My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 570

Vol 5 Chapter 570: The Emperor

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Chapter 570

"Just kidding, where did this boy come from with such a strong force? Can he still use that external force? Impossible! With such a strong offensive, even if he uses that external force, he can't completely block it!"

The bloodthirsty and cruel pupil flashed with consternation, and Long Chi released his fighting spirit, probing the traces of Lin Chen in the Energy Storm Center.

If such a powerful collision is placed in the outside world, it can tear a small continental plate!

I saw that the figure of five people and one dragon appeared above a hundred thousand feet!

All these five people are Lin Chen! The whole body exudes a glorious glory and circulates, Shen Jun is extraordinary!

Some hands embraced the chest, a relaxed expression on his face. Some stood with their swords in their hands, and they were full of knives, and their domineering arrogance!

Some stood against the wind, holding their sheaths and holding swords, and their swords flowed like white jade and green rainbow-like swords.

The fourth person fluttered with short hair, the robe was rolled by the strong wind, and the hunting rang. He held the thunder bow in his hand, his eyes sharp, and the purple gold light turned between his pupils.

As the leader's figure, the five-color dragon gun is in hand, almost unharmed!

Everyone has a double-medium level of cultivation! It is 1.3 million dragon power!

Quietly running the wood spirit essence method to restore the body's qi and blood that was shaken by the blood energy, Lin Chen exhaled secretly, his arm was faintly side pain.

"It is worthy of the five-pin peak blow. If it is not the upgrade of the war gun grade, and there are the high-level purple marksmanship of the hundred gun fighting emperor, I have not been able to take the palm just now!"

The sixfold change plus the ultimate moment, the seventh-order advanced top-grade weapon plus the purple-order advanced gunfire, the fifth-level charged rune plus the penetrating rune, many cards condensed into one trick, Lin Chen barely received the current Longchi blow.

"Fortunately, I spent all the skills before I came out. I learned half of the proficiency of the two purple-level intermediate combat skills of "Yongye Ruling" and "Yao Yao Qinghong", otherwise there is really nothing to compete with. These old foxes."

"System, start the ultimate return!"

[Consuming 15,000 talent points, starting the ultimate return, has filled up all the fighting for the host and the clone.

"Damn, promotion to the emperor is expensive! Quick battle and quick decision!"


Lin Chen flapped the purple phoenix wings and urged his body to swipe to Longchi to take the initiative to attack!

"Death!"-Long Chi was furious, his body full of blood, and he took out a blood knife to split back to Lin Chen.

"Douhuang 65-style Shura breaks the soul!"-The gun shot out of the broken galaxy, the vast Shura phantom appeared above Lin Chen's head, and the giant gun was thrown down with a huge gun, tearing apart a bright half-moon **** like a waterfall!

The two handed in an instant, but Lin Chen did not gain the upper hand, but was gradually repelled. At one time, with the help of Zihuang wings and body method, he blessed Zijin Tong to predict a little action and struggled with Long Chi.

Tear ~!

At the same time, the remnants of the four avatars flashed, and the moonlight swept to the four war emperors!

The four people's expressions have changed slightly, and the strength of these four avatars has been fully learned! They must come up with their full face!

Roar ~!

Long Xiao broke the sky, and the Dragon Emperor unfolded the Purple Phoenix Wing to the triple emperor's direction! His expression changed suddenly!

"Xuanqing Dragon Domain!"

The field of blue-and-green dragon spirit was released, which greatly suppressed the action of the warlord!

"Who...whose dear friend rescued me! I gave him all my reward!"

The Emperor with a broken arm panicked and looked at the void in the direction of the battle. No one dared to respond to him!

Dare to fart! Fuck this kid is a monster! The mid-level strength of the second level is directly chasing the five-level warlord! None of the strengths revealed by their avatars are weaker than the quadruple war emperor!

Originally thought to be a stable battle, who would have expected such a reversal of extreme drama, turned into a deadly match!

At this time, the best option is not to shoot. If the wrong team is standing, the opponent will retaliate, and no one knows whether the dead person is himself!

In the Xuanqing Dragon Realm, Long Qi's vertical and horizontal strength suppressed his actions, and the broken arm battled the emperor to retreat and retreat!

But his speed is not the opponent of the Dragon Emperor at all. Lin Chens Dragon Emperor, on the Purple Phoenix bloodline, completely exceeds the purity of Long Kun, the gap is only in cultivation!

The blue dragon swings its tail, and the purple wing flips and snaps. A move of the stunned dragon swims with the purple phoenix wing. The dragon body of the vast and magnificent shore haunts into a few twisted dragon lights, flashing dozens of times in a row! Dragon claws even slammed!

boom! boom! boom! Tear ~!

Shake time and time again to attack the armament of the warlord with a broken arm, and push his life-saving cards out again and again!

"Oops, horrible! I'm going to be killed by this dragon emperor in this way, what should I do, this group of guys don't plan to shoot, should I explode?"

The broken arm warlord stepped on hundreds of steps, each step accompanied by a blue wind, and moved a thousand miles of void one after another, but the speed of the dragon emperor followed, and the outbreak of attacks made him more frightened!

The blue dragon blade flashed and flew down, like a round of falling moon, the broken arm warlord's "Purple Shadow Snake Pendant" burst into broken mans! A life-saving seventh-order treasure is damaged here!

"Damn, I will fight with you..."

Before the words were finished, tens of thousands of blue light blades flew like snow flakes, striking towards the broken arm warlord!

puff! puff! puff!

The defense of defense that enveloped him was as if the skin met the blade, it was easily penetrated, cut into countless pieces, and even the body began to crack and shatter!

Hundreds of attribute light **** rolled and floated from his body to the void, colorful and gorgeous.

Roar ~!

The Dragon Emperor swallowed his mouth and swallowed the broken arm Warlord! No dead body!

In this scene, all the powerful players watching the game are shocking! A triple post-war emperor, he fell before the quarter of the war!

Lin Chen's arms were abolished at the beginning, and he lost his main fighting power. After being chased by the Dragon Emperor, the current Dragon Emperor's overall strength is comparable to the four levels of the War Emperor!

To kill the price of this war emperor, the dragon emperor was only slightly injured, and the defense of the ten-thousand-year black dragon was immediate! With the speed of True Flame Purple Phoenix, the opponent has no time to make up his mind to explode!

Swallow the broken arm war emperor, the emperor's body turns into majestic energy and refining into the dragon body, the dragon veins continue to soar!

There are also those attribute light balls, all taken by the Dragon Emperor!

[The host gains 8800 talent points, 7550 point sky values, 50 blank attributes, 385 wind energy, 12500 rune energy,]

[Open three amethyst treasure chests, get: 10 rune evolution stones, 50,000 talent points, 500 blank attributes]

The fall of this triple war emperor filled Lin Chen's talent points and rune energy in battle in time!

"Ziguang Wanlei!"

The bow is fired continuously, and the arrows intertwined with the light and the thunderstorm fighting spirit are transformed into a spiral storm of a hundred acres in size, twisting countless thunderlight arrows, rotating like a smallpox, shooting away!