My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 571

Vol 5 Chapter 571: Nine Color Stars

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Chapter 571: Nine-color stars!

The fat man in the yellow robe jumped flexibly, and the residual image jumped like a star pill. He jumped two thousand miles away in one step, avoiding the storm arrow light, and had not yet reacted. A sword light like a water moon cut across the surface!

Tear ~!

The fat man and the emperor controlled the fighting spirit, his figure flashed continuously, and he wiped cold sweat! This attack is too weird!

The four emperors are fighting each other, but Lin Chen's four avatars are very clever. Even if they fail to hit the target in front of them, they can support or assist the battle on the other side after attacking the aftermath!

Dang ~! Dang ~! clang!

The arrow swings against the sound of the sword, the white sword emperor draws his sword very fast, and shoots down the many arrows that are approaching again and again! Although these arrows failed to cause him substantial damage, they could interfere with his fighting rhythm.

The "Purple Light Thunderbolt", which twisted countless thunderbolt arrows, did not hit the fat warlord, but supported the other side of the hard fight with the sword emperor!

"Seventh-level advanced swords are very strong. There is no grade even touched by this seat. Your sword is also the strongest among the young sword emperors who have been fighting for many years!"

The eyes of the white sword emperor flashed, and the fighting spirit was awe-inspiring! He was full of fighting spirit, and he talked about hard power. His fighting power did not lose in the fourth quarter. Lin Chen alone wanted to stop him, and it was a bit difficult.

However, Lin Chens doppelganger did not know what timidity was. In his hand, Mingyue Tianqing cut the sword obliquely, marking ten dark marks that split the sky.

"Jian Dong Jiu Xiao!"

The sword blades were picked one after another, the tip of the sword was dotted with voids like dragonflies and water, and the white rainbow sword light shimmering with Xinghua's light was lightning-shaped, splitting the dark marks of the sword!

Tear ~!

Moonlight shuttle, avatar clenching the sword of Qingyuetian Qingqing and holding it at the sword emperor is a cross!

The blade is reversed, the sword emperor lifts the three-foot green front, and cuts vertically to the bottom!

Dang ~! The sword light stirred, and when the sword was blocked, the white sword emperor looked back like a dragon, while retreating, he held the sword in his hands and his palm pressed against the hilt.

"Drink! Stegosaurus broken!"

The Sword Emperor, who has a sharp sword spirit all over his body, has an imposing time! Then the sword was twisted with both hands, and a straight burst of spurs suddenly broke out! The Jianguang Ruojing burst through the sky!

"The ruling breaks the soul!"

Sword wind dances, countless wind robbery and dark robbery wars disturb the wind and cloud, turning into a swift sword-swimming swift swept away, forming a tornado! Gradually smash the thrilling sword light!

The two men fought more and more fiercely, and became the most fierce battle after Lin Chen's main battle circle!

Dang ~!

The silver gown figure battled with sword fighting, and the white jade and green sword that frosted the rainbow turned over a sword-browed tiger emperor in black again and again, and the corners of his mouth were already bleeding!

His own cultivation practice in the early fourfold, and this kid's fighting skills turned out not to be his opponent?

In addition, his vitality is exceptionally tenacious, and with his one-stroke wood system recovery secret method, it is simply the flames of war are endless, the wood spirit is back to life!

The most terrible thing is that this child can instantly restore all the consumed fighting energy at the critical moment. Many strange methods have made this famous veteran war emperor's heart retreat!

Tear ~! Boom~~!

When the dragon domain of Long Qi was formed, the remnants of the green dragon flapped by the purple wings flashed like lightning. When the dragon claws were waved, the look of the black warlord was shocked!

"not good!"

The Wanzai Xuanguang Blade, which is as heavy as the sun and the moon, exploded at close range, and his head fell on his chest!

"Blaze Ten Forms, Blue Moon Cut!"

Holding the sword in both hands, Bai Yuqing sword chopped a sword style, and the spiral spiral awn like a spring spins at a rapid speed! From a distance, it looks like a round of Qingyue Youyou spinning, crushing and decaying to the black warlord!

Bang ~!

A round of Qingyue fell to the black emperor, his chest exposed with bones! Seriously injured!

The Doppelganger and the Dragon Emperor chased after the victory, fast and fast, the momentum is rising, and the battle emperor is completely suppressed!


The highest air combat circle; Blood Knife severely splits vertically between the gun bodies, stirring up the air that shattered the universe!

Lin Chen retreated with a gun, covered with blood stains. When Long Chi forced him to retreat with a knife, he chased after winning, and he forced to maintain the ultimate moment.

At this time, Lin Chen's injury was tragic! In addition to the heart, the internal organs are full of scars, more than half of the bones have cracks, and all the meridians are broken by 20%!

Without the powerful life self-healing ability of the life growth talent and the full repair of the Mu Ling Jing Yuan Method that quadrupled the ultimate moment, this kind of injury will be closed for several years to heal the wound, and it is impossible to maintain such a high-intensity battle at present!

"Damn, the five-fold peak war emperor is really terrifying. The more three-and-a-half battles in the war emperor realm, the burden is too great! If you can have an avatar to share the pressure with me, otherwise even the hundred guns can't beat the emperor. This old king..."

After wiping the blood stains from the corners of the mouth, Lin Chen's eyes had seen the corner of the eye, and the black warlord had been suppressed by his own avatar and the dragon emperor. Within a quarter of an hour, he would definitely be able to die!

"Oh, Lin Chen, I know you are dragging your time. But why should I care about the life and death of those people! I only know that you are dying! Quack!"

Long Chi laughed a little irrationally, and a **** dragon scale appeared on his arm, tens of crosscuts, diagonal cuts, vertical splits, and fast splits out dozens of tricks!

The tumbling **** knife turned into a 100,000-meter evil dragon with open teeth and dancing claws, striking Linchen from all directions!

"Type 79 Fighting Dragon Dance!"

As the golden guns danced, the violent nine-robber battles turned into countless dragon shadow virtual images, and finally belonged to a single point, breaking the corner of the dragon!

Bang~! Sigh~!

As the side of the Bloody Sword Dragon splits, a bunch of purple flame moonlight shuttles through the void, just avoiding the most prosperous edge of the front awn, the Sword Dragon Blade twists around the previous position, and explodes dozens of blood snail tornadoes!

"This power is also the Purple Tier Intermediate! This guy is going to divide my life and death!"

Lin Chen, who flashed to 18,000 miles away, stood in the air, and the left arm was covered with pale golden blood, which was the blood of the emperor.

Lin Chen's eyes narrowed, and he did his best to exert the Douhou 79 style. He could only tear a part of the mouth in many offensives and use body method to retreat. This kind of power is bound to be the purple intermediate level!

"It's running very fast, but all around is blocked by space. Next, I see how you hide!"

The blood veins quickly condensed, a pair of hundred-footed blood wings spread out from behind Long Chi, his face began to become particularly pale, but extremely cold and slaughtered!

"It will take a while for the doppelganger. This old king will no longer give me this opportunity. Since that is the case, it can only be desperate!"

Vigorously emerged, Lin Chen's expression was like a lone wolf to death, and one move to Guiyuan once again added all the fighting spirit!

The cultivation of the five-fold peak is that if the other party is desperate, he can only use the last twenty forms of the Hundred Spear Fighting Emperor!

In the last 20 styles, Lin Chens cultivation is still reluctant to control. One carelessly hurts himself before killing the enemy.