My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 566

Vol 5 Chapter 566: Attribute Value Hurricane

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Chapter 566

"Oh, he is the descendant of the blood of God. Every one of their talents is unparalleled. Any common sense is not applicable to the Son of God, and some of the Son of God are born in the state of Yuanzun when they are adults. Its already a war emperors realm. The way to practice is like clearing the road. Before the sanctification, there is almost no bottleneck!"

Blue Eyes Shura sighed, Lin Chen was thrilled!

Born to Yuanzun, but to be emperor in adulthood?

Is this the true descendant of God?

Those descendants of pseudo-gods on the mainland of Kyushu are totally unworthy of shoes compared to the legendary God Son!

Seeing his expression change, blue-eyed Shura smiled"Hehe, you dont have to think too much, little guy. The 21-year-old war emperor is invincible on the mainland of Kyushu, even if there is not much in the whole human world. The Holy Realm is also a gifted talent. Moreover, you are born in the endless road of killing, you are very inherited by our Shura family, fighting against adversity, and dying to death. In a way, you are more than those godly children Threatening."

"At least from the face value, they have lost." Lin Chen smiled, but did not dare to have any pride.

The "descendants of the pseudo-god" with the blood of the saints has already swept the same level. How powerful is it to have the real "god of the gods"?

"If you are not arrogant or impatient, you will become a great weapon."

The blue-eyed Xiuluo gave a concise expression, glanced at Lin Chen with admiration, waved his hand, and a ray of astral light was included in Lin Chen's brow.

[It has automatically consumed 4800 points of merit, speeding up the inheritance speed.

The last inheritance memory of "Hundred Gun Fighting Emperors" is integrated into Lin Chen's mind and body. His battle wheel of vitality slowly rotates around once, and the cultivation is slightly improved!

The Emperor of the Middle Ages!

The complete "Hundred Gun Fighting Emperor" is integrated and connected, and the charm of Lin Chen's eyebrows has a fierce killing spirit!

This is the unique temperament of the Shura family. The perennial battle gives them the pure intention of killing ordinary creatures, and the actual attack is far more aggressive than ordinary creatures!

"Uhhhhhhhh, sure enough, the speed of inheritance is incredible!"

"Human Lin Chen, enter the imperial palace to accept the inheritance of my Shura clan. My Shura clan's fighting heritage is not much. We only rely on the instinct of the bloodline to fight, so there is not much to you in combat skills, but it can make you 'S weapon is taken to the next level!"

Blue-eyed Shura stroked the void, the palace shook, and the cracked ground slowly raised a tripod pool.

Light blue smoke flows in the Dingchi, pure killing spirit overflows, and pure Gengjin origin.

"this is?"

Lin Chen's pupils shrank! Judging from his attainments of casting tools, this thing is cleverly crafted and has a taste to reshape the origin of the war weapon!

"This is Shura's original fighting spirit. It is a spirit that many Shura tribes can only condense at the same time. They can refining the fighting spirit and upgrade the weapon's grade!"

The blue-eyed Shura's expression suddenly dignified-"Boy, enter the tripod! Accept refinement!"

Lin Chen was unambiguous, jumped into the giant tripod, the blurred blue smoke contracted and tightened instantly, like a permeable hairspring entering Lin Chen's body!

His Nine-color Battle Wheel of Life, began to throb slightly! Nine kinds of Heavenly Tribulation fighting energies flowed from within the life wheel and were condensed by blue smoke again and again!

[The host gains 50 ignition energy, 50 water energy, 40 earth energy, 80 gold energy, 40 wind energy, 40 light energy, 50 dark energy,]

The system light screen pops up one after another. Although Lin Chens morale has not improved, his nine elemental attributes have been surging! Simply can not stop!

8000 points, 9000 points, 10000 points!

When Lin Chen's nine attributes all exceeded 10,000 points, his nine-robber fighting spirit has undergone an amazing transformation! The whole body reflects nine colors of light!

"This is, my Heavenly Tribulation Warframe has advanced?"

Lin Chen was amazed. The higher the elemental attribute value, the stronger his Heavenly Tribulation combat body, and the more combat energy the combat life wheel can hold!

"Sure enough, it is an unprecedented good seedling! It has persisted for so long that no rejection has occurred!"

The blue-eyed Shuras eyes brightened...

When Lin Chen's nine elemental attribute values continued to soar to 15000 points, Lin Chen's began to gradually feel a sharp pain!

When breaking through 21,000 points, Lin Chen's body surface began to gradually collapse and bleed! That's the body of the emperor!

"Huh? What is this?"

Lin Chen subconsciously urged the Nine Tribulation Warfare. When the Nine Sky Tribulation War Bodies were launched, the Nine Sky Tribulation Warfare began to merge...

Suddenly, the blue-eyed Shura's expression changed slightly, and he flicked out his hand to catch lightning, pulling Lin Chen out of Dingchi!

"Five hours, you are too fierce! My expectation is that you can only stick to half an hour at most! What a freak you are!"

The gradually transparent blue-eyed Shura looked at Lin Chen in amazement and shook his head. The look was like the discovery of the New World!

"Unfortunately, if my cultivation base is stronger, maybe I can stick to it for a while!"

It's a pity that Lin Chen shouted, this **** is so hot! Nine intermediate element attribute values exceed 21,000 points!

After passing through the battle, Lin Chen, who killed a lot of emperors, only averaged about 6,000 points each. This time, he earned more than 10,000 points in this Dingchi, and it is still nine kinds of attributes. This is simply a Treasure Pool!

"Okay, you boy, don't talk about it. When I was baptized during my lifetime, I could only stick to a quarter of an hour. Your mother's contentment!"

Blue-eyed Shura couldn't help but laugh and curse, Lin Chen rolled his sleeves and grinned: "No way, this person, besides being handsome and long-lasting, really has no advantages, it is a specialty."

"Put your weapon in, and then walk to the stele. The stele records many unique skills of the Shura family. However, the stele will only give you the proper exercises according to your constitution and cultivation techniques. This thing is completely It's about the chance, not to come."

The blue-eyed Asura points to a thousand-foot stone monument at the end of the imperial palace. The body is engraved with a dragon-like engraved rune, which records the civilization and vicissitudes of the Asura family!

"Put my weapon in?"

Lin Chen thought a little, his eyes lit up! With a wave of hands, five top fighters are thrown into Dingchi!

They are: Golden Silk and Silver Emperor Armor, Ten Thousand Thunder Bow, Mingyuetian Qingdao and Baishuang Qinghong Sword, and Wuchen Dynasty Emperor Gun that Lin Chen used all the year round!

Five top fighters entered the Ding Pond, and the misty blue smoke adsorbed into it, and the blue pool water condensed by the asura of Shura's origin began to rise up!

All the weapons are tempered by Shura's original fighting spirit. Unless ordinary weapons are originally damaged by high-grade, it is extremely difficult to upgrade the grade after the finished product.

However, Shura's fighting spirit can refine the "kill" of a weapon, which is equivalent to enhancing the spirituality of the weapon and increasing the quality of the finished weapon, so it will grow beyond the limits!

Lin Chen walked to Shura's stele. I don't know what kind of mastery the Shura family will give him this time Or will you say nothing?