My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 577

Vol 5 Chapter 577: I Can Stand It

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Chapter 577

"White...Bai Junhao...!"

The thin man was terrified. His half emperor's cultivation base was suppressed to death by this young man. He was lifted up like a chicken, and he had no power to parry!

"Characteristics, how old are you."

"Blue Dragon Bloodline...big...about 20, very young..."

Lin Chen put down his thin man and looked away when he looked out of the window.

"If it is really Jun Hao, even Longtan Tiger Cave will have to break through!"

Lin Chen, who is also a partner coming out of the wasteland, can't ignore it. It seems that he has to go and meet this Crimson Queen for a while!

"I don't have time to call Longkun now. If I go late, Jun Hao will be finished. I have to go in person."

When the moonlight flashed, Lin Chen turned into a ray of light smoke.

At night, the Crimson Palace. The lights are gorgeous and the red curtain is blurred.

Lin Chen wiped out his own breath with the green dragon, and after exploring the approximate location of the Crimson Queen, Zijin Tong avoided the area of perception and walked into the palace.

In a fragrant and haunted boudoir, the brightly colored woman in red robe opened her eyes, and her fiery red lips rose slightly.

"There was another little cutie who broke into my territory. If you didn't start the field of spiritual perception in advance, you really escaped..."


In the backyard of the palace, two women in Jinyi clapped and walked out. One of the women smiled and said, "This kid is quite powerful and has been sealed to survive."

"Hey, otherwise how could the master be fancy, it must be young and strong, but it's a pity not much destiny."

After the second daughter left, there was silence in the backyard, but the door of the secret room, strangely opened a gap, then opened without warning, and finally closed up.

The dense room is a very emotional room with a red curtain jade curtain, a rosewood light smoke, and a pink jade bed with a struggling teenager tied to it.

Suddenly, a silver robe figure appeared out of thin air, scaring the teenager on the bed trembling!

After seeing the figure clearly, the person on the bed struggled excitedly, because the lips were sealed and only a "huh" sound was made.

Lin Chen made a "silence" gesture, and the young boy stopped struggling, and then he freed himself from the shackles.

Lin Chen frowned, and the seal of fighting spirit on Bai Junhao's body had a spiritual bond. If it was forcibly torn, it would inevitably cause the perception of its owner.

"Brother! How do you know that I am here!"

Bai Junhao excitedly gave Lin Chen a bear hug. Lin Chen knocked on his head and scolded: "Your uncle, you should thank me for passing by here, otherwise you will stop. I would like to ask, Why are you here. How long has it been since your kid came to the Shenzhou Sky Tower?"

After finishing talking, Lin Chen handed Bai Junhao a top-level sixth-level panacea Hidden Qi Relieving Pill, which can completely clear his breath! More convenient to escape!

Without saying anything, Lin Chen took Bai Junhao out of the secret room first. The guards of the Crimson Palace were extremely strict. There were many warlords and powerful men sitting in the town. Lin Chen left with a person and had to be careful.

On the way out, Bai Junhao briefly explained the experience of this journey.

It turned out that after going to Tianzhou, Bai Junhao and the large troops quickly entered the Yuanzun realm by relying on the pure flame seed left by Lin Chen.

In a training experience in Tianzhou, he received the inheritance of an ancient green dragon and three fallen war emperors. These four powerful creatures fell into one place at the same time, which happened to be met by Bai Junhao.

With the blood of Qinglong, he has a very high agreement with the inheritance of the ancient Qinglong, and the speed of improvement is very fast!

One of the war emperors relics contained an entry permit for the Sky Pagoda, so he rushed all the way from Tianzhou to Shenzhou. On the way, he heard the legend of Lin Chen overthrowing the "descendants of gods" and the summit of the Dan Summit. It was firming his mind to enter the sky tower.

Even, before entering the sky tower, Bai Junhao beat up a very young descendant of a false god! This is even surprising Lin Chen!

This kid is really fierce! The descendants of the false gods dare to fight, it is worthy of being mixed with him Lin Chen, did not shame him Lin Chen!

After entering the sky tower, Bai Junhao learned Lin Chen's message from the warlord's territory on the warlord list of No. 1 main city.

In order to mobilize the **** killer talent to deal with Yun Mingqing, Lin Chen almost offended the warlord of the No. 1 main city. His name is simply thunderous!

Subsequently, Bai Junhao went all the way to the No. 2 main city, and was taken away by a powerful war emperor. Was put on the auction and was finally bought by the Scarlet Empress.

"Your seal is a little special. I will help you to untie it after leaving this place completely."

Lin Chen patted Bai Junhao's shoulder, feeling a little sad in his heart, but he could not meet his former partner in the sky tower!

"Everything I listen to Big Brother's arrangement!"

Bai Junhao laughed and said, as long as he was next to Lin Chen, he wouldn't be afraid to poke the hole in the sky! Lin Chen is the most powerful one in Kyushu in his heart!

The two withdrew from the backyard all the way to the palace vestibule, avoiding the strict guarding of the three war emperors.

On the way, Lin Chen was a little puzzled. The Crimson Empress in the center of the palace seemed to have never moved. It didn't mean to move at all. Maybe she was retreating and practicing?

Just when the two of them were only a thousand miles away from the vestibule, a spirit wave and a spirit of war were extremely strong, and they suddenly suppressed from the void!

"Not good! Found!"

Lin Chen's expression changed slightly, picking up Bai Junhao, the purple phoenix wings spread out, revealing his breath of war emperor!

Launched at the last moment, Lin Chen fully urged Moonlight Lanying to become a bunch of aurora under the night sky and stormed out of the palace!

"Crimson Fantasy City!"

With a cold cry, a blood moon rose under the night, and the moonlight shone across the crimson city!

At this moment, Lin Chen's expression became particularly dignified.

He had just fled to the void beyond the palace, thousands of miles away, and immediately stopped his body!

They are blocked!

This crimson city has a strong spiritual enchantment, and its master can urge it to expand its spiritual illusion with its spiritual power!

"What a powerful means to allow such a huge city and all the powerful people in the city to sink into spiritual illusion within a single thought! Maybe even the Sixth Warlord!"

Lin Chen's eyes narrowed, and he subconsciously explored his circle of fighting spirit.

At this moment, the origin of the Nine Tribulation in the Life Wheel has to be restored for a while. That is to say, the Nine Tribulation Stars can't be used unless they are used with the consequences of Cultivation for Retreat!

Lin Chen patted Bai Junhao's shoulder and ran the "Tai Shi Bible" and "The Nine Tribulation of Creation", both of which took the seal from Bai Junhao's body.

Now that it has been discovered, you are not afraid of exposing the location.

"Brother be careful, that woman is so fierce!"

Bai Junhao stepped into the air suspended, his expression showing a trace of fear.

"Calm down, hitting a woman, your eldest brother has never been afraid, let her try my marksmanship today."

Lin Chenyun smiled lightly and lightly, and the five-colored dragon gas flashed out. Lin Chen grasped the five dragons' imperial gun and looked up at a certain direction in the sky.

Void appeared, a red robe enchanting beautiful shadow like a twisting beauty snake, the **** moonlight reflected extremely psychedelic and charming.

"Unexpectedly, I can still buy one get one free."

The red robe Qianying's lazy voice is soft and light, like the female who is enchanted in the bones, invites.

Lin Chen was extremely vigilant in his heart. This kind of charm has already surpassed the race and is quite powerful!

This is not only effective for human races, but also effective for other races! This is an extremely high state!

Seeing the mountains of Hongpao Qianying's impending robe, Lin raised a brow!

"I wipe, so fierce!"

Bai Junhao swallowed and said hardly, "Brother, can't you bear it?"

Lin Chen clenched the war gun, his expression serious.


The voice just fell, and the breeze blew up the beautiful woman's red robe skirt.

The two brothers had a sharp heart and turned their heads.

A moment of beauty came into view, Lin Chen wiped his nosebleed.

"It's okay."