My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 585

Vol 5 Chapter 585: Shenzhou Soul Home The Favor Of The True God.

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Chapter 585, Shenzhou soul home, the favor of the true god.

Lin Chen held out his finger.

"The call order is very simple. Its a minimum of four to fight the emperor, and I dont want to use it. I can fight as long as I can. There is no limit to the number of people you can. How much you pay for it. I will give everyone a free medicine refining. The opportunity, of course, will be determined according to the cultivation practice and the strength of the output. I can accept any of the top-level elixirs below the seventh-level elixirs. Of course, danfang and medicinal materials need to be prepared by myself. I am only responsible for refining."

Bang ~!

The violently fluctuating spiritual ripples permeated the dense room. The three major refining giants almost couldn't control their own mental power, and suddenly stood up and looked at Lin Chen in disbelief.

"You, have your refining skills reached the level 7 advanced refining level?"

Lin Chen smiled: "I like to play hard and bragging, but I don't like blowing blindly."

As soon as the words fell, Lin Chen released a tremendous amount of spiritual power that shrouded the dense room, and the three old bodies were shocked. This spiritual power, they can't perceive wrongly. Compared with these old antiques, they are even worse. Not far away! True Tongtianjing Spiritual Power!

At this time, everyone in the secret room looked at each other, the expression on his face was amazing and shocked, very exciting!

21-year-old seventh-tier senior medicine master!

Looking at the mainland of Kyushu, there are no more than ten advanced pharmacists of the seventh order! Almost all are hidden old monsters who have gone through ancient times!

At the age of 21, he reached a height that others could not reach for 20,000 years or even 100,000 years!

If it is not what you saw, I am afraid no one will believe this fact!

"Wait a minute, little friend Lin Chen..."

When Han Ming followed Lin Chen's spiritual power to explore his breath, he found that he could not find out his spirit of cultivation! Can't help but tremble!

On that day they could easily see through Lin Chen's cultivation behavior at the summit of the Summit. Now, only one fire net like fire dragons can be detected, and Lin Chen's details are not clear!

Is it the Warlord?

At the same time as a 21-year-old senior pharmacist of the seventh order... still a warlord...

Is this still a person?

No wonder he dares to sit here and issue a call, he does have the strength to shake the chaotic situation in Lingzhou today!

It's really not what it used to be. It's been less than a year since the summit of the summit, and now he is actually a powerful warlord! In the face of the presence of the strong man is completely calm, Yundan breezy!

"If the senior pharmacist of the seventh order, I am afraid that even the old guys will be born."

"Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, with the opportunity to make a panacea for free, those old monsters will not miss this opportunity."

After a long time, after the three major refining giants recovered, they shook their heads and smiled.

Afterwards, they took over the request to issue this call on behalf of one another, and they also wanted to be very close to this peerless genius in the history of Kyushu mainland!

However, they cannot directly participate in this matter. There are unwritten rules among the nine major states. The ancient families of all parties cannot interfere in the affairs of other big states. If they are exposed, the result is likely to set off a war!

Danzhous family of refining medicines launched personal connections. A shocking news was released, which swept through the eight major states outside Lingzhou at a very short speed!

A super refining medicine giant is born, calling on the powerful! You can get a chance to refining the Elixir for free, and you can pick up any of the Elixir of the Grade 7 below the top level. The Danfang herbs are prepared by yourself. Time limit: within two months. Meeting point: Danzhou Yang Family!

"Are you going to leave so soon, will Mr. Lin Chen stop sitting?"

Yang Qing'er couldn't help but stop Lin Chen flying from the backyard of Yang's house.

"Ms. Cheng Mengqinger loves me, Lin, I still have something to do. I will meet again next time."

Lin Chen smiled with a fist, and before leaving with Long Kun Kunkong, Yang Qinger's unique and gentle voice passed to Lin Chen.

"I will also go to Lingzhou!"

Lin Chen shook her head and smiled with a stubborn voice.

"Then I will show you the scenery of Lingzhou next time, together, the scenery that only Lingzhou has."


Ten days later, the Great East area of Shenzhou.

The Far East area is one of the most prosperous areas in Shenzhou. There is no one. It is said that this place is protected by God.

The Far East area is divided into six major plates, controlled by the family of six gods.

Today, the most low-key soul home field on weekdays, Longyun Giant City ushered in a happy event!

A stunning beauty from Mingzhou has been favored and blessed by God! Fortunately, Sansheng became a concubine of the gods and got the ascension of the gods!

Long Yuncheng, the audience was like a universal celebration, countless people carnival.

The True God Mountain in the Longyun City, the God Mountain does not reach the top, there is a coercive pressure, as if it can suppress the eternal ages!

There were countless crowds under the mountain, and the excitement was cheering.

In a corner beneath the mountain, the young man in the silver robe with a temperament and a restrained temperament looks mediocre, but there is a bit of hegemony hidden in the eyebrows, which is somewhat unique.

He stood at the bottom of the mountain, looking up at the statues above the True God Mountain. Each of the hundreds of beautiful women statues has its own merits and is vivid.

Each statue is like a fresh and beautiful woman, they either show a tortured expression, or look desperate, or terrible, and a beautiful face is distorted with unclear facial features. Sealed by eternal dust, all life is lost in the sculpture.

They are like roses that have been broken and withered when they are in full bloom, and the despair before the withering is portrayed between the statue's eyebrows.

"Yun Qingxue, a newcomer from Mingzhou, is here~! Thank you for the gift of the true god, and thank you for your grace!"

A huge palace with red curtains and colorful curtains began to advance from tens of thousands of miles to the True God Mountain. Wherever we passed, we were cheered and blessed by countless people!

"Today is the day when the blessing of the true God is coming!"

"I'm so happy, I envy that sister, who can soar into the concubine of the gods, and can serve the supreme true god!"

"Hee hee, Xiao Ni Zi works hard, maybe we will have a chance in the future~!"

"Sister, how do the women who are favored by the true God look very painful before they ascend?"

"That's just an illusion. It's just that all the negative dust that remains when you get rid of the mortal body is sealed on the True God Mountain!"

"Ah~ so happy!"

Thousands of Tianjiao women stared straight at Gong Jiao, eagerly wishing to get True Gods favor.

However, what everyone can see is that the beautiful lady with the red satin shawl in the palace chair is sealed with a whole body of war, and his expression is full of fright and despair!

"I don't want, I don't want to be a concubine of the true God! I just want to decide my own life, why should I be forced to tie me here! Father, grandpa, why!"

No matter how she called, the voice inside the palace chair could not be transmitted. Her family, her people, all smiled comfortably.

The crowd of people beneath the palace chair looked at her with a smile of admiration and admiration.

When this scene was reflected in Yun Qingxue's eyes, she was both desperate and creepy. In her eyes, the faces full of admiration and envy seemed both strange and strange...