My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 582

Vol 5 Chapter 582: Super Dimension Transmission

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Chapter 582, Super Dimensional Transmission!


The Crimson Queen even spit out a few mouthfuls of blood! That beauty formation is a big killer of her crimson illusion, all of which is formed by her spiritual origin and fighting spirit. If you lose any phantom avatar, its damage will be partly lost to her body!

Unbelievably shocked and fearful aftermath remain on the cheeky cheeks! If I didn't choose to retreat decisively at that time, I'm afraid I have lost half my life now!

"What the **** is going on! Isn't that kid in illusion, how can he still make such a terrible attack!"

The Scarlet Empress was very certain that Lin Chen was completely trapped in illusion at the time, otherwise she would not be able to move easily.

But what she didn't expect was why Lin Chen could still aim at himself and the beauty formation in illusion, and such a terrible attack could also erupt!

If it is placed in peacetime, in the magic territory, she is the master. As long as she can perceive this terrible attack in advance, she can lift the beauty formation in one breath! Avoid this loss!

But at that time she was already aware of the fatal danger, and she was able to take care of her beauty formation!

"Being put on by this kid, suck!"

The face of the Scarlet Empress became more and more gloomy, and the price to take away this young man was too great!

As the energy storm spread, Lin Chen's four avatars were caught in the aftermath of energy, and only one survived.

Lin Chen was in a turbulent mood and immediately launched the Phantom Rune. The three avatars appeared again and swept into the sky!

At this time, the sky and the sky are all attribute light **** suspended in the sky!

Among them, most of them are the attributes of the essence of the spirit of war and spiritual power!

[Gain 110 Spirit Power, 105 Spirit Power, 150 Spirit Power, 25800 Spirit Strength, 180 Spirit Power, 8000 Rune Power,]

Many attributes of the light ball were taken away by Lin Chens avatar, Lin Chens spirit knew the sea, and the spiritual flyover grew crazy and extended!

Lin Chen's attack is not accidental, but a trick he has already gained momentum for a long time!

There is a pick-up system, as long as there is the light of the attribute light ball around, he will never be lost in the magic territory, even if he is a superb magic!

And inside the head of Fury Unicorn is its fierce beast core. The fierce beast like the angry flame unicorn has extremely violent fire energy.

This violent nature makes it more troublesome and more difficult to deal with than the fierce beast core of the same level. As a result, high-level refining masters will choose other fiery beast cores when refining medicine.

However, Lin Chen made full use of this violent feature of "both troublesome and tricky"!

He has been using the slow runes before to make the energy flow inside the Kirin head slow down!

When the slow runes froze the inside of Kirins head, Lin Chen continuously transported in with his own "fire robbery and fighting spirit". The violent energy possessed by the fierce beast core itself was already an explosive barrel, let alone encountered Lin Chen. The fire-robbered fighting spirit!

Under normal circumstances, once these two energies come into contact, there must be a big explosion!

However, Lin Chen's slow runes temporarily let these two energies calm down and completely merged into the head of Kirin. Without absolute confidence in his slow runes, almost no one would dare to do such crazy things!

This is equivalent to holding a super bomb capable of damaging and maiming the five-fold war emperor, and it is completely playing life! Play heartbeat!

Therefore, from the moment Lin Chen got the head of the angry flame unicorn, he has been transporting a huge amount of fire and robbery, for this shocking shock!

The five tricks and eight wastes mean that with the addition of a ferocious beast nucleus that has brewed the flames of fire and robbery to the extreme, its ultimate explosive power is only second to Lin Chens full blow to the "Nine Tribulation Stars" before!

In the end, Lin Chen gained a total of 9,840 points of mid-level spiritual power in the attribute light ball that fell on the illusionary beauty in the "Beauty Formation", and the spiritual bridge extended to eight tenths in one breath!

After growing by two-tenths, Lin Chen's spiritual power is a real world, and the spirit has the power to resist the world and the world!

Lin Chen lifted the sixfold changes, the sense of weakness just came, and the rising fighting spirit suddenly broke out, forming the second nine-color fighting life wheel!

The early stage of the second battle! Lin Chen, who has extinguished the Crimson Illusion and Beauty, finally broke through that boundary!

However, this is not Lin Chens ultimate goal. Even if it is the early stage of the second level, it is still difficult to defeat the crimson queen at home. Lin Chens goal is to break through her crimson illusion!

"Avatar! All the dead!"

At this time, Lin Chen's four avatars have been guarding him, and after the cultivation breakthrough, the avatar in the state of six changes has barely entered the early cultivation practice of the triple! The four avatars have the strength to match the initial stage of the fivefold!

The four avatars did not move easily, and before waiting for the Crimson Queen to wonder, she saw Lin Chen holding out something in her hand, and her face suddenly changed suddenly!

The energy of the seven-color gleaming light group flows in the middle of the palm, and Lin Chen puts it into his eyebrow!

Bang ~! The spirit of terror fluctuates like a thousand waves of anger, sweeping across the territory of crimson fantasy!

"This is the source of colorful sages? Does this kid want to break through the spirit of Tongtian Realm in front of me at this juncture?"

The face of the Scarlet Empress was shocked and angry, and her spiritual accomplishments had reached the heavens. She couldn't help but know what Lin Chen wanted to do!

Want to break through the spiritual power in front of her, wouldn't this not put her crimson empress in her eyes?

"I want to see how rampant you are! This time I only need to live, not complete!"

Lin Chen couldn't win the beauty, and the Scarlet Empress was completely angry! Between the light swings of the sleeve gowns, dozens of pink energy giant palms were repressed and suppressed, and each palm had a taste of ruining the mountains and stars, comparable to the full blow of the early stage of the fivefold!

She no longer intends to capture Lin Chen completely. This goal is no longer realistic. She only needs to live! Even if it is crippled, as long as Lin Chen is won, his talents will become the stepping stones for her cultivation!


All of Lin Chen's avatars seemed to have the spirit of heart, and they launched the "Extreme Return" and continued to use the "Ultimate Time"! Pull the bow to draw the sword, dance the gun to swing the knife, penetrate and recharge the two runes one after another!

Between the flying sand and the rocks, the entire city became dark and dark. The two sides immediately handed in!

The Dragon Emperor took Bai Junhao to Lin Chen's side, and launched the'Xuan Qing Long Yu' to protect him! Avoid the aftermath of the battle to affect his impact cultivation!

Bang ~! Bang ~!

The violent shaking of the sky dome seemed to collapse. This terrible momentum was so shocked that no matter whether it was the only servant of the Scarlet Empress or the War Emperor or other masters who entered the Crimson City to rest, they retreated to one side!

According to common sense, even if Lin Chen's four avatars have the strength comparable to the initial stage of the fifth layer, it is difficult to stop the crimson queen at home.

But all of his avatars are not afraid of death, and as long as there is a chance of hurting the Crimson Queen between many moves, the whole life is for life!

The Scarlet Empress did not dare to give Lin Chen this opportunity. His "penetrating" rune, the former has already personally learned the experience, not to mention that it is still because of the injury of the "Beautiful Beauty"!