My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 569

Vol 5 Chapter 569: A Shocking Collision

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Chapter 569

Longkun was so angry that he stretched the wings of the Purple Phoenix! Forced the Tsing Yi warlord and the gray robe elders to wait in line!

Even if this big guy doesn't use the power of blood, any one of them would be very difficult to stop!

The reason is that Longkun is a hybrid of purple phoenix and green dragon blood. It has a horror speed that other ten-year-old black dragon does not have. With its pure power and defense, it is a perfect one!

"Two people, please delay this blue dragon. The rest of the kid, I will take care of it."

At this time, the sound of Long Chi made the two stunned! However, they quickly got up to fight with Long Kun, and since Long Chi is sure, then they will concentrate on delaying this big guy!

"Sure enough it's a hazard. This is less than a year. You actually stepped into the Warlord Realm. This time, if you can't bring out the external force like last time, no one can save you!"

Long Chisen smiled coldly, Lin Chen was confident enough from beginning to end, and the excitement of wanting to measure his combat power!

"Gentlemen, you should have come out after hiding for so long!"

At this time, Long Chi retreated and shouted awe-inspiringly!

"The seat of the Warlords ranking guarantees that if anyone can help this person to kill this person, then divide 500,000 coins together!"

500000! As soon as this price came out, all the war emperor realms hidden in the dark were moved!

Even if it is Long Chi, it takes hard work to prepare for the accumulation of this number of sky coins for decades or even hundreds of years! His murderous heart towards Lin Chen is evident!

"I thought you had any trump card, it turned out to be the old trick."

Lin Chen shook his head and smiled, Long Chi swallowed the next medicine, and sneered: "Boy, in the sky tower, the network and reputation are also very important. The trick is not old, just use it!"

As soon as the voice fell, three war emperors came out, from the main city of No. 3, a triple late stage, and two quadruple early stages!

"Oh, there is such a generous reward for one shot, count me."

Another four-layered middle-aged yellow-robed fat man emerged from the air, with a smile on his face that looked like a smiling tiger.

Bang ~!

A spear crossed the sky and cut through the abyss!

"I Lin Chen said only once, and those who crossed this line are enemies against me. I want to find death, although come up!"

Lin Chenmei Yu awe-inspiring, Shen Sheng coldly.

Those veteran warlords were unimpressed. They all rolled over the tip of the knife. Since they dare to stand up, they did not intend to retreat!

"Four people, then join me. Five, just take 100,000 coins from each person, boy, if you are unlucky, provoke Long Chi."

It is another mid-level war emperor! And this man is a sword emperor, and he is a sword emperor from No. 3 main city!

Jian Huang! The emperor specializing in kendo, this kind of opponent is more aggressive than the emperor of the same level!

Those war emperors hidden in the dark have dared not act rashly, because most of their cultivation bases are below the quadruple level, at this moment there are four more war emperors in the battle situation! Now anyone who shoots may be attacked by the group!

"Now look at who is more! Hahaha!"

Between Long Chi's grinning, five fingers smashed a **** jade pendant, the power of the rolling blood flame was like the interweaving of the Tianhe, rolling out a thousand feet of high energy training, and integrated into his body!

"This is the blood demon forbidden jade obtained by Longchi in the remains of the demon race!"

"It's ruthless! I'm afraid that if you use this thing for thousands of years, you will not be able to make progress. If you don't do it, you will have to go backwards! Longchi really wants to kill this kid!"

In the battle with Longkun, the old gray robe and the emperor Tsing Yi showed their terrifying eyes from time to time.

"Do you want to open the bloodline? However, it seems that the brother is still shrunk in the boy's body, looking at his expression, just leave it to him and watch the changes."

Shocking blood bubbles are constantly appearing on the skin and face, at this time Long Chi is like a'blood man'! Extremely infiltrating!

His breath soared to the limit of the five-fold cultivation! There is a sign that it is possible to rush into the sixfold war emperor at any time!

Lin Chen's expression is still leisurely! There is even a hint of frantic laughter!

Long Chi laughed wildly-"Whether you have the last external force or not, today, you will definitely die! Even if more people beat fewer people, this seat will kill you!"

The laughter just fell, and my hands went together! The **** hands are bowing left and right to shoot Lin Chen!

"Shoot! Qian Han Ye Jian Feng Tian!"

The white cloth sword emperor in the main city of No. 3 took the lead and aimed at Lin Chen's avatar and shot a sword. A piece of snow like a horizontal line, the momentum is not strong, but there is a sharp edge to cut the earth!

The other four showed their magical powers and used their money to eliminate disasters.

They are all old foxes who have lived for many years, it is impossible to look down on Lin Chen! It was impossible for Long Chi to spend such a big price, and even this young man who forced him to sacrifice all his cards was definitely not a simple generation!

In a face-to-face meeting, everyone showed their true strength!

"Many people? It's my side!"

Lin Chenlin screamed angrily-"Six changes and the ultimate moment! Phantom avatar, Dragon Emperor, fight me!"

brush! brush! brush! brush!

Three avatars plus a dragon emperor, instantly descending from the tomb of Shura Tomb! Pull the bow and draw the sword, wave your sword out of your fingers! The Dragon Emperor breathed out in one go!

"Bahuangzhi! Blazing afterglow!"

"Pole Night Ruling! Dark Thunder Starts!"

"Wan Zai Long Light Blade! Douhuang 57-style Fire Fire Wheel!"

The eight-color Honghuang energy fingers were born, and the hoarfrost and green rainbow sword cut an aurora blazing sword light diagonally, like the morning sun rising in the east!

A touch of thunder and light flew across the dark mansions, and the phantom shadow of the faint dark leaves flying in the void, when the eyes saw Ye Ying, the arrow had broken through the sky!

Sword gas slashed the sky, everything that was passed was drained, and even the light could not escape the horror suction of the dark sword gas!

Longguang green blades flew like snow flakes, and the vast gun wheel formed by the fire, thunder, and light robbery fell down, and they collided with **** fingerprints on both sides!

boom! boom! boom! Sigh~! Bang!

The attack on both sides was like a collision between two large meteorites, exploding the turbulent turbulence in the air, turning into hundreds of energy tornadoes!

The space boundary of Shuras Nine Tomb was shocked by the energy of this shocking collision and started again to protect the surrounding of the tomb.

Some of the emperors who watched the battle were lifted off by the air waves, retreating inch by inch, and finally they were all forced!

They stayed in place, their faces unbelievable! What the **** happened just now?

Suddenly, there appeared three avatars of this kid, plus a million-year-old Qinglong Emperor?

"Ah! My hand, my arm!"

The worst late triple emperor screamed screamingly, his arms were missing, and blood was raging!

He rushed to stop bleeding, his body retreated, his eyes full of dread and panic!

His previous attack was broken by that terrifying sword energy, and the aftertaste of the sword energy was like a black hole in the abyss. The suction emitted by him did not even completely avoid him, and directly shattered his arms!

so horrible! He has never seen such a perverted double war emperor!

Even if the "descendant" demon coming out of the Nima's extreme east area is promoted to the war emperor realm, compared to this person, it is simply not worthy to give him shoes!