My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 580

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Chapter 580, beautiful treasure sword, click to send.

Lin Chen's body carried a unicorn head, quietly conveying a raging flame of fire and fighting to him, and terror energy was brewing inside...

[The host consumes 300 Runic Energy, 200 Runic Energy, 280...Continuing to launch Level 5 Slow Runes...]

The characteristic effects of the slow runes are successively transported into the head of Kirin, brewing more and more terrifying waves of destruction! But this energy, no one can feel it except Lin Chen, because the energy flow in the head of the Kirin becomes slow.

The sword light is like electricity, the sword is like a flake, and the arrow is between shuttles. The last two triple mid-level warlords also fell under the joint bombing of Lin Chen's avatar, and there was no chance of even detonating.

[Get 18000 points of qi and blood energy, 14000 points of qi and blood energy, 21000 points of qi and blood energy, 9000 points of rune energy, 20000 points of essence of qi, 200 ignition energy, 240 wind energy,]

The attribute light **** were taken away by the Dragon Emperor's shuttle wandering, and Lin Chen's pure power climbed straight up!

These three triple-middle warlords also provided Lin Chen with high amount of attribute values! He was getting closer and closer to the line that broke through the double war emperor.

The qi and blood attribute light **** dropped by killing the angry flame unicorn are of high quality and numerous in number.

"System, I want to strengthen the talent of the "power" to 50%!"

[Consumption of 150,000 talent points, blue rank talent: Divine power, has been strengthened to 50%. It can increase the host's pure power by 50%. It is not suitable for the bottleneck period of body refining. It is only applicable to the area within the range of 10 million dragon power.

After killing the Kirin of Fury, Lin Chens pure power climbed to 1.35 million, blessing the 50% bonus of divine, and the pure power reached the limit of 1.99 million!

With the Dragon Emperor and many avatars landing, the ultimate time limit has come, and the body and the avatars are released together.

Seeing his figure, the strong men of the Crimson City could not help but retreat!

This young man is so cruel! The emperor Tu is like killing a chicken, without frowning!

"Very good, I am worthy of being the boy I like. You really are a unique presence in Kyushu. The more you are, the more I want to get you!"

The Scarlet Empress was full of resentment and a complex voice with a bit of resentment all over the city. Lin Chens instantaneous killing after breaking through the illusion had already cost her the right arm of the four triple war emperors!

Lin Chen carried a huge unicorn head with one hand and smiled.

"I have always been rated as the most handsome and the most unexpected student of the three best. I look down upon me, but I will suffer a big loss, Queen Crimson. Now if you lift the illusion, we still have talk, of course, certainly not In the future."

"Talk? You killed me three war emperors, and I have been in captivity for thousands of years. Is there any talk about this loss!"

The blushing empress's extremely charming voice has a killing intention!

Lin Chen shook his head and smiled, but he made nonsense. This loss is probably less than a million coins.

"You will stay in my hands later, I will ask you not to survive, not to die! If you don't fix your cultivation, I won't be called Crimson Queen!"

Hearing this sentence, many strong men in the city shivered, and Lin Chen's mouth twitched!

I can rely on, who can stand it! It is said that thirty is like a wolf, and forty is like a tiger. This scarlet empress has lived for tens of thousands of years.

The Dragon Emperor guarded Bai Junhao to retreat to the side, and when Lin Chen was about to raise his head, the whole battle within the city turned to star shift! The world of crimson fantasy begins to change!


The Crimson City has suddenly turned into a brand new world. The buildings around have become very exquisite and full of emotions, and there is a stimulating hormonal atmosphere everywhere.

Countless glamorous beauties, pure and pleasant, beautiful and beautiful women, etc., slowly walk out of many exquisite buildings, everything! Countless!

They exude infinite charm, and even the Emperor Zhan can hardly resist its temptation and influence!

The whole city of Crimson has become a charming paradise!

Lin Chen quickly ran the "Tai Shi Bible", and the whole body's spiritual power seemed to form countless vortices. The crimson illusion that wanted to approach Lin Chen to invade his spiritual knowledge was completely eliminated by the "Tai Shi Bible"!

Even Bai Junhao couldn't help revealing a look of soul-giving and soul-making, and he completely said it! His cultivation is still difficult to resist this level of Mei Gong!

"Junhao! Wake up for Lao Tzu!"

Lin Chen shook his soul and awakened Bai Junhao in the deep illusion. He scratched his head embarrassedly and apologized-"Sorry, brother, I..."

"Move your blood of the Blue Dragon into the most violent state! Try your best to stay sane!"

Lin Chen had no time to explain to him, and suddenly aroused his spiritual energy to drink!

Without saying a word, Bai Junhao turned the blood of the Green Dragon into a terrifying humanoid blue dragon with double pupils and blue eyes, and the fierce and brutal atmosphere swept the entire street!

Although the killing intention in Bai Junhao's eyes is strong, it is for a short time to keep his reason from the magical territory.

"Huh? Both little guys are blocking? One is forced to maintain reason with the brutal nature of the blue dragon's bloodline, but the little guy's mental operation...very clever!"

The Crimson Queen lurking high above the ground was suddenly surprised! Glamorous eyes reveal the greed, and this child must have a secret recipe for advanced spiritual cultivation!

If she gets... I'm afraid that her illusion control technique can go to several levels!

Even individual low-level war emperors were a little bit confused, and walked towards the blushing palace full of breath.

Although the situation is dangerous, Lin Chen's expression occasionally dignified, but the smile between the corners of his mouth seemed calm from beginning to end.

At that time, in that palace, there were more than a dozen beautiful pictures of sinking fish and wild geese, surrounded by thin Yan fat, each with its own advantages!

"What a brilliant method of illusion, these beauties have true and false. When dealing with Yuanzun Realm, they face each other with illusion. When dealing with Zhanhuang Realm, they use a specially trained maid to perform specific charms to seduce Zhanhuang together with the effect of illusion. Finally, The beneficiaries will be the Scarlet Empress."

Lin Chen exclaimed, and turned to the house of the Crimson Palace, he couldn't help but twitch his mouth slightly...

The palace door shows: The Imperial City is fighting, the winner is king. Beauty sword, click to send.

Between the convulsions of Lin Chen's mouth, he once again found that the splendid colorful clouds rose into the sky, which is a sign of the birth of a high-level strange treasure!

"Seventh-tier top-grade best weapon!"

"More than one! Haha, sent, sent!"

Some warlords have a weak heart, but they are suddenly attracted by the illusion vision of the birth of this high-level fighter!

There are also three war emperors, their eyes become particularly violent, and they aim at Lin Chen!

Lin Chen at this time, in their eyes, has become a whole body is a treasure, with a high-level elixir lingering in your body!

The moment these war emperors were slacked by the vision of high-level weapons, when they were invaded by the illusion, and they knew the sea, they did not know the magic art in their bodies. They saw the top-level treasure and the seventh-level treasure on Lin Chen. The vision of the birth of top medicine!

Without a word, more than a dozen half emperors and three war emperors immediately cut off Lin Chen with a knife!

Lin Chen couldn't help but scolded: "Grass! Brothers come to cut me? Lao Tzu is not **** Hui!"

The three avatars flashed, hands clasped, and the six spiritual Shura virtual images appeared in the air, violently bursting out six spiritual shocks that shattered the heavens and the earth, such as the hurricane that destroyed the dead, and destroyed the group of powerful people in deep illusion!


Numerous beautiful ladies formed by the illusion screamed and were shattered into nothingness by mental shock!

At this time, the sky above Lin Chen's head began to condense ten graceful beautiful shadows! Every breath can be compared to the fourfold late Warlord!