My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 572

Vol 5 Chapter 572: The Emperor The Emperor Again Unstoppable

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Chapter 572 The emperor again! Unstoppable!

"Huh? What's the situation!"

Lin Chen suddenly discovered! When the nine types of Heavenly Tribulation Warriors are urged at the same time, there is a tendency to merge!

This kind of trend, Lin Chen had never felt before entering the Hall of Asuras!

The only time it was when Shura was in Dingchi was that the omens appeared when the nine elemental attribute values exceeded 21,000.

Lin Chen has reached the limit, the situation is critical, after being rescued from Dingchi, many things made Lin Chen forget this matter!

"Fused! My nine kinds of Heavenly Tribulation are all fused!"

When his pupils shrank, Lin Chen could feel that the nine kinds of Heavenly Tribulation in his body were disappearing at the same time as he urged nine kinds of Heavenly Tribulation.

"This time, I will see where you are going!"

The blood knife rotates to the top of Longchi's head at a rapid speed. When the special blood veins in his body are urged, if the blood knife cuts ten blood awns spiritually, it will shine for nine days and ten places!

"Ten Dragon Blood Eats and Swallows the World!"

The **** mankind distorted into a behemoth with open teeth and dancing claws, a unicorn head, a carp tail, a horn like a deer, a long beard on its face, and ten blood dragons!

Thousands of blood dragons attacked Lin Chen in very different directions, and did not give him a way out!

At this time, Lin Chen looked excited! He put the end of all the fighting, the combination of the nine kinds of Heavenly Tribulation and fighting, condensing it on the palm of his mind!

The light cluster that rises like a new star, flowing through nine colors of brilliance, is an unprecedented wave of destruction! Like a star shining in nine colors, Lin Chen held it in his palm!

"Hahaha! Long Chi, you **** try this!"

Lin Chen laughed excitedly, and threw the nine-color stars in his hand to Longchi! Even more frightening is that Lin Chen blessed the power and penetration runes on the nine-color stars!

The nine-color stars resemble a meteor drawn from the sky, which is extremely fast and bumps into the majestic blood dragon!

The emperors who watched the war suddenly changed their expressions! The match between the two of them is almost fate! !

Numerous masterpieces of the emperors of various roads have been revealed, and they are evacuated to the edge of the space blockade like an escape!

Bang ~! !

The blood dragon shatters and the stars explode!

Even in another battlefield, Long Kun and the two other five-fold war emperors couldn't help but hack, the two men and one dragon stopped simultaneously and retreated to the side!

"Is this Lin Chen's cultivation practice in the middle of the second stage actually able to erupt at this level of attack?"

A huge trembling dragon body, Long Kun subconsciously condensed the dragon breath defense, disillusioned into a blue dragon armor!

Even the Wanzai Xuanqing Dragon, which claims to have the strongest defense, was frightened out of the defense, showing how terrifying Lin Chen's nine-colored star was!

The blood dragon exploded, and the huge wave of **** energy rolling over the hundred thousand sky domes even shocked the emperor!

But what makes all people's scalp numb is the nine-color beam that blooms between heaven and earth! In the center of the beam of light, the energy fluctuations of the world are overflowing!

"I'm a god! What kind of combat skill is this?"

"This **** is an attack that the Second War Emperor can use?

"If I were caught in that beam of light, I'm afraid all of us would die!"

Many war emperors tremble, if Lin Chen is a double war emperor, they will not believe it! !

The purple phoenix wings flapped, and a **** figure was withdrawn from the blood mans storm, and the golden light and silver mansions circulated through the body. It was Lin Chen!

If it weren't for the seventh-order advanced'golden silver and silver armor' body, Lin Chen who was injured by the aftermath would be crippled even if he didn't die!

Seeing the nine-color beam of light in full bloom, Lin Chen looked excited!

"What a perverted power! This should be the power of the Nine Tribulation Warfare condensed in "Genesis Nine Tribulation" really entered the stage of adulthood! It is my own unique combat skill!"

"Nine kinds of catastrophe was born, and it is my own combat skills that Lin Chen created. This trick is called Jiujiao Xingchen!"

Even if this trick "Nine Tribulation Stars" once exhausted all of your fighting spirit, but this power is worth exploding!

"The Ultimate Return!"

After consuming 13,500 talent points, Lin Chen launched the ultimate return, and when the battle was filled to supplement the profit, his look slightly changed!

In the heart of the battle life wheel, the light is dimmed a little, and it has not been restored because of the supplement of battle spirit!

"I lost a part of my Jiujiao's original fighting spirit? It's because of Jiujiao stars!"

Ultimate Guiyuan can restore Lin Chen's fighting spirit, fatigue of flesh shells, weak state, loss of mental strength, etc., but does not include the restoration of the source of fighting spirit!

This is the root of the fighting spirit. If it is substantially damaged, it will be repaired as damaged, seriously injured, and the origin will be broken, and it will fall on the spot!

"According to my cultivation behavior and status, this trick can only be used once in a short period of time, and it will take several days or even ten days of rest to recuperate. If it is used twice, there may be a tragedy of cultivation backwards and fighting back. , As for the third time, I dont know what will happen..."

Lin Chen cold sweat DC! Just now he almost wanted to make another nine-robber star! If this is used for the second time, he is afraid that he will have to be repaired to retreat if he has to hurt half of the disabled!

"Sure enough, this big killer can't be at no cost, it can only exist as my last life-saving ace!"

Many thoughts in my heart were only finished in one thought, Lin Chen looked again at the slowly disappearing nine-color light column, and the scene presented finally made everyone's scalp numb!

The blood knife of Longchi's seventh-order intermediate grade is already broken and damaged by nearly 50%!

There is also Longchi himself, which is **** at this time, the blood on his right face is black, the right eye is blind, the left leg disappears, the right arm is broken, the blood on the right shoulder evaporates, and the sapphire-colored skeleton of the emperor is exposed.

In Lin Chen's eyes, in addition to the remnants of Long Chi, there is a sky of attribute light ball!

He stared at Lin Chen with resentment and resentment, pouring out the hatred that was difficult to wash away from all over the world!

awful! Terrible!

A five-level late war emperor, in the No. 2 main city, was in a thriving situation, and placed in the No. 3 and No. 4 main cities. It was also an overlord-level existence, and was forced to such a point by a young junior!

Even if this kind of injury is cured, it is still a half-waste state.

Bang ~~!

The scary facts seem to be wave after wave! As the two earth-shattering explosions resounded, the mountains and rivers beyond the tomb of Shura Nine were completely broken into ruins!

The five figures in the sky that day were now only two people! The fat middle-aged yellow robe and the white sword emperor are still fighting!

The remaining three have all fallen!

The emperor! Continuous emperor! And it is a triple late stage and two quadruple early stages!

However, the two avatars also fell! In the death fight, he completely died with the other party.

But the corner of Lin Chen's mouth rose slightly. Just do it, as long as the rune energy is enough, he can show it again in minutes!

The dragon emperor's body scales burst, when he twisted the dragon's body, he flew over the sky, recovered Lin Chen's weapon, and the two war emperor's rings and their war emperor's body, the most important thing was also There are hundreds of attribute light balls! All were sucked into Dragon Emperor's body!