must be strangled! No matter how strong he is, he is just a young man who entered the emperor. The three of us joined forces. As long as he shows up, he will be able to completely kill him!"


Kyushu mainland, Lingzhou.

Tiange Academy, a sky palace directly facing the sky, the white fluttering Qianying is out of the ordinary.

The lady seemed to perceive something, looked back suddenly, looked in a certain direction, and murmured softly.

"The aura of Tiancai's fighting spirit is, is that the little guy?"

"What a terrible vision of the emperor, I am afraid that it will disturb all the top powerhouses in mainland Kyushu, and maybe even some of the forces of the Holy Realm will be alarmed! This is only a year, how far have you grown up..."

The deputy dean was amazed, and his beautiful lips were slightly raised.

"I used to covet the hypocrisy of this continent, it won't take long...your opponent will appear!"


Above a certain mountain, a vast figure of vast shore suddenly flashed, bright, great, and compassionate, as if condensing all the divine weather in the world, inviolable!

"That direction is inside the sky tower. Is it that the people of the Holy World secretly descended on Kyushu to train younger generations?"

"Huh! If the people of the Holy World come, it is nothing more than to wage another war! What a fear, my true God!"

The anger shook the universe, and the whole world was crumbling. Above the divine mountain, the gorgeous and exquisite statues reveal the despair of despair, reflecting on this sacred world, adding a little yellow and cold.

Holy WorldEight Fangyuntian, Promise Holy Palace.

In the palace, a young man with a face like a crown jade is embellished with faint sapphires. At this time, he is holding a cup of hot tea, looking at the chess game.

Inconsistent with the appearance of the young, the youthful eyebrows are full of vicissitudes, as if the old man is thinking deeply.

Suddenly, the young man looked at the distant cloud, and wondered.

"Huh? Strange, why is there such a vision, someone sanctified?"

"Master, what's wrong?"

Sitting on the opposite side, holding a dusty white-haired old man Xianfeng Road bone smile.

The youth's expression suddenly changed from doubt to seriousness, and finally shocked!

"No! It's not sanctification, just Emperor Emperor! What kind of evil genius is this, and the opportunity created by Emperor Emperor's vision can be spread to the Holy Realm!"

"Which **** is the emperor? That direction is... the human world, the mainland of Kyushu! Only gods come to the world! Send messengers to find out!"

Holy WorldTianchu River.

In a sacred mountain white jade pavilion, the old man's eyes suddenly became particularly sharp!

"The Emperor Feng's vision, its vitality has spread to the Holy Realm, unheard of!"

"Come here! Send a messenger to the world of Kyushu mainland!"

"Dare to ask Taishang elder, send the Holy Land or?"

"No! Under the Holy Realm, avoid disturbing some guys who are hiding in the dark!"

On this day, the Holy Realm shakes!


The ninth Shura tomb palace, ninety-one imperial palace. The silver-haired Shura was in a state of embarrassment, staring at the young man in disbelief!

"What a powerful strength, your boy, what kind of exercises are you practicing!"

Seemingly not hearing the question of the silver-haired warlord, the silver-robed teenager stepping into the void revealed an intoxicated look.

Lin Chen looked around the situation in the body, and all the fighting spirit Yuanfu disappeared, but the whole body was like a world of creation! Ghost axe magic, ever-changing!

Every meridian is full of energy like rivers and rivers, every bone contains a thousand miles of mountains and rivers, and every inch of flesh and blood is full of energy that crushes the void, as if the entire body has exceeded the level of the mortal body. The concept has been unprecedentedly transformed!

"This is, Battle Royal Realm!"

Lin Chen clenched his fists, and finally stared at the position of the heart, the heart position, there is a curved warrior mysterious wheel. In nine colors, there is infinite prestige in the sky, and Lin Chen, who is even the master, feels terrified!

This is the life wheel of fighting spirit. The Yuan Dynasty crystal breaks the cost of fighting force and condenses the body of the battle emperor. If the transformation is successful, it is a life wheel. The emperor's body has the power to break through the world's life and death, and has nearly one hundred thousand yuan!

Raising his hands to form a fist, Lin Chen did not urge his combat skills, punching fist to the direction of silver-haired Shura! As Wanlong roared, the Xeon punch that looted from Heaven Tribulation broke out violently!

The other party's expression changed slightly, the palm of the gun turned the tip of the gun, and a slanting sweep of the gun, tearing Lin Chen's fighting style, shocked the surrounding space trembling!

"Not only stepped into the war emperor's realm, even the pure power also reached 1.25 million dragon power! Hahaha!"

Lin Chen couldn't help grinning, and finally laughed in the sky! This is the first time he broke into the Shura Pavilion until now, and he laughed so much for the first time!

The 21-year-old war emperor is unparalleled! !

At this time, the system jumped out of a light screen.

[Congratulations to the host's advancement to the Imperial Realm, which triggers a special reward mechanism in the system. The rich rewards have been issued. Please check with the host.