My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 565

Vol 5 Chapter 565: The Legend Of The Son

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Chapter 565: The Legend of the Divine Son!

[Congratulations to the host's advancement into the Imperial Realm, triggering a special reward mechanism in the system, rewards: 100,000 talent points, 100,000 heavenly value, 100,000 rune energy, 50,000 intermediate power, 20 characteristic rune stones, blue rank talent Fragmentation: Super-dimensional transmission (3/3),

[Blue Rank Talent: Super-dimensional transmission has been automatically fused. Please connect the host to the talent bar to get the usage method.

[In view of the difficulty of the host's advancement to the Imperial Realm, the system specially gives the host 1,000 blank attributes. Blank attribute values can be converted into any attribute at will, which can be obtained by picking up attributes and fusing other attribute values. Since the attribute value is extremely rare, the probability of the host picking is small.

A brand new pure white attribute light ball appeared in front of Lin Chen's eyes, and it was incorporated into his eyebrows. This "blank attribute" completely surprised him a bit! What attribute value is this? Can it be converted to other attribute values?

"Regardless of his attribute value, at least Brother Chen survived! I want to see, who else in the Shura Baihuang Palace can stop me!"

Lin Chen's momentum was furious, the whole imperial palace was crumbling, and the imperial gun of the Five Dragons flashed into Lin Chen's hands! Now Lin Chen can perfectly display the true edge of the five dragon dynasty guns!

Jin Jin entered the battle emperor, Lin Chen's fighting strength was improved several times stronger than before, tens of times or even a hundred times! !

The war emperor's first and second levels that needed to be defeated by various means, and the triple card need to be sold out, are now not worth it in his eyes!

Boom! Boom! brush! brush! brush!

The purple phoenix wing beats the sonic boom of Xuntiandi, Lin Chen turns into moonlight, and the silver-haired warlord can't react!

"Type 7 of the EmperorLang Fanyun!"

The guns danced, like a bunch of tens of thousands of waves rolling over and raging!

The turbulent Tiancai fighting spirit changed into a wavy gun shadow, and the silver-haired Shura's expression changed, this move is almost seamless!

"Hundred Gun Fighting Emperor Long Gang"!

The gun came out of Hualongmang and ran head to head! The gunshots of the chaotic strangulation are fighting wildly, Lin Chen's wrist turns, and the marksmanship changes again!

"Fighting Emperor 9 Water Cut!"

The gun is pulled like soft water, but it permeates a strong and sharp breath, soft and rigid, just in one thought!

A piece of water and fissure splits life and death, crosses the sky and sweeps the sky, after tearing the dragon's shadow, he hit it with a single shot and bombarded the shoulder of the silver-haired Shura, the inch broke!

Two tricks! Comparable to the masters of the Shura family in the early stage of Triple, Lin Chen only used two moves! Not many cards such as "Sura Nine Changes" are used!

This way, Lin Chen learned too much combat experience and skills in the Shrine of the 100th Palace. His marksmanship already has a fascinating charm!

Coupled with his nine types of sky-tribulation war body growth and his pure power blessing as a body-refining emperor, let alone his body speed is terrifyingly fast! Now Lin Chen is confident to single out any triple warlord or even quadruple warlord!

If all the trump cards such as the four characteristic runes are used, as strong as the five-fold war emperor, he dares to shoot a gun!

Of course, it also depends on the quality of the five-fold war emperor. If he encounters the woman in the skirt when he enters the hall, then if he comes from the level of the Holy World, if the other party is five-fold cultivation, he can only run.

"I Yinhui has always refused to obey the human race, but I will serve you today! Linzhou Linchen, you are qualified to build on the inheritance and will of my Shura clan. go with!"

With a single finger, the silver-haired Shuras figure became more transparent, and thousands of essences of fighting spirit poured into Lin Chens body like a divine initiation, nourishing on top of his Fate of Life!

After automatically consuming 2300 merit points, Lin Chen got the 91st type. In response, Lin Chen also breathed a sigh of relief.

Fortunately, it is the inheritance of combat skills. If you put this "Hundred Spear Fighting King" combat skills directly in front of him, and you don't have more than one million points of intermediate skills, he simply won't learn!

Inheriting memory is the fact that the other party instils the elite knowledge of cultivation methods and key points to the inheritors. This process consumes the essence of the practice method, but it only accelerates the process. It does not require the consumption of high amount of practice method like direct learning. .

After inheriting this gun type, Lin Chen's cultivation for the realm was slightly consolidated, and the pure power increased by 20,000 dragon power. That inheritance speed scared the silver-haired Shura'Yinhui' again!

"In the first time, I used the **** killer talent for the first time, and the cultivation base was probably around the double war emperor. The second time was between the quadruple and triple war emperor..."

Lin Chen pondered, now his own strength, and although he is not able to enter the talent of "God Killer" in cultivation, but the combat power is not weak at all, because, as long as the Mirage Rune is launched, he can have three and his body Super avatar of general strength!

"No, it's four! Hahaha, system, upgrade Phantom Rune to me!"

[Consumption of 20 characteristic rune evolution stones, phantom rune upgrade to level 5. It can be divided into 4 phantom avatars with host fighting consciousness, which consumes less rune energy, stronger effect, and increased anti-strike ability.

"Cool! His uncle, as long as I see Longchi again, I have to pick his skin! Four avatars, plus my Lin someone, five hits one, even in the later stage of the fifth heavy layer will have to lose the skin! "

Lin Chen is confident that the five selfs will go together, and such powerful players as Longchi will have to drink a pot!

"Well, get the inheritance first! There are nine palaces left, go all the way!"

Lin Chen, who was very happy, jumped into the space channel and continued to the next imperial palace!

During this time, he has been reluctantly suppressed for too long, falling into an unprecedented long and high-intensity battle, and his nerves are completely tense. After all, if he cannot break through the war emperor, or if the breakthrough fails, he will only have a dead end!

Now Jin Jin entered the war emperor, Lin Chen's moment exudes confident confidence!

The 92nd to 99th imperial palaces, without any hindrance, Lin Chen broke through in one day!

The last imperial palace was in the void; the blue-eyed Shura in the golden tabard looked directly at Lin Chen in the hall and smiled indifferently.

"Able to take this seat without falling down, you have passed."

Lin Chen was stunned when he was about to launch the ultimate moment. He was a little puzzled: "Senior, wouldn't you just stop playing?"

"Hahaha! Young people of the human race, when you were emperor, this seat has already sensed your weather. Throughout the ages, maybe only the Son of God can suppress you. Compared with the arrogance of your human race, you are still at the upper middle level. Why don't you embarrass you with this kind of person? Our Shura clan and other descendants waited too long! Even if you are fighting with you, this body is very likely to lose."

Lin Chen wondered: "Son of God?"