My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 575

Vol 5 Chapter 575: Lin Chen Whose Net Worth Soared.

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Chapter 575

"Damn it, don't pay it yet, Brother Kun, kick them out of **** first!"

Lin Chen rolled his sleeves and Long Kun next to him was about to wave his claws. The expression of the ten war emperors finally changed from struggling into fear and submission! Someone quickly waved his hand!

"Your Excellency Lin Chen! Hand, mercy! Hand in hand, hand in hand!"

"I, I also pay. I still have a life span of tens of thousands of years, or money or whatever, it's still dead..."

These war emperors have succumbed, they are not without pride, but they do not want to give up their lives in vain! What are the characters who can become the war emperor, are the top levels of talent and opportunity and mentality, and have passed countless powers of life and death!

If there is a chance, they will fight to the end, but Lin Chens "Phantom Doppelganger" really makes them feel meaningless desperation! Rather than this, it is better to surrender the ring, and try to survive!

The other war emperors are watching the changes. If the war emperor who paid the first ring can't leave, Lin Chen will go back and forth, they will definitely die hard!

I saw that after the first triple late Warlord from the No. 3 main city handed over the Nahuai ring, and after having the seventh-level low-level defensive weapon on his body, Lin Chen patted him on the shoulder.

[Consume 6000 talent points, use the stolen omens, gain: 40,000 days Dao value.

"Well, you are sincere, let's go, the next one!"

Lin Chen waved his hand, the war emperor was shocked and suspicious, did this kid really let him go?

After the war emperor escaped into the void and fled far, Lin Chen still had no response, everyone secretly relieved!

It seems that this person is still talking!

The next scene is quite funny.

These warlords who left the sky tower on the outside of the mainland of Kyushu and were admired by trillions of creatures are now like puppies who dare not bark loudly. They silently put their net worth in front of Lin Chen, and then Wandering away!

Even the very tough people at the beginning had to bow their heads!

In this wave, Lin Chen's net worth was completely turned upside down! Moreover, Lin Chen used the stolen omen for every robbed war emperor and stole a few waves of attribute values! Meizizi

All the net worth of the 16 war emperors was copied by him! Lin Chen didn't have time to count how many sky coins he had on hand. He only took out the natural materials and treasures that were useful to Dragon Emperor or Long Kun, and divided them into a part of Long Kun.

The body of the fierce beast is arrogant. It is completely okay to swallow high-level medicinal materials and Lingbao directly. After swallowing a lot of natural materials and treasures, Longkun's strength is slightly improved.

This kind of strength growth that can't be felt for thousands of years has left Long Kun almost without tears!

And the Dragon Emperor lived up to Lin Chens high hopes, after swallowing 16 fierce beast cores of the Warlords stock and Tier 7 heavenly materials and earth treasures, plus many Warlords bodies, the 400,000 Dragon Vessel finally penetrated and reached 4 million Dragon Power ! Fighting power chasing after the fourfold late!

During this time, Lin Chen and Long Kun quickly rushed to the main city No. 3.

However, before going to the main city of No. 3, Lin Chen had to fill his stomach first. As a real earth man, no matter how high the cultivation is, he always has a strong appetite, especially those trapped in the tomb of Shura During these days, I almost didn't drive Lin Chen crazy!

Lin Chen arrived at the junction of No. 2 main city and No. 3 main city, Crimson City.

This city is said to be the territory held by No. 2'Crimson Red' in the main city battle emperor list. The operation was very popular, and Lin Chen chose the city of crimson, filling his stomach first.

Longkun chose to go to the mountains near the Crimson City to hunt the beasts in the afterglow group. It has not been opened for tens of thousands of years. Now that it is born, he cant wait to hunt a few seventh-order low-level beasts!

This brutal big guy entered the afterglow group, Lin Chen not only did not worry, but also silenced for a second for the fierce beasts in the mountains...If he met an opponent who could not beat him, with the strength of Long Kun, if he forced to run, The Sixth Warlord may not be able to leave it.

In the Crimson City, a 500-story restaurant, within 470 floors.

Lin Chen alone swept the fallen leaves, binged for hungry food, precious Chunjiu wine, dragon liver and phoenix, everything!

He consumed seven or eight hundred sky coins in this meal, and saw many powerful people twitching their lips.

Just a meal is so rich, this is not easy!

Lin Chen tilted his legs, sulked Lin Chen with a hiccup, his hands were resting on the back of his head, his eyes suddenly became a little sharp.

"Returning to Lingzhou still requires long-term consideration. Now I will fight back. With my strength, I can only rely on a trick to kill the gods. Once my talent for killing gods does not play a decisive role, then I will do it again. There is no such thing as running out of Lingzhou once."

Even though his own strength is strong today, there are almost no rivals under the five-fold warlord! But this is not enough!

When Jin entered the war queen, Lin Chen vaguely knew that the former deputy dean's practice was probably in the eighth and even the nineth warlord's practice!

Even the deputy dean sits in Tiange Academy, and it is difficult to turn the tide. He is a person who has not reached the second war, and it is not enough to watch!

To put it bluntly, now I can only go back to the God-killer talent. If the God-killer does not play a decisive role, I have to run again.

"It's not enough for me to go back alone. I want to call someone! The masters of Warlord Emperor's territory are like a cloud in this mainland of Kyushu. I can't find the strong man in the Holy Realm.

Thoughts emerged, Lin Chen suddenly found a direction!

He has another identity!

Pinnacle Champion! Tier 7 intermediate pharmacist!

With this identity, it is still possible to find a group of strong emperors to fight for him!

"Seventh-tier intermediate is not enough, this rank can't impress the warlords above the sixth level. The warlords below the fifth level can only fill the middle power. The top high-level combat power gap has not changed. At least I have to become a seventh-level advanced Only the alchemist! Alchemy technology needs another wave of improvement! I have enough experience in alchemy, what I lack is the spiritual realm!"

Thinking about it, Lin Chen thought about turning on the system.

[Tiandao Picking System 5.0 Version

Host: Lin Chen

Cultivation: The late stage of the battle royal realm-the essence of the intermediate combat spirit: 11.5 million points.

Ultimate Strength: 1090000 Dragon Power-Intermediate Qi and Blood Energy: 9.8 million points.

Intermediate mental power: 7705 points

Intermediate skill essence: 756800 points-Intermediate rune energy: 872300 points.

Tiandao value: 1095540 points-talent point: 1133550 points.

Intermediate elemental energy: 24850 points in the fire system, 24770 points in the soil system, 23448 points in the wood system, 25225 points in the gold system, and 24358 points in the water system. Thunder system 242250 points, wind system 23880 points, light system 21550 points, dark system 23960 points.

Qigong status bar (whether open) or blood vessel status bar (whether open)

Passive Talents: (Blue Rank) Reinforced Iron Bone 100%, (Blue Rank) Life Growth 150%, (Blue Rank) Divine Power 25%, (Blue Rank) Emperor Destruction.

Active Talents: (Blue Rank) Thief Omen, (Blue Rank) Super Dimensional Transmission, (Blue Rank) Deadly Bloodthirsty Fragment (2/3), (Purple Rank) Ultimate Time, (Purple Rank) Ultimate Return, (Purple Tier) King's Landing (can be activated), (Orange Tier One Time) God Killer,

Characteristic Runes: Slowness Level 5, Penetration Level 4, Recharge Level 5, Phantom Level 5.

Hold blank attribute: 2290 points (can be converted into any attribute value at will).

Holding treasures:...