My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 574

Vol 5 Chapter 574: Leave You Alone Robbery

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Chapter 574 Robbery!

When the days of the Heavenly Tribulation and the Storm of War disappeared, only half of Long Chi's residual body remained. The Dragon Emperor threw out and swallowed his emperor's body, and the mosquitoes were meat even if they were small!

Lin Chen and your avatars separated to collect a large number of attribute light **** scattered on the sky.

The big and small attributes of light **** are like table tennis, some are like goose eggs, and some are like the size of a watermelon! Colorful, all over the sky, rough calculation, at least thousands of attribute light balls, each of which is of extremely high quality!

This was left after two mid-quadruple quaternaries, and one quintuple post-war emperor fell!

Lin Chen couldn't wait to rush to the orange beam of light and opened the orange crystal treasure chest he saw for the first time!

[Open the orange crystal treasure chest, the host obtains (one-time) orange rank talent: God killer.

Lin Chen stayed in place for an instant!

The complete God-killer!

It's not a blast of debris, it's a finished talent that comes out directly!

This is what Lin Chen can use now, the only orange-level talent in the current version!

The third killer of God! The strongest group in history picks talent!

"Hahahaha! Cool, cool! Purple Order Junlin Orange Order Killing God!"

Lin Chens irresistible ecstasy surged into his heart, and he laughed in the sky!

Hearing Lin Chens overbearing laughter, all the warlords who retreated to the edge of the space blockade numb their scalp!

Monster! It's a **** monster!

Kill the six emperors in one battle! Among them there are four quadruple repairs above and one five-fold post!

This lineup is a strong team in the 5th main city in front of the sky tower! It was completely wiped out by a double war emperor, so he didn't dare to blow it like this!

When the loud laughter raged, the emperors were horrified!

This emperor is like killing a pig! You can still be so happy after killing! This is a demonic king who combines evil spirits and demons!

Now, Lin Chen has Junlintianxia and God-killer at hand. Two great talents against the heavens are at hand. As long as there are enough people, the five-fold war with the emperor, he can fight someone!

"With these two great talents, I am not far away from Lingzhou. If Sister Yan, you must be safe..."

Lin Chen lifted the sixfold changes, the sense of weakness in the body came, but the rotation speed of the Battle Wheel of Life was getting faster and faster!

There is no reason for him, and the four avatars at this time are frantically taking away the attribute light ball! Various attributes poured into Lin Chen's body!

[Gain 37,500 points of quintessence of war, 59,000 points of quintessence of war, 210 points of mental power, 18,000 points of rune energy, 21,000 points of blood energy, 450 points of water energy, 500 points of dark energy, 13,400 points of talent...]

[Obtain 18 lightballs of power attribute: 16 kinds of purple order secrets, 2 kinds of purple intermediate secrets...]

[Open eight amethyst treasure chests and get: 100,000 Heavenly Dao points, 50,000 Rune Energy, 5 Rune Evolution Stones, 100,000 Talent Points...]

The nine-color light of the Battle of Life is particularly dazzling, and Lin Chen is almost unobstructed into a heavy post-cultivation! This battle brings him the essence of fighting spirit, the value should not be too high!

At this time, the space blockade was suddenly lifted, which was the reason for the forced release of the two five warlords!

Bang ~!

The old man in gray robe and the emperor in Tsing Yi can't care about anything else. They consumed a large amount of fighting spirit and lifted the space blockade.

Is this Nima running? If Lin Chenkong shot out, the five warlords and Longchi were all destroyed by him. Then his avatar and this ancient green dragon would join forces. If they did, they would have to die here!

Seeing that Long Kun wanted to chase, Lin Chen waved his hands and smiled: "Brother Kun, don't chase these two poor knights. Let's pick the soft persimmon!"

As soon as the words fell, Lin Chen and his four avatars quickly flashed to the emperors who had not yet had time to escape!

The emperors of all roads are discolored! Finished!

What a terrible thing! This monster actually wanted to fight their idea!

Ten war emperors fled in ten different directions one after another. The sword and sword shadow swept through the void, and the arrow light shot up. The guns were turned round, and the blue dragon emperor with the purple phoenix wings on both sides emerged!

Lin Chen and the four avatars, as well as Dragon Emperor and Long Kun, stopped the ten war emperors alive!

"Lin Chen, you, what do you want to do!"

A four-fold mid-level war emperor Li Nei blamed, he was the strongest among all the people present.

The remaining nine people, six are in the late triple, and the other two are in the early quadruple. This lineup seems to be very strong, but if it is against Lin Chen, the "Ge Shi De Wang", there is an ancient blue dragon next to him. .

One careless person, who can leave here alive is not expected to be two of them! Its even gone!

"Why? What do you think I will do, or will you fail? I'm Lin now coming to rob! Hand over all your net worth, otherwise, die!"

Lin Chen's brutal smile! I was so shocked that the emperor's heart was awkward, and the sign of bad heart was completely reflected!

If they are other strong men, they do not need to be so fearful and fearful. The big deal is a deadly battle.

The problem is that this kid's avatar is absolutely **** amazing!

Judging from the battle just now, his avatar is not afraid of death at all, and has the strength not inferior to the body at all!

This completely confirms the sentence: your desperation, but only in exchange for a doppelganger!

No fight! No fight at all! All the emperors are very clear, even if they fight desperately, they can only get in the way of the fall, and it is difficult to do it together with the end!

No one needs to fight you at all! The body leans aside, several avatars plus a dragon and Kun, whether they can break through the battle circle is still a question!

The two old men in black robes battled and said with a smile: "Lin Chen Lin... can't be too good to be a man...acting in this sky tower, leave a line of everything..."

"Leave you alone!"

Lin Chen slapped with the two avatars, and when the energy between the five fingers was tumbling, he directly pumped them on their faces! The expression of the second old man was suddenly anxious!

The two avatars next to them stepped out abruptly, staring staringly at the impulsive second elder, and immediately pressed their murderousness back!

In their minds, they unconsciously recalled that just now, five war emperors had died in the hands of this teenager!

Straight face! Decisively and simply! Lin Chens position is clear, no need to face them!

"Leave everything in the first place? This sentence is for those who have the strength! Do you have the strength? If you now collectively break through the five-fold war emperor, I will immediately turn around, let me leave you a line, for you Just leave a pair of pants to burn the incense!"

Lin Chen is old-fashioned and full of wickedness!

Now these guys are the lambs to be slaughtered in his eyes! Do you still keep them for New Year?

What's more, they squat here, nothing more than want to play their own ideas, their own intentions are naturally self-evident.

If his Lin Chen is not strong enough, after killing Long Chi, he cannot withdraw from the whole body or be seriously injured, and Long Kun cannot delay the words of the two five-fold war emperors.

By then, these old foxes will be transformed into jackals, tigers and leopards to sneak up and kill themselves! Lin Chen was the one who died!

For Lin Chen, who never intended to be a good person, if he is merciful to such people, then he really does not have to come out and mix it up!