My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 583

Vol 5 Chapter 583: Golden Pupil Twins.

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Chapter 583: Golden pupil twins.

Doppelganger fought against the Scarlet Empress, at this time, Lin Chen was running the "Tai Si Bible" crazy.

Although the pure spiritual energy of Colorful Holy Source is extremely vast, it does not have any burden of absorption. The mysterious operation of the Taishi Bible is divided into multiple spiritual powers to be refined and absorbed at the same time. The absorption speed is much higher than that of the strong men of the same level!

Lin Chen's spiritual bridge has once again climbed and extended! Finally rushed to nine tenths, a nearly complete spiritual flyover!

Finally, after the four avatars were dead for nearly a quarter of an hour, three avatars fell and immediately urged to make up, Lin Chen's mental power rushed to a certain point! Build a flyover in the spirit of knowing the sea and go straight to Jiuxiao!

At this moment, Lin Chen suddenly opened his eyes! A flash of spiritual spirit flashed through the pupils in the pupil!

His hands snapped together fiercely, his fingerprints changed like lightning, and even the four avatars made the same fingerprints!

Bang ~! The vast and magnificent spiritual power condenses into fifteen spiritual ghost images, each of which is three heads and six arms, just like the reincarnation of Shura, and the sky is broken!

"Oops, this kid broke through the spirit of Tongtian Realm!"

If the look of the Crimson Queen changes suddenly, if both sides share the spiritual power of the Heaven Realm, even if the other party cannot completely break through her Crimson Illusion, but if you want to tear a crack and escape, there is still a great chance that you can do it!

If Lin Chen escaped, then she would really lose her life this time! The accumulation of thousands of years of history will be hit hard!

"Ultimate moment Charging and penetrating runes! Shura's Fury!"

Lin Chen tried his best to urge the "Sura's Fury" to get the blessing of the "Tai Shi Bible" and the ultimate blessings such as the ultimate moment, making it completely inferior to the purple level!

The most important thing is that there are four avatars of Lin Chen to show with him!

The tumultuous spiritual shock crushed thousands of miles of mountains and rivers, and destroyed the blushing queen!

"Spiritual combat skills?"

The Scarlet Empress bit her silver teeth, her jade hand flicked her sleeves, and her five fingers clenched into a fist. Hundreds of spiritual blood moonlight blades flew like snowflakes, and the rain fell like a mad rain!

Sigh~! boom!

Asura's anger cut like a blade, tearing many blood moonlight blades, but still failed to stop its offensive, and the crimson queen's spiritual attack was even better.

However, when Lin Chens 20% spiritual penetration erupted, he barely stopped the remaining blood moonlight blade. A chaotic spiritual storm suddenly exploded in the void between the two parties. A few signs of breaking away from the illusion!

Sigh~! Crackle-like tearing sounds surround the sky dome, and cracks have begun to appear in the edge space of the scarlet fantasy.

This wave of terror confrontation between Lin Chen and the Scarlet Empress made the Scarlet Illusion turbulent.

The chaotic spiritual storm has not yet passed, and the whole crimson illusion began to burn fiery flames violently.

Lin Chen's expression appeared dignified, and all the spiritual fluctuations in the illusion began to be agitated!

"Ignite the formation, explode the entire illusion, the Crimson Queen is really a big deal."

Suddenly, Lin Chen lifted all his avatars, and his dignified expression returned to his previous cynicism. He smiled.

"Since you have reached the spiritual power of Tongtian Realm, then I bet you will not die."

The blushing queen's mouth was bleeding, and Lin Chenjin knew that the moment she entered the heaven, she might have difficulty trapping him in the blushing illusion. Instead of killing it, it is better to decide the victory or defeat in one breath!

She is about to detonate the entire Crimson Fantasy! Its power is strong enough to threaten the Sixth Warlord!

This move is a double-edged sword. If Lin Chen died in the illusion, she would still suffer from blood loss.

But if Lin Chen is only seriously injured, then she can capture this genius boy who has won the championship in Kyushu and become the cornerstone of her cultivation stepping into the sixth or even the seventh battle!

This is a gamble.

"Unfortunately, a crack has appeared in the illusion, and I regret it forever!"

Lin Chen put the Dragon Emperor into his body, revealing a relaxed smile that the other party could not see through, and carried Bai Junhao.

"I Lin will take a step first, ha ha ha!"

Lin Chen waved and laughed, an extremely uneasy feeling shrouded in the heart of the Crimson Queen!

[The host launches super-dimensional teleportation, teleporting the host to the preserved space orientation, carrying life + 1, doubling the required talent points, consuming 220,000 talent points, and starting to send.

Brush ~!

Lin Chen and Bai Junhao, like two shadows that disappeared out of thin air, became transparent in a very short time!

Silence... Weird silence!

All war emperors and crimson empresses who remained rational were stunned!

After searching for the entire Crimson Illusion in a single thought, the Crimson Queen was not found, and her face gradually became pale and gloomy!

"No! Actually ran? How did he jump out of my crimson illusion, this is impossible, impossible!"

The sharp cries of mourning test hysterically surround the Crimson City!


Afterglow mountains, east entrance.

In the void, the two figures descended from the sky without warning, like two pole stars passing by!

When Bai Junhao floated to the void, he fell into a dull state.

"Send... what happened?"

What body style is this? Brother Lin Chen took himself away from the Crimson City in an instant?

Super dimension transmission, the consumption of talent points can be transmitted to the fixed point of space, the farther the transmission distance, the higher the consumption of talent points, and the longer the cooling time!

The first fixed-point spatial orientation of Lin Chen is the eastern entrance of this afterglow mountain range.

Due to the need to consume a large amount of talent points, Lin Chen did not use this talent for the first time. As a result, he was trapped in the imaginary territory and failed to activate it. With Bai Junhao sending it out.

I glanced at the "super-dimensional teleportation" that entered the cooling state, and there were "2 days and 23 hours" before the next launch.

"A wave of teleportation cost 220,000 talent points, which is ruthless!"

Lin Chen's heart was pumped. Although this time it was because he took Bai Junhao that caused the talent cost to double, but even if used alone, Lin Chen's foundation can't withstand several consumptions!

"It seems that it can only be used for life-saving cards, but with this super-dimensional teleportation, other strong men want my Lin Chen's life is not so simple."

Lin Chen smiled in his heart and withdrew his gaze from the system's property bar.

Unleashing the spiritual power, Lin Chen can clearly perceive the wind and the grass within a few hundred thousand miles!

Lin Chen tried to mobilize a ray of spiritual power.


A tens of thousands of miles away from the mountains in the mountains exploded into powder, and sweeping a spiritual force across the sky would have the power to overturn the river and break the mountain. This is the spiritual power of Tongtian Realm!

"Hey, my purple golden pupil has stepped into the realm of golden pupil twins!"

When Lin Chen urged Zijin pupil again, two golden lotus flowers bloomed in Lin Chen's pupil, extremely beautiful and mysterious!

At this time, in Lin Chen's eyes, the scene between heaven and earth was very different. In addition to the'wonderful luck' and bad luck' wandering between heaven and earth, there are some energy bodies with extremely strong aura fluctuations. A little bit, the strength can skyrocket!

These energy bodies come from beyond the sky tower, and the alien starry sky above the mainland of Kyushu. Without the strength of the Holy Land, they are simply not qualified to come close!

However, Lin Chen can spy on the existence of these energy bodies with the strength of the war emperor realm. Looking at the mainland of Kyushu, perhaps no second person can do it!