My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 567

Vol 5 Chapter 567: Battle Emperor Lin Chenout Of The Hall

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Chapter 567: Battle Emperor Lin Chen's Exit!

Lin Chen placed his palm on the stele, and ran his mind, and the stele vibrated slightly.

boom! boom! A bleak and primitive atmosphere of majesty and slaughter emerged from the stone tablet, like thousands of sharp blades slashing towards Lin Chen! Since Lin Chen's Heavenly Spirit Gadget passed down, spread all over his body!

Eyes narrowed, Lin Chen's shoulders were shocked, and the terrifying killing momentum swept the palace!

"The heritage stele is actively considering him?"

Blue-eyed Shura frowned, staring at Lin Chen seriously.

This tug of war seems to have lasted for a long time, the outside time has passed for half a month!

In the past half a month, the ancient Dingchi's Shura's original fighting spirit was absorbed by Lin Chen's five great weapons! Collective transformation of rank!

The four major fighters, all advanced to the seventh-level advanced inferior!

The five dragon dynasty guns have entered the seventh-grade high-grade top grade!

On the sixteenth day, the bleak and simple idea of killing fell suddenly weakened, and began to descend to an aperture, as if measuring Lin Chen.

"Recognized by the heritage stele! I just don't know what grade of mastery this kid will get!"

The blue-eyed Shura looked excited, and I saw a hook line straight through the stele, and the Shura stele glowed green in turn!

"Green level? No, it should be more than that!"

The blue-eyed Shura was shocked, staring at the hook light.

The light danced like a dragon and snake, and all the way to the top of the stone tablet, the light emitted from green to green, from blue to blue, and finally reached the top purple! Straight through the top!

Finally, there is no light!

"What? No grade?"

Blue-eyed Shura froze!

But at this time, Lin Chen had a flow of information into his mind.

"The sixth and seventh secrets of the "Sura Nine Changes" are inherited. The last two changes have been lost in the history of the Shura world."

Lin Chen's expression suddenly appeared ecstatic!

It turned out to be Shura Jiuhuang's change!

This no-grade exercise is just a broken part, only five changes, and the importance of Lin Chen can even be comparable to the ace-level purple order talent of the "ultimate moment", as he has now got the sixth and seventh. Changing heritage!

The secret of this exercise, the more horrible the effect of the increase in the future!

"It's good news and bad news! The last two changes have been lost in the history of Shura Realm. I'm afraid it has become a practice that is difficult to complete in my lifetime. However, with these seven changes, my strength is again A great deal!"

A large amount of inherited memory poured into the sea of spiritual knowledge, Lin Chen received it all, and this time it is memory inheritance, not direct learning. The system consumes 9800 points of intermediate-level exercises, only in half a day, perfect reception!

"Hoo! It was really terrifying to start after the Sixth Change. Even if I am the body of the Warlord now, the Sixth Change must be weighed, not to mention the Seventh Change's increase in terror and the damage to the body!"

After inheriting the subsequent nine-huang changes, Lin Chen smashed his mouth, and he opened the system panel.

[Tiandao Picking System 5.0 Version

Host: Lin Chen

Cultivated as: the middle of the first phase of the battle royal realm-the essence of the intermediate combat spirit: 7664400 points.

Ultimate Strength: 1040000 Dragon Power-Intermediate Qi and Blood Energy: 7688500 points.

Intermediate Mental Strength: 2175 points (Successful Dharma Realm)

Intermediate skill essence: 95800 points-Intermediate rune energy: 112300 points.

Tiandao value: 195540 points-talent point: 165510 points.

Intermediate elemental energy: 21050 points in the fire system, 21090 points in the soil system, 21098 points in the wood system, 23375 points in the gold system, and 22358 points in the water system. Thunder system 21750 points, wind system 21880 points, light system 21550 points, dark system 21960 points.

Qigong status bar (whether open) or blood vessel status bar (whether open)

Passive Talents: (Blue Rank) Reinforced Iron Bone 100%, (Blue Rank) Life Growth 150%, (Blue Rank) Divine Power 25%, (Blue Rank) Emperor Destruction.

Active Talents: (Blue Order) Omen of Thief, (Purple Order) Ultimate Moment, (Purple Order) Ultimate Return, (Purple Order) King's Landing (Activable), (Blue Order) Super Dimensional Transmission, (Blue Order) Deadly Bloodthirsty fragments (1/3),

Characteristic Runes: Slowness Level 5, Penetration Level 4, Recharge Level 5, Phantom Level 5.

Hold blank attribute: 1000 points. (Can be converted into any attribute value at will).

Holding treasures:...

Lin Chen locked the new "blank attribute" at a glance! Can it be converted into other attribute values at will? This is a bit too much!

"System, can the blank attribute be converted into the mental attribute value?"

can. Blank attributes can be transformed into arbitrary attributes, including the new attribute values that appear when the host updates the new version of the system. Is the host determined to convert the blank attribute to the intermediate mental attribute value?


The attribute value of 1000 points, if you want to discuss the highest cost performance, only mental strength! Among the many attribute values of Lin Chen, only the element attribute value and spiritual power are worth transforming with blank attributes! This type of attribute value is too difficult to obtain!

[The system received that 1000 blank attributes have been converted into intermediate mental attributes.

Bang ~!

The spiritual power of Daigo's initiation poured into Lin Chen's spiritual consciousness, and his thousands of spiritual seeds grew crazy!

Finally, when growing up to tens of thousands of spiritual seeds, all spiritual seeds condensed into a straight sky bridge!

This flyover leads to the end of the spiritual consciousness! But at this time, it is not complete. Not even one tenth of the whole body!

"This is a spiritual flyover! As long as a complete spiritual flyover is condensed, my spiritual power is truly heavenly! The spiritual power can resist even in the event of a disaster."

Lin Chen's eyes narrowed, and the state of the law is complete. He seems to have a long way to go. Although he has a colorful source, this object is the best to use when it hits the bottleneck. He has not yet reached this bottleneck.

After exiting the system, Lin Chen looked around the imperial palace again, a ray of sunlight penetrated into it. The blue-eyed Shura has long disappeared.

Everything is like Nan Ke's dream. But the real sense of battle is carved into Lin Chen's bones!

He silently, folded his hands together, bowed to the grave of Qiu Luo stele with a serious expression.

With one hand and one move, five brand-new weapons flew back to Lin Chen's hands!

"All of them have broken through the seventh-grade advanced rank, and Shura's original fighting spirit is truly earth-shattering!"

Lin Chen put on the gold and silver imperial armor, put away the sword and bow, put on a brand new silver robe, took a shot and left the palace.


Outside the hall, the ancient Qinglong looked nervous.

Click~ Click~ boom!

Suddenly, the space chain above its dragon head burst into pieces!

"The space constraints are broken, and the inheritance is successful!"

A long roar of excitement from the ancient Qinglong, the silver-robed teenager who walked out of the temple of the tomb palace smiled indifferently.

"Why, Brother Qinglong has returned to freedom?"

"Boy, thank you very much, I finally... um? Your breath!"

When the long pupil of the ancient Qinglong stared at Lin Chen, he slowly shrank!

It actually felt a dangerous breath on this unprecedented young warlord!