My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 578

Vol 5 Chapter 578: Against The Crimson Queen

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578 Fight against the Scarlet Empress!

"Crimson formation started, the master shot!"

"What the **** is going on, what is the sacred, so that the owner started the crimson formation!"

The powerful players in the Crimson Palace are horrified! The three emperors of the Scarlet Empress quickly dispatched!

Not only was Lin Chen caught in the illusion, but all the powerful people in the whole city were trapped in the imaginary territory. Their life and death were all in the hands of the Crimson Queen!


Outside the palace, above the tens of thousands of voids. The blurred red curtain floats over the entire city, and there is no way to tell where the exit is!

"It's not a young age, but my body speed is quite fast. If it were not in this scarlet city, I wouldn't be able to trap you."

The Scarlet Empress giggled, but when she looked over to Lin Chen, she suddenly froze!

The young man struck a silver robe, his face was light-willed, his face was graceful, and there was a cynical smile lingering in the corners of his mouth.

The most important thing is that his age is no different from that of the blue dragon blood boy he likes! But talent is many times higher than the latter!

The late stage of Battle Royal Realm! The 21-year-old warlord! What is this concept?

No warlord under the age of 100 has appeared in the entire mainland of Kyushu!

The delicate body trembles, striving to calm down the Crimson Empress of her state of mind, and walks towards Lin Chen with the round and slender jade legs like white snakes.

With a faint red glow on her cheeks, she seriously said to Lin Chen seriously.

"If you are on your honeymoon, how about going to the cherry blossom sea in Mingzhou!"

I am grass! Someone Lin was dumbfounded!

What is this greeting?

When you meet at the first meeting, you are married? Why not even choose a honeymoon location!

"I said Queen Crimson, did you make a mistake, I just came to save people, not to mention that I am not interested in you!"

Lin Chen, who has always been at ease with women, has taken a few steps back this rare time!

"Relax, as long as there is love, everything can be crossed!"

The Scarlet Empress opened her jade arms and said excitedly.

Spread a hair!

Lin Chen's mouth twitched wildly, but he heard that this crimson queen practiced a yin and yang hehuan wanfa method, which can absorb men's fighting strength in the practice of men and women.

This kind of exercise is regarded as evil Dao in the outside world, and it is difficult to reach the level of elegance in the practice class. At most, it can only be cultivated to Yuanzun Realm.

However, the practice of the Scarlet Empress broke through the boundaries of this partial practice area, and even the Imperial Realm can be used. It is said to be a piece of the anti-celestial practice spread from the Holy Realm to the mainland of Kyushu.

The condition for absorbing cultivation is that the higher the other party's talent, the less side effects of absorbing cultivation and cultivation.

Some extremely talented and very young men have a fatal attraction to the Scarlet Empress, so she will buy Bai Junhao!

His genius is no less than the "descendant of God" in China!

However, in the eyes of the Scarlet Empress, Bai Junhao is not a concept compared to Lin Chen! The 21-year-old warlord! Still the emperor of physical training!

There is no doubt that if Lin Chen can be obtained, her cultivation practice and even the cultivation in the future will advance by leaps and bounds!

The price of women's rapid advancement is that men's cultivation can't advance, and they have been looted and absorbed for a long time, and they will even affect the foundation.

"Now that the empress has figured it out, it would be better to let me be my brother. Next time, I will definitely visit the house with a grand ceremony, and thank the empress for his kindness. If the emperor does not believe, the sky money that the empress spends on my brother, I Lin How about a five-fold compensation?"

Lin Chen clenched his fist with a gun, even if the other party's whole body flashed the light of the attribute light ball, he did not dare to provoke the fight.

Fighting in the spiritual fantasy territory is the home of the Scarlet Empress, which is extremely unfavorable to him, not to mention protecting Bai Junhao! If he could not fight, he would definitely not fight!

Long Chi killed by Lin Chen is the top three in the No. 2 main city battle emperor list. This woman is the first in the No. 2 main city battle emperor list!

Still fighting on the opponent's home court, plus the premise that "Nine Tribulation Stars" can't be used, Lin Chen didn't have much confidence to be able to attack.

A large part of Long Chi's fall was due to Lin Chen's "Nine Tribulation Stars" being seriously injured before he was besieged by Lin Chen's many avatars.

Lin Chen, who is temporarily unable to use this killing trick, cannot take Bai Junhao to risk his life.

"Five times the sky coins, this condition is really tempting, but I will not accept it. You have another option, that is, you stay. If you stay, he can leave safely."

The Scarlet Empress smiled, her eyes flickering, but she did not shake her position at all.

"Brother, if you stay, I won't leave!" Bai Junhao said firmly.

Lin Chen smiled and shook his head-"Crimson Queen, this is unrealistic, our brothers must leave."

"Then change to "Day" and go again, how? Sister lets you experience the world of Elysium!"

Yin Hong's little tongue licked the fiery red lips, and the scarlet empress smiled.

Someone Lin's mouth twitched! Damn, this woman really exudes a frog's gas all over her body! Who can stand this!

"Since the Queen invited me, I will talk about it later."

Lin Chen smiled, and suddenly became fierce in the next moment!

"Six changes! Dragon Emperor! Doppelganger, out!"

Lin Chen's breath suddenly soared, from the first peak to the second peak temporarily!

"The Ultimate MomentThe Ultimate Return!"

brush! brush! brush!

The four avatars and the Dragon Emperor were born, and surrounded by blue and glorious colors, they instantly entered the state of "the ultimate moment"!

The Dragon Emperor defended Bai Junhao's retreat like lightning, and Lin Chen was in full swing with his four avatars!

"Fighting Emperor 70Split Demon Gun! Eight Waste Fingers!"

"Yao Yao Qingyue! Ruling to break the soul! Dark Thunder startled leaves!"

The guns are like dragons and dragons, the swords and swords are across the sky, and the eight-color wild energy fingers rushed past, and the light of the dark thunder arrow made the blood moon's light dim by three points!

Such a terrifying offensive was completed in an instant, and even the Empress Crimson's dignity!

"Crimson Moon Rin!"

Between spiritual power and madness of fighting spirit, ten rounds of fluttering and rotating blood moons flew down, like the ten galaxies falling in the sky, suddenly blocking all of Chen Chens offensives!

boom! boom! boom!

The overwhelming offensive exploded, and the **** moon that was spinning and flying broke apart, but Lin Chen's offensive was also stopped.

The explosion shook the center of the Crimson City, Lin Chen flapped the Purple Phoenix Wing, and the body took the lead in the direction of the Crimson Queen!

Brush ~! The Crimson Queen turned to flash like lightning, and her speed couldn't even catch up with Lin Chen!

Poof~! The blood mist in the void condensed into an energy giant hand and shot to Lin Chen, the war gun in his hand shook, and dozens of gunlights were reversed to pierce the energy giant hand. Lin Chen stepped back and dared not chase it easily!

"Sure enough, this spiritual illusion is not only created by the spiritual power of the Crimson Queen, but also the formation blessings arranged in advance by the entire city. The battle here is her complete home, and even the Sixth Warlord will be eaten by her. Hell!"

Lin Chen retreated like lightning, and when he merged with his avatar, Bai Junhao's exclamation came!

"Brother, not good!"