My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 584

Vol 5 Chapter 584: Call For The Strong

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Chapter 584

"Golden pupil twins are the highest state of Zijin pupils. In the future, I will also have the opportunity to see through the opponent's movements and predict his actions against the advanced warlords!

The golden lotus was introverted into the depths of the pupil, Lin Chen returned to normal, this time the harvest is not too small.

At the beginning of the second stage of the Jin Dynasty into the Imperial Realm, his spiritual strength entered the heaven. His skill in refining medicine increased linearly, and it is entirely possible to challenge the refining of the seventh-level advanced medicine. This has a crucial role for the next action. .

"Brother, where are we going next!"

Bai Junhao asked excitedly. He didn't expect to see him for nearly a year. Even the five-fold war emperor is not the opponent of Brother Chen Chen. Is this still far from the time of returning to Lingzhou?

"I know what you are thinking, but, with me alone, the round trip to and from Lingzhou cannot control the overall situation. We are going to call someone!"

Lin Chen smiled confidently, Bai Junhao puzzled.

"Call someone? Who is it?"

"Whoever calls it!"

Bai Junhao: "...What's it called?"



Lin Chen tore the Dragon Jade left by Long Kun, and waited for less than a day at the mouth of the mountain.

When I saw Long Kun again, its breath became a little scary, and there was always a fierce dragon breath at any time.

When Bai Junhao saw Longkun, he could not help but stunned! And Long Kun also admired Bai Junhao, who was the blood of the blue dragon, and even wanted to accept him as a disciple.

Two people and one dragon passed through the afterglow mountain range. On the way, Lin Chen used the "Golden Eyes Twins" to search all the high-level medicinal materials and heavenly materials and treasures in the mountain range.

Coupled with the powerful helper of Longkun, Lin Chen snatched all the way from the east of the mountain range to the west and harvested nearly two hundred Tier 7 treasures! Sixth-order medicinal materials are over ten thousand, and there are a batch of medicinal materials for refining!

Four days later, arrived at the main city No. 3. As long as the fierce beasts are equipped with the special "monster ring" in the main city, the fierce beasts can also enter the main city.

In the mission hall, Lin Chen submitted the previously accepted mission: collecting Shura armor, a pair of 10,000 sky coins.

Lin Chen collected a total of 113 Shura armor in the tomb and got 1.13 million sky coins!

This terrible figure shocked Bai Junhao! He naturally knows the value of the sky coins, 1.13 million sky coins can buy massive cultivation resources!

1.13 million sky coins, plus Lin Chen had robbed and killed many war emperors before, a total of 22 rings were harvested, plus the sky coins inside, Lin Chen had a total of 3.85 million sky coins!

Super huge! This price can even afford the legendary purple-level advanced exercises, blue-level trial secret orders, and seventh-level top weapons!

However, although the above is very attractive, it is not what Lin Chen needs most.

He spent 3 million sky coins in one breath, purchased 20 Emperor Pills, and 20 Emperor Pills.

The emperor ordered the round to increase the chance of breaking through the emperor by 20%. The sky tower is unique, and the outside world does not spread it.

Coming back to Lingzhou soon, he intends to leave these immortals to Leng Yueqi, Bai Ruoyan and Yun Manqing, as well as everyone in Class 66.

Becoming an emperor is a process of breaking through life and death. Emperor Mingdan has a chance to save life. If everyone cannot become an emperor, then Lin Chen would prefer them to spend their lives after becoming the pinnacle of Yuanzun Realm.

For the remaining 800,000 sky coins, Lin Chen spent 750,000 to buy a roll of the seventh-tier top-grade Danfang!

This Danfang is extremely biased. It was originally worth millions of coins, but it has been reduced in price again and again for some reason. However, for Lin Chen, it is of great use!

After doing this, Lin Chen and Long Kun, Bai Junhao sent out of the tower from the main city No. 3.


"Brother, do you ask me to take these immortals back to Tianzhou?"

Outside the sky tower, in the void near Baiyu City, Bai Junhao took the ring containing dozens of Emperor Mingdan and Fenghuangming Lundan, with a solemn expression.

"Yes, take these immortals back to everyone in Class 66 and tell them that if they can't become emperors, they can't easily step into Lingzhou, unless I go back to win the war. Otherwise, they will never step into emperors. Lingzhou."

Lin Chen asked in earnest that he also gave Bai Junhao the'Bihai Aurora Ring' left by the vice president.

This thing can send the secret of the double-strike battle emperor's full blow. After entering the war emperor, this thing is useless to Lin Chen. It is used by Lin Chen once, and there are two attacks left. critical use.

"My avatar will **** you back, but just in case, you still have to bring it."

After Lin Chen passed the Aurora Ring of Bihai, he performed an avatar. This time, the **** of Bai Junhao was a little further away. Lin Chen could not allow the avatar to maintain the ultimate moment and the "six changes" throughout the journey.

Therefore, Lin Chen's real power of this avatar is only around the triple peak. If he meets the quadruple war emperor, he can only fight cover.

After disguising the avatar, Bai Junhao thanked Lin Chen heavily, and then disappeared and the avatar disappeared into the void.

"Boy, where are we going next?"

Long Kun, who had shrunk to dozens of feet, asked.

"Where there are many masters, we will go."


Five days later, Danzhou; Yang family.

Today's Yang family welcomes heavyweight VIPs! Taishang elders from three super refinery families including Hanjia!

Yang Jiami's room; Yang Jia's head and two elders, and Yang Qing'er sat aside, staring at the opposite silver robe with complex and curious eyes.

The three Taishan Beidou class refining medicine giants on the side are awesome the three old men who hosted the summit summit that day!

After hearing Lin Chen's request, they said in surprise.

"Do you want to issue a call to order? Call for the strongest Kyushu in the world?"

Lin Chen took a treasure and took a bite and nodded with a smile: "Yes, if the predecessor's reputation in Danzhou issued this call for me, naturally it would have the best effect."

In his capacity as the champion of the Peak Dan Club, if he wants to call out the strong medicine in the alchemy, there will naturally be a lot of strong people attracted, but the problem is...

"Are you calling the strong, should it be related to the family of... descendants of God?"

At this time, the old Han Ming from the super family asked Fu Xu.

Regarding this issue, the atmosphere in the secret room became tense.

Calling on the strong need to explain the intention. If Lin Chen is looking for someone to find the troubles of the descendants of God, it is estimated that few strong people in Kyushu dare to come.

Lin Chen, who was biting the fruit, shook his head and smiled: "I look so handsome, I'm definitely not so stupid. I will beat those false gods family step by step."

The head of the Yang family and the elder of his own family raised their brows, and the other two refining medicine giants also changed their expressions slightly. In the mainland of Kyushu, there are still people who dare to call the "descendant" family a false **** family! This young man is really terrible!

Han Yuanfang of the Han family frowned: "Oh? What's the purpose?"

"Return to Lingzhou with me, and the ancient family against Lingzhou. Now the ancient family in Lingzhou is at war with each other. With your news network, it is impossible to know."

Lin Chen smiled, and everyone was relieved, at least not to provoke the descendants of God's family, or the family that they helped to issue the order would also be implicated.

"So, what is the content of the call?"

Hanming Fuxu asked with a smile.