My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 573

Vol 5 Chapter 573: Burst Out Of The Orange Crystal Treasure Chest

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Chapter 573, The Orange Crystal Treasure Box Exploded!

[Gain 13,000 talent points, 5000 celestial values, 49800 quintessence of qi, 12800 points of qi and blood energy, 12500 points of merit, 15000 points of rune energy, 390 points of thunder energy, 110 points of mental power, 580 points Blank attribute,

[Open seven amethyst treasure chests, get: 5 rune evolution stones, 100,000 talent points, 50,000 skill essence, 2000 blank attributes, 100,000 rune energy, blue rank talent fragments: deadly bloodthirsty (2/ 3).


Massive attribute light **** have been taken away, Lin Chen's attribute value, crazy crazy!

"Your helper is almost dead."

Lin Chen turned to Long Chi, staring at him with a grudge.

Long Chi gritted his teeth-"If you die, your avatar will not be wiped out. That same avatar stunt, you can't quickly perform a second time in a short time..."

Boom~! Boom~!

Long Chi's words were not finished, two purple lights came, and two identical avatars of Lin Chen appeared again!

Doppelganger and Lin Chen were doing the same movements; they put their palms to their ears, leaned in the direction of Long Chi, and asked aloud.

"What are you saying? The wind is too strong, I didn't hear it just now!"

The battle emperors who watched the battle are completely petrified this time!

My day! This is still a hair!

Such a powerful metamorphosis stunt, can be used casually!

Look at the kid's appearance, it is completely at ease! It doesn't look like a burden at all!

This **** doesn't really have to fight!

When the afterglow in the corner of the eyes of the fat man in the yellow robe aimed at this scene, the corner of his mouth shuddered a few times, and then turned around!

escape! He has only one idea now, and flee desperately!

This Nima no longer has to fight! The kid's avatar strength is completely in front of him. As long as the avatars continue to fight continuously, the body does not need to shoot, and energy consumption will kill them!

Only the white sword emperor was absorbed in the battle. Suppressing Lin Chen's avatar was injured, and Mingyuetian Qingdao was repelled by the shock again and again!

The spirit of the sword emperor is among the most terrifying of the war emperor. Once they shoot, they will not think that they have turned back. Even in desperation, they will fight with the sword!

The other avatar did not chase down the yellow robe fat, but pulled the Thousand Star Thunder Bow" to support Lin Chens fourth avatar, two-to-one, against the White Sword Emperor!

"It seems that this little guy is done, I just need to drag these two human races!"

Long Kun secretly shocked himself, and his impression of Lin Chen changed again!

Seeing Long Kun again attacked fiercely, both the old man in gray robe and the emperor in Tsing Yi resigned!

After the outbreak of the "Nine Tribulation Stars" from Lin Chen, another skillful use of that skill was once again done, and everyone knew the trend of this battle!

"Lin Chen! Lao Tzu is going to pull you up even today!"

The completely crazy Long Chi roared to Lin Chen, and the only remaining arm held a knife to kill!

"Dead? Rest assured, your opponent will no longer be me from now on, but them."

Lin Chen threw the five dragon dynasty imperial guns to his own avatar, "Limit Guiyuan" and "Ultimate Moment" were launched at the same time, one shot with one sword and one sword awesome to Longchi!

Although the avatar does not have a purple phoenix wing, the stature is still good. The most important thing is two hits and one. If Long Chi was in its heyday, it may be very difficult, but now he is just a badly wounded body!

"Blue Dragon Possession!"

Dragon Emperor turned into a streamer, attached to the avatar holding the Wulong Dynasty Emperor's gun. At this time, Dragon Emperor, the Dragon Vessel has been opened to 360,000, and it is still climbing. The pure power is 3.6 million Dragon Power!

Blessing the pure power of the Dragon Emperor, Lin Chen's avatar is unstoppable. Long Chi wants to break through the pinch circle of the two avatars and Lin Chen's body can't do it desperately, which is completely delayed by the struggle!

"Jian Huang, right, I want to see how much you are! You want to kill me, then be prepared to be killed!"

Lin Chen's body was not idle at all, and he continued to maintain the ultimate moment by consuming talent points. Eight kinds of Heavenly Tribulation fighting forces were running, and dragon power broke out, pointing out!

Penetrating and recharging the runes, the eight-color flood energy condenses into a tens of thousands of energy fingers and falls down!

The sword emperor in white is surprised! Stepping on the three thousand sword lights, the figure is like a splitting instant shadow, flashing on the other side!

"Slow rune!"

A five-level slow rune with 50,000 rune energy was hit, bursting into the space around the white-clothed sword emperor, and suddenly solidified, making him completely unpredictable!

In the previous battle, Lin Chen did not use the ace of slow runes at all, so they didnt even know that there was this trick!

Because he had just left Shuras tomb, Lin Chens rune energy was limited, and most of it was used to recharge, penetrate, and avatar runes.

But killing the three war queens is completely different! Rune energy broke through 280,000!

The slow rune of this trick, the White Sword Emperor hit unexpectedly, has not yet reacted, and the full-strength attacks of the Eight Wasted Fingers and the two avatars have all been bombarded!

boom! boom! boom!

Three waves of world-destroying energy startled a monstrous storm, and the breath of the sword lord in white, like a kite with a broken thread!

Fall! All war emperors can feel that this sword emperor who has chased after the fourth level has already fallen!

After all, it was Lin Chen and the two avatars' all-out blows. If they were positively shaken, even if the White Sword Emperor did not completely take it, it would not fall.

But in his slow rune, when he was unprepared, he hit Lin Chen's three strokes to kill him. With the power of penetrating the rune, 60% of the power penetrated into his body! Its hard not to die!

Lin Chens two avatars seemed to be taken for granted, without looking back, and flew to the fat yellow robe who wanted to escape to the edge of the space blockade!

The fat man in the yellow robe has changed dramatically! His strength is not comparable to the sword emperor in white!

With less than twenty breaths, Lin Chen cooperated with the two avatars, and it was a slow rune with a full blow to kill the yellow robe fat!

"Long Chi! Now is your death time!"

Lin Chen turned suddenly, Long Chi changed abruptly! All five war emperors actually fell!

"Delayed Rune! Eight Waste Fingers! Blazing Green Moon Slash!"

"Yong Ye Ruling! Douhuang 65-style Shura Broken Soul"

"Shadow Lei Jun!"

Lin Chen and the four avatars made all-out shots, and even played a five-level slow rune with 70,000 rune energy points!

Bang~~! Fangyuanwanli was empty, and was blown into a vacuum zone by Lin Chen!

The main body and the four avatars made a full blow. That kind of power, unless it is the heyday of Longchi, it is impossible to stop it! Not to mention the physical disability and the slow rune!

[The host leapfrogged to kill the fifth-level late emperor. Congratulations to the host for triggering a special reward and getting an orange crystal chest.

I saw that Long Chi's direction suddenly bloomed an orange beam of light, and the treasure chest was full of orange crystals. It was gorgeous and suspended in the void. In the dazzling light, there were many mysteries hidden, as if some treasures were hidden in the treasure chest. !

Lin Chen opened his mouth wide!

Orange crystal treasure chest! He never took the treasure chest of this level!