My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 576

Vol 5 Chapter 576: Crimson Queen

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Chapter 576: The Crimson Queen!

This time, the attribute value is unprecedentedly higher than that of Lin Chen who launched God Killing! The attribute value has skyrocketed, and even the mental power has soared by more than 3,000 points! The height of the spiritual flyover reaches two tenths!

"System, all the blank attributes are converted into mental power!"

[The system received it and is converting.

As the spiritual attribute value rises, Lin Chens spiritual bridge over the sea is once again extended and lengthened by one-tenth!

Suddenly, Lin Chen's inner whimsy! He asked with some curiosity: "System, I want to fuse rune energy with talent points, heaven value!"

[Received by the system, what are the values that the host needs to merge?

"Ah, then the rune energy is 100,000 points, the heaven value is 100,000 points, and the talent point is 100,000 points!"

The fusion function of the system can merge any non-growth attributes and treasures. Lin Chen's idea is purely a flash of light!

Anyway, Lin now has many attribute values and willfulness! If you dont have an attribute value, go find a few war emperors to practice your skills, and every minute you will be hammered with attribute light balls!

[The value of the specified attribute of the host has been consumed, the fusion function is started, 20,000 points of heavenly value are consumed, and the fusion begins...]

At this time, after a roar of the system's fusion furnace, a yellow box popped out and appeared in front of Lin Chen!

Ding! If the fusion is successful, the host obtains: a talent combination skill box. (Note: At least two skill boxes are required to use.)]

Talent combination skill box? Someone in Lin's face is stunned!

[System Tips: Talent combination skill box, you can register the specified talent into the skill box, if you confirm the registration, you will not be able to modify it. Several talents in the combo skill box can form a talent combo. Once the activation conditions are met, all the talents in the combo skill box will be activated for free.

[Note: One-time talents cannot be registered on combo skills. If the talent has a cooldown time, the talents registered in the combo skill box are not shared with the cooldown time of the original talent of the host, and the two are separated.

Lin Chen's expression ranged from doubt, to surprise, to shock, and finally opened his mouth wide-eyed!

This **** combination is amazing!

Talent combo skills, as literally means, Lin Chen can register many active talents to form combo skills, as long as the conditions of the combo skills are triggered, the registered talents can be launched for free!

Moreover, the registered talent and the original talent do not share the cooling time! This means that if Lin Chen registers the Junlintianxia talent in the combo, and triggers the combo, he can use the Junlin Tianxia talent for free!

After the combined technology of Junlintianxia is used, the original "Junlintianxia" can still be used again if it has not entered the cooling state itself!

"You need another talent combo box to register combo skills!"

Lin Chen was a little sorry, but he was not discouraged, he now knows that the fusion function can still be used in this way!

"Try to merge again, try to increase other attribute values!"

Extremely excited Lin Chen has launched a fusion function again!

The attribute values of this fusion are: 200,000 talent points, 150,000 heavenly path values, 100,000 skill essence, 100,000 rune energy!

[Consumption of 30,000 points of heavenly value, start fusion function, fusion of specified attribute value...]

Ding! Successful fusion!

In the system fusion furnace, another gold shard is floating!

Lin Chen's mouth widened!

At this time, someone in Lin had only one thought in mind: fusion function, so **** amazing!

[Congratulations to the host for obtaining (one-time) Orange-level talent fragments: God-killer (1/3),]

God-killer talent fragments! Although there is no talent combo box this time, there are orange rank talent fragments!

"This Nima is looking for two more, and it is another **** killer! Hahaha! If you can return to Lingzhou with the two talents of **** killer, then nothing is wrong!"

Lin Chen almost jumped with excitement!

"I was almost over-excited. The attribute values needed for the fusion are all I want to use at all times. I can't use them all at once. I will keep it until the next fusion!

Forcibly suppressing the inner ecstasy, if all the attribute values are consumed for the talent combo box and the godslayer talent fragment, and then even the ultimate moment and the characteristic rune will not be used, then this is upside down.

"System, I want to study the second half of "Yao Yao Qing Hong" and "Yong Ye Ruling."

[The follow-up part of inheriting the target combat skills requires 96,000 merits. Is the host determined?


Lin Chen closed his eyes and nourished himself. The green dragon in his body warned him around, allowing him to pass on the two great combat skills quietly.

Half a day later, when he opened his eyes again, the restaurant began to make noise.

Lin Chen opened his eyes, and his pupils passed by like a man. Counting his Hundred Spear Fighting King, he has mastered 5 kinds of purple-level intermediate and higher attack combat skills!

At the same level, at least on the mainland of Kyushu, it is already invincible!

At this time, Lin Chen was attracted by the noise, and many of the strongmen in the restaurant looked out of the window. A crimson palace bridge was pulled in by the four-headed and sixth-order top beast "Yunhuang Tianniu", and the beetle stepped on the cloud. , Mighty.

With Lin Chen's eyesight, even if you don't use Zijin pupil, you can feel that there is a very strong presence in this Crimson Palace Bridge!

Its repair is a sense of oppression that leaks sideways, which is equivalent to Longchi. Even more terrifying is that there seems to be an extremely powerful mental fluctuation!

"It's the Crimson Queen!"

"She's back, my goodness! What a terrible breath!"

"The No. 2 main city's battle emperor list is the first! I don't know if she has entered the sixth level?"

"With her spiritual power to the heavens and her own cultivation, even if she did not advance to the Sixth Battle Emperor, I am afraid that her true combat strength will not be much worse!"

"Hey, don't let your breath go to investigate! Be careful to be watched by others. The favorite of the Crimson Queen is to abuse men!"

"Don't worry, what to worry about. People like to play with pure and beautiful teenagers, but not our old fritters."

Hearing the discussion around him, someone Lin was astonished. If this Crimson Queen was a bit terrible, he really wanted to go to the meeting!

Lin Chen shook her head and smiled when she saw that the empress's palace chair was far away.

"It's enough to eat, it's time to go to the main city of 3 and leave the sky tower, and go to Danzhou to release a wave of news to find someone!"

When Lin Chen just got up and wanted to go, another smirk of a thin man caught Lin Chen's attention.

"Hey, don't you know? Crimson Empress just bought a teenager with the blood of the blue dragon at the auction of Jiyunling. When I come back this time, I think I want to **** the teenager."

"Qinglong Bloodline? What a bad luck guy, what's that boy?"

"The strength of physical refining is comparable to that of the half emperor, and the fighting strength is the fivefold of Yuanzun Realm. I heard that it is very young and very strong. I entered the sky tower half a year ago. What does it look like, Bai Junhao?"

Bang ~!

A terrifying momentum leaked out from the inside of Lin Chen's body, and his two pupils glanced at the Nine-Colored Gods!

This momentum scared the several emperors who were still discussing and slammed into the side, pale and frightened!

"What is the name you just said?"

Lin Chen lifted the collar of the thin man with a single hand from the air, and asked abruptly!