My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 579

Vol 5 Chapter 579: Even The Three Emperors

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Chapter 579: Slashing the Three Emperors!

After the battle of the nine tombs of Shura with Long Chi and the five emperors, Lin Chen's strength has made breakthroughs in all aspects!

With his current cultivation as the four major avatars of the sixfold change plus the ultimate moment, each possesses a strength between the late fourfold and the early fivefold. In addition to the strength of his body, almost all of the following five levels have to be suppressed by him!

The Wanzai Qinglong Emperor has also officially entered the seventh-tier intermediate beast, with pure power comparable to the four-fold early stage, and the full combat power is directly chasing the ordinary five-layer early battle emperor.

"Brother, not good!"

When Bai Junhao's exclamation came, an angry unicorn came to the fire, and the vast unicorn body looked like a round of blazing sun attacking Bai Junhao! It is a seventh-level junior peak of anger and flame unicorn!

In addition, there are three triple war emperors surrounding the dragon emperor!

If you let Dragon Emperor single out this lineup, it's okay, because its defense and speed are unique.

But if you want to take care of Bai Junhao, it is not a concept at all!

The Dragon Emperor didn't fight for the first time, but released a'Xuanqing Dragon Domain', after delaying the three people and the angry flame Kirin, twisted the dragon body, flapped the purple phoenix wings, and performed the'Frightened Dragon Sweeping Body Method'. !

Bai Junhao looked suffocated and wanted to shoot but could not act. With his strength, he had no choice but to solidify his body on the Dragon Emperor. This combat specification was not something he could intervene at all.

"You can't change the result without fighting, doppelgangers, go!"

Lin Chen thought about it, and held the white jade green sword Bai Shuang Qing Hong to support the Dragon Emperor. The battle situation changed instantly and subversively!

The blazing tactics of the blazing green rainbow were displayed, Lin Chen's avatar was unstoppable, and only one person actually killed the three triple-middle war emperors! The battle is completely one-sided!

Lin Chen's body flicked back and forth, his eyes narrowed, and he swept away with a sharp shot, and the gun was like a half-moon to the sky of 30,000 miles away!

boom! boom!

The excitement of the collision of fighting spirit echoes the sky! The Crimson Queen lurking in the dark was a little surprised!

"Funny little guy, his spiritual accomplishments are also very high, but he hasn't reached Tongtian Realm yet. But how did he see through the location of my body within the magic territory?"

The Scarlet Empress flickered and floated higher, overlooking Lin Chen. From the previous wave of attacks, this child's strength cannot be underestimated!

His four avatars plus that dragon emperor, as well as his own combat power are extremely evil!

If you attack hard with the front of the body, if the opponent retaliates, you will have to pay a heavy price even in the "Crimson Fantasy"!

Moreover, the goal of the Crimson Empress is not to kill Lin Chen now, but to make him his male companion and to make him the cornerstone of his cultivation.

"With such a powerful avatar stunt, the price of the show must not be small. Since it is so, then my Crimson Queen will do everything to meet you for a while!"

The Scarlet Empress flew to the sky and set foot on the blood moon, her jade hands changed, and her seal was moved.

For Lin Chen, the other party is the spiritual power of the heaven, and the spiritual illusion displayed is not a level that he can see through.

Even if you can find the position of the Crimson Empress in the illusion by virtue of the light of the attribute light ball, but in the fantasy territory, the speed of the Crimson Empress can be faster than the speed of his Lin Chen body!

It is only possible to try it unless the "Blue Dragon Possession" is used to urge the Purple Phoenix Wings.

However, Lin Chen did not want to fight with her for speed, because the body alone was not her opponent to catch up with the Scarlet Empress.

Since the other party wants to kill him, then he follows the other party's thinking!

"As far as the eye can see, what is there to kill!"

Lin Chen's murderous and awe-inspiring, even urged all the avatars to attack the direction of the three triple war emperors and the angry flame unicorn!

"No! This kid wants to move me?"

The expression of the Crimson Queen, who is performing some kind of mystery, suddenly changed, her jade hands waved lightly, her spiritual strength swept through the hurricane, and countless mirage illusions poured into Lin Chen's mind!

The whole city of Crimson, from star to star, completely turned into a desert in Lin Chen's perspective!

The battle scene between the angry flame Kirin and the three warlords disappeared!

However, Lin Chen was like a reckless man, slammed into the bottom of the desert of'Empty!'

Allowing the wind and sand to wreak havoc, Lin Chen and his avatars ignored it, facing the desert ground with a trick and eight fingers, the Douhuang 58 style, and the offensive of the body and the avatars was unambiguous!


The illusion shattered, and the desert turned back into the crimson fantasy territory. Many of Lin Chens offensives hit the three war emperors.

The characteristic of penetrating the rune will penetrate 20% of the power directly into the body of the third war emperor. He was originally shattered by the hoarfrost green rainbow sword, and he fell on the spot!

"My illusion hasn't trapped him? How is this possible! If you use the illusion in the Crimson City, even the spiritual power of the Sixth Warlord or the same level of Tongtian Realm may not be able to break through the crimson illusion so quickly!"

The Scarlet Empress was completely shocked!

It is precisely because she has absolute confidence to protect and protect her men in Crimson Fantasy, so that the three war emperors and her enraged Kirin Kirin have unscrupulous contact with Lin Chen, wanting to consume Lin Chen's energy! Unexpectedly, Lin Chen was not affected by the illusion at all? How did he do it!

In the Crimson City below the Void, some of the powerful emperors who entered the city to recuperate looked at several figures stunned back and forth in the Void!

"My mother, in the second half of the late battle against the emperor spike in the middle of the triple?"

"Who is this kid? How can it be so terrifying! If such a strong man appears in the main city 2 and the main city 3, we cannot fail to receive the news!"

"Wait a minute! Wan Zai Qinglong with purple phoenix wings... I remember! It is Lin Chen from the No. 1 main city!"

"Ten months ago, nearly 30% of the warlords of the No. 1 main city's warlord list were provoked by him, and then the Yunming Qing of the No. 1 main city was killed in front of the No. 2 main city's avatar! "

When the 13 war emperors from all sides recognized Lin Chen's identity in the Scarlet City, they exclaimed!

brush! brush! Bang ~! Wanzai Xuanguang Blade fell head-on to the body of Fury Unicorn, tearing apart its beast, screaming and falling into serious injuries!

Without the cover of the three war emperors, Fury Unicorn is simply not the opponent of the Dragon Emperor!

I saw that at this moment, a divine light flashed like a meteor, and flashed across the neck of the angry flame Kirin!

Sigh~! A pillar of fire spewed out, that was the blood of Qilin Qilin! Its strong fire energy makes its blood hot like lava!

The head of its unicorn was cut off by Lin Chen in the air, and then grabbed!

Lin Chen, who resisted the head of Kirin, issued a command in one thought.

"Qinglong, swallow it!"

The dragon emperor opened his mouth wide and kept tearing at the flesh and blood of the animal body that swallowed the angry flame unicorn, as well as a large number of qi and blood attribute light **** rolling down on him.

With its current cultivation practice, the fierce beast core that swallows the Rageflame Kirin is not very useful, but Lin Chen can use the characteristics of the Rageflame Kirin beast core to make a big kill!