My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 581

Vol 5 Chapter 581: We All Have Heat Strokes Without Taking Off Our Pants.

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Chapter 581 We Are All Heatstroke Without Taking Off Pants.

"I actually used the power of the illusion to create ten quadruple late warlords, do you want to try the slow rune... but in the illusion, she can freely mobilize the power of the illusion, even if I play the slow rune to block her, she is completely Can mobilize the power of the illusion into an infinite attack to block me..."

Just as Lin Chen was thinking, the crimson queen's chuckle came.

"Giggle, since the illusion can't trap you, then I want to see how much combat power you still have"

The laughter was filled with mental energy shock, and Lin Chen was dizzy for a while. His avatar was no exception, even if he would not be in a phantom, but he was in such a powerful and illusory illusion, the battle power of the body and the avatar was still There will be discounts.

Suddenly, Lin Chen's eyes lit up!

When he took a closer look, the ten beautiful women in the void that emerged from the illusion were all condensed from the essence of the fighting spirit and a large number of spiritual power attributes!

"You guys, look at this, the Crimson Empress intends to make us also become her illusion nourishment, how about joining together to break this illusion?"

At this time, a middle-aged man in a green robe said seriously that he had a sword, and he became a pure sword emperor after training for the triple period! It is also one of the few powerful people who have not yet fallen into the illusion!

"The old man will not mix it up. This warlord list is the first, offending her but not having good fruit."

The two black robe elders stepped aside, and then the two triple-middle warlords stated that they would break the fantasy together!

Once this extremely dangerous ecstasy cave is trapped, their cultivation will be reduced to the nourishment of the illusion and the cultivation stepping stone of the Scarlet Empress. They are all people with pride and integrity, not a generation who easily bow their heads!

Right now, five war emperors are hesitant and have not expressed their views. After all, they just stopped by the Crimson City for a short break, who had expected to be involved in this battle.

Put it as usual, if it is not the moment of life and death, how can the Crimson Queen open the illusion of great formation, but who knows that the Crimson Queen will meet such an ancient and modern existence like Lin Chen! Without hesitation, come up with your trump card!

Can provoke the first place in the warlord list, they still dare not express their views easily!

At the same time, they can't afford Lin Chen!

Lin Chen glanced at the three people who dared to resist with a little appreciation, before they had time to speak.

At this time, ten graceful figures in the sky gathered together, and then uniformly lifted the long skirt, lit up the white and delicate jade legs, and the composition was outlined into a half-moon formation, and the twenty jade legs of white flowers swayed. Send invitations to Lin Chen and others for "Ecstasy"!

Lin Chen took a sigh of relief: "Lying trough! Who can stand this? What kind of formation is this?"

Among the ten beauties, a purple group of beauties smiled.

"Little brother, this is a beauty formation~"

Lin Chen raised a brow: "How beautiful?"

Ten beautiful ladies lifted their skirts, and the looming whiteness caused Lin to wipe his nosebleed and turned to the former three war emperors.

"Three, this beauty formation is too dangerous! You guys are still resting. I am a young Lin, let me come! As the saying goes, I will not go to hell, who will go to hell! This time, I will lead the charge!"

After all, Lin Chen carried the head of Kirin and took off with four avatars!

The emperor crimson emperor saw him carrying the head of the angry flame unicorn and couldn't help but swish the corner of his mouth!

by! Come true? You're so **** headed!

Suddenly, the five unspoken war emperors suddenly had three yellow robe war emperors shouted with justice and awe!

"Little friend, don't worry, let's save you!"

The road saw uneven roar, and the three emperors picked up the guy and rushed!

"No! Lin is upright, handsome, hard and lasting, how can you be saved! Today let them be a beauty team to taste the power of my Lingzhou men's marksmanship! Don't you rob me today, who robs me today Who are you anxious about?"

The last sentence is Lin Chens words, these beautiful women are created by fantasy, and the whole body is a light ball of spiritual and quintessential attributes! If all of them were killed, wouldn't his mental strength soared to a point?

Lin Chen turned his head and yelled at the emperors behind him. As soon as his voice fell, he gasped! The three warlords took off their pants!

"Grass! I said come to save me, my pants are off, why don't you save a hair!"

Huangpao Zhanhuang was serious: "Little brother, this weather is too hot, we will have a heat stroke without taking off our pants!"

Lin Chen: "Fuck your mother's ass! I was playing hot pot two days ago!"

"Giggle~~ Come here~ Happy, anyway, a lot of time~~"

The ten beauties of the beauty formation danced, a series of swaying fullness and a large piece of snow white reflected in the eyes, the three war emperors were swayed by the fans, and many war emperors behind Lin Chen began to appear shaken!

This beauty formation can charm several tier five warlords at the same time, not to mention their double and triple warlords!

Lin Chen is also deeply immersed in the illusion. When more children are unsuitable for the picture to come into his eyes, he really cannot easily break through this illusion!

However, the corners of his mouth began to rise slightly, but the eyes of his doppelganger and the body were empty.

"Hook! That little guy can't resist the charm of the Hsiaoyue Beauty Formation! Hum! This time, I'm going to make his cultivation dry!"

The Scarlet Empress moved her body and flew away in the direction of Lin Chen!

Suddenly, a creepy sense of crisis emerged from the heart of the Scarlet Queen!

This is the clearest sixth sense, she felt a fatal crisis!

The Scarlet Empress retreated consciously and could not care about her beauty formation!

"The ultimate charge of Ultimate Guiyuan's Charge Charge Rune Ghat? The ultimate moment of the handsome man forced to listen to the invincible Bahuang fingers who want to hit people to give you beautiful women!!"

Lin Chens laughter resounded through the sky, and the eight-color flood energy rushed out of Lin Chens body and even all the sub-body, condensing on the fingertips of his arm!

Lin Chen kicked the "Furious Flame Unicorn Head" that had been brewing for a long time, and turned it into a meteor to pierce the void. While its avatar and body put away their respective weapons, they suddenly pointed out!

Boom~! Boom~! The five fingers of eight-color energy point out in the air, and they are powerful! Across the sky!

The five-color and eight-color energy fingers pushed the flaming Qilin head of the blazing flames. The ten illusionary beauties in that beauty array were terrified. When they quickly urged the body to evacuate and escape, the Qilin head exploded!

boom! !

The turbulent raging energy of the turbulent wind is rolling the endless heat wave of destruction, and then detonated the eight-color wild energy, such as the scattered eight-color air wave, the energy storm lasted nearly 100,000 feet, which shocked all the war emperors!

I am afraid that the power of this blow, even if it is a positive resistance in the later stage of the fivefold, will it have to lose half of its life?

Lin Chen's four divisions were physically and mentally blocked in front of Lin Chen's body. When the avatars resisted, Lin Chen instantly expanded the purple phoenix wings, turned into Moonlight Lanying, and madly withdrawn all the way.

Bang ~! Bang ~! Bang ~!

The heat wave devouring the heavens and the earth and the amazing destruction energy wave rolled up again and again. The heat wave was nearly 30,000 feet high, almost swallowing the sky above half of the scarlet city into a vacuum zone!