My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 568

Vol 5 Chapter 568: Do Not Ask The Question Is To Bahuangzhi Wait

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Chapter 568 Don't Ask! The question is to **** Bahuangzhi wait!

Lin Chen saw his own Dragon Emperor. In the past nine months, the Dragon Emperor stood up, his savings broke out, and he was reborn in the fire. Today, it is only one step away from the seventh level intermediate! Dragon veins open to 390,000! Pure power: 3.9 million dragon power!

"I'm afraid it's completely okay to play a four-layer early warlord!"

Lin Chen smiled, very satisfied! This time he broke into the tomb of Shura Nine, his strength has changed dramatically!

"Brother Qinglong, do you want to join us?"

At this time, the Dragon Emperor growled and spoke, Lin Chen controlled it to speak.

"Brother, if there is no arrangement, it is better to act with us. After all, we have too many enemies, and our strength is always lacking."

Lin Chen looked at the ancient Qinglong dragon, and then the Dragon Emperor knocked from the side-"Yes, my brother, I still have a lot of enemies to deal with. Hey, I don't know if I can be so lucky next time, and I can enter the state of Nirvana rebirth. ."

The big guy of ancient Qinglong, if it can be a partner, it is definitely a real super powerful!

"Well... Okay, anyway, I have nothing to do with my brother. I have been stuck in this 100,000 years. The old comrades have already died in battle. It's turned upside down!"

It's done! Lin Chen was ecstatic!

With its addition, as long as you don't encounter the late sixth warlord, Lin Chen's team can almost walk in the field of the main city of the sky tower No. 2 ~ No. 4!

It's so horizontal! It is not an exaggeration to say invincible!

"Hahaha, dare to ask my brother's name!"

"The name has been forgotten, the owner has always called me Longkun, you just call Brother Kun!"

"Good name! Kunzi disassembles the magnificent atmosphere, and a dragon in front is enough to hang!"

"Then go out!"


Outside the Tomb Mansion, Long Chi and three others sat in the void. Although they closed their eyes and cultivated their spirits, they were always paying attention to the Tomb Mansion below.

"Huh? There is a change in the tomb!"

"It should be the kid who came out!"

"Damn it, **** him!"

In the late period of the three major and five heavy warlords, the fighting spirit flashed into three afterglows on each side, surrounding the tomb of the tomb.

Seeing that the three had acted, the spirits of more than a dozen veteran warlords lurking in the dark suddenly mentioned them, and opened their eyes one after another, keeping watchful distance while observing the three.

"The kid got his way, to prevent him from running away, we joined forces to open the space blockade!"

"Yes, he hasn't come out yet!"

The three looked at each other, and the ten fingers turned into the void, and the layers of the space folds rippled out like ripples, and then suddenly tremble, forming a very stable space barrier!

The space barrier has a triangular shape, blocking the space of more than 900,000 miles! This is a space blockade that was launched by three five-fold late war emperors himself. Unless it is a war emperor with more than six heavy weights, it is as difficult to break this boundary as it is!

"These three guys have to spend a lot of fighting force to open the space blockade. It seems that they have waited for the big fish!"

"Look again, I feel an uneasy hunch..."


There was an explosion, and the boy's hearty laugh came out!

"It's finally out! I'm starving to death, and I'm going to eat him a full banquet!"

Seeing the familiar figure of the silver-robed teenager, Long Chi's pupils burst into anger, cold and cruel smiles.

"Do you still want to eat? You **** eat Lin Shi! Even the gods can't save you this time!"

Lin stunned, looking around, he urged Zijin Tong, and the War Emperor who was hiding in the distance was also found by him.

"I know I look handsome, but you don't have to engage in such a big battle to meet me?"

Lin Chen laughed, hey flashes of war and excitement in his eyes!

Damn, these are all attribute spheres! Actually, when he came to the door in front of him, wouldn't Lin Chen want it?


Long Chi's palm was furious, and the overwhelming golden battle gas turned into a dragon seal of 100 acres in size, covering the sky and suppressing the sun, suppressing Lin Chen!

"Quad Change! Dark Dragon Palm!"

Incarnate into the moonlight, Lin Chen launched a rechargeable rune, and his palm disillusioned the nine dragons.

With a bang, the sky dome roared, the dark dragon twisted through, and shattered the golden dragon mark!

Lin Chen stepped back hundreds of times, smashed the crystal walls of space, rumbling blood, and wiped the blood on the corners of his mouth.

The sky's golden broken awns were scattered and scattered, reflecting the shock and incredible in the face of Long Chi's three people. This was a blow in the later stage of Wuzhong!

"Emperor of the Second Battle Emperor? Emperor of physical training?"

Long Chi was terrified. When he fought, the opponent's breath leaked out. Although it was to urge the cheats to make a temporary entrance, but this son has achieved the cultivation of the double war emperor?

Lin Chen laughed in the sky, and took out something in his hand-"That's right! Reward you with a little green hat!"

After all, the palm of his hand flicked, and a green oily hat shone with the forgiveness of green soaring to Longchi's direction.

His face instantly turned into pig liver, his five fingers grabbed the void, and smashed that green hat!

It is this momentary diversion, a purple flame moonlight flashes behind him like a shuttle void!

"Damn, what is this body method..." Long Chi exclaimed subconsciously, five fingers into claws, slammed out and grabbed Lin Chen, and vanished five red claw marks. Wherever he passed, the space collapsed into a vacuum!

"Don't ask! Asking is the **** bahuang means turning you over!"

Lin Chen pointed out, blessed with energy, and the seven-color flood energy fingers broke through! Boom towards Longchi at close range!

The power of this finger has reached 60% of the level of the eight wild fingers Lin Chen used when he launched the God-killer last time!

Bang ~!

The mushroom cloud formed by the energy of the seven colors rises up, and this terrifying power is even looked at by many war emperors watching the battle! Even in the later stage of the quadruple, you have to peel off the skin at close range!

You know, Lin Chens element attribute value is now over 20,000 points! The fighting spirits of the Nine Tribulations are so strong!

Tear ~!

The mushroom cloud formed by the energy storm is torn apart instantly, and another seven-color flood energy finger crashes from the sky!


Ten times as many nuclear explosions resounded in the sky, a series of moves?

Lin Chen, who has already retreated to tens of thousands of miles, has a figure standing beside him, his phantom avatar!

"I can't think of the difficulty of increasing the level of the war emperor's realm to such a point. The attribute value increased to 20,000 points. The sky-triggered warfare launched a quadruple change and only barely temporarily advanced to the second realm."

Lin Chen was astonished. The Warlord Realm and Yuanzun Realm were really two dimensional levels!

"What a terrible move!"

"Damn, this is not the time to sigh! Assist Long Chi and destroy the kid!"

Just as the Tsing Yi warlord and the grey robe elder were preparing for action, a brutal and brutal atmosphere instantly locked them, making them creepy!

Roar ~!

The roar shattered the sky, and the dragon claws tore through with lightning.

"Is that weird green dragon? Even it came out?"

"Grass! Isn't it impossible to come out!"

The duo's expression changed, the anxious and utterly cursed curse, and when the figure suddenly retreated, the dragon's claws crossed away, tearing the sky and sky!

When the two clenched their teeth, the situation changed suddenly, and the fierce fighting spirit was born like a wild dragon. When they gathered in their arms, the two slammed their fists on the crystal wall of the space, and the sky roared, and the road was briefly stopped. The vast dragon claws!

"Brother Kun, you have two spicy chickens over there!"

Lin Chen waved his hands and laughed, and the heroic laughter of the ancient Qinglong spread across the sky!

"It's no problem! Lao Tzu is going to punch all their **** this time!"