My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 586

Vol 5 Chapter 586: If There Is No Torch We Are The Only Light.

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Chapter 586: If there is no torch, we are the only light.

The young man in silver robe standing at the corner of the bottom of the mountain looked at it all.

In his seemingly plain eyes, there is a faint burst of anger brewing!

"Carve statues of living people and insert them into the sculpture step by step! Facing death step by step, making people into objects after being tortured on the edge of death! This is nothing that no one can do, why are there so many People cheer and admire, countless people believe, what a **** god!"

Silver robe youth is naturally Lin Chen after disguise.

After he arrived in the Far East area, he spent three days searching for the location of the sacred stele of the town of Chi GodXuanlong No. 47, and the specific location locked the nearby area outside the Soul House!

But it happened that he ran into the Soul Family's "Happy Event" again today. He recalled that the false **** servant who was killed in the Ning Family in the past was also the Soul Family!

Well, related to the Ning family, the'false god' who wants to take Ning Qingxuan is also the soul family!

The same thing as Yun Qingxue's experience on Gong Jiao now is the result that Ning Qingxuan will face in the future!

Lin Chen, who came to the extreme east area in person, knew how creepy this area is!

Trillions of creatures are pseudo-believers. They dont believe in the heavens and the earth. They only believe in the true **** to create heaven and earth, and only believe in the true **** for eternal life! Those who do not believe in God are both big and disobedient!

These hundreds of millions of people are crowded, watching with their own eyes to push a woman into the abyss of death, everyone smiles and faces, and no one feels abnormal...

What is soaring, what is the favor of the true God, all **** shit!

Lin Chen had heard of the True Gods Care ritual of the other five families, some of which required girls to sacrifice, and some used the physical split as a flying ceremony.

What's more, a false **** family even asked a middle-aged man of the same **** to make a boy'flying to death' during the ceremony. In the eyes, it is extraordinary!

The Soul Family is Shen Feng Secular, leaving everything in the world where everything is soaring to the true God!

Everyone here seems to be reduced to playthings in the hands of the'pseudo-god' who came out of the 19th Holy Prison of Holy Realm!

Such a world can't be called a **** on earth!

Looking at them, it seems as if the True God in their hearts makes them die immediately without hesitation.

"If no one can stop those false gods, perhaps the future Kyushu mainland will become real human purgatory in the hands of these false gods!"

Pupil contraction, murderous turbulence! Lin Chen's heart never felt such a radical anger! There is no need for any responsibilities or burdens. Now he just wants to hammer all the extinct false gods to death!

"Today is such a good day, you are actually angry, it seems that you are not a local in the Far East."

There was a horror from behind Lin Chen, the short-haired beauty came slowly, outstanding appearance, wearing silver armor, heroic and awe-inspiring, there was a beautiful beauty of clanging roses blooming between the eyebrows.

With the murder intention put away, Lin Chen turned to her in a panic, "Yes, I am just a casual practitioner visiting the Quartet, I wonder who the girl is?"

"Do you want to do it? In the next ceremony, if your mental capacity is not enough, I advise you not to watch it."

The short-haired woman shook her head, purple gold light flashed through her pupils, Lin Chen's eyes narrowed, the woman's talent was very high. It is even stronger than the common descendants of false gods!

Before the age of one hundred, it is the ninth level of Yuanzunjing!

"Why did the girl say this, is there anything wrong with the ceremony."

Lin Chen pretended to be unknown and asked.

"Oh, the mainland of Kyushu is over. Look at these insensitive people. For the so-called care of the true god, to believe in the true god, even human nature can be abandoned."

The silver armor girl sighed with self-deprecation, turned to the sculpture on the True God Mountain, her eyes trance-"If everyone becomes a true God's running dog and abandons humanity, and becomes a plaything in their palm, what hope can this world have, such Isnt the world hell?"

"Because of this, someone needs to change." - Lin Chen said suddenly.

"Change? How to change, what can a person do? The person who knows the truth is pretending to be asleep, but the person who understands the truth but blindfolds his eyes for their strength to become their stooges. Our opponents far exceed our cognition. They can crush countless battle emperors with one finger! Useless, the collapse of the world is a foregone conclusion. They have come to our world. Unless the Holy World's powerful shot, we can't escape..."

The awe-inspiring silver armor woman showed a bit of despair.

Lin Chen frowned, and at this time, Gong Jiao had come to Zhenshen Mountain, and the ceremony officially began!

Gong Jiao stopped in front of Zhenshen Mountain, and Yun Qingxue was forced by two false **** servants with a smile to be pushed onto the Zhenshen stand.

On the stage, several pseudo-slave servants and soul parents introduced a simple iron coffin, such as a coffin erected, with a circular groove above it, which is specially used to put the head in, and iron chains are interwoven on both sides of the iron coffin. The two doors of the iron coffin are dozens of sharp iron thorns, and the iron thorns are shining, as if they have a certain magic power to attract the eyes of countless people.

The appearance of this iron coffin made Yun Qingxue terrified. She tried to retreat, and two false **** servants suppressed her desperately, unable to move!

"no, do not want!"

Yun Qingxue shook her head constantly, her body fluttered tremblingly, her teeth clenched to her bloodless lips, and her tears fell down her cheeks, and no one heard her sob.

At this time, above the endless void, beyond Kyushu, the sky is beyond the sky.

Above a certain mountain, a phantom appeared, gazing closely at the direction of Shenzhou's extreme east region on the mainland of Kyushu.

"Ah! It's this expression, it's such despair! This is a landscape that can't be seen in the holy prison, Yun Qingxue, quack, a little more despair, a little more pain! You will become a unique art in this world Pin, become my masterpiece!"

That phantom has no awe-inspiring righteousness and great shores and righteousness, and some are almost crazy excitement and enthusiasm, as well as a completely distorted voice and face...



Seeing the iron coffin appear, hundreds of millions of spirits beneath the True God Mountain cheered and reveled!

The favor of the true God! As long as you enter the iron coffin, you can surpass the world, leave all the worldly things in the world, fly out of Kyushu, and become a part of the gods!

Yun Qingxue was pushed into the iron coffin, and then his limbs were locked up by iron chains, and the whole person was bound in the iron coffin.

This iron coffin, when the two doors are closed, the spikes will pierce the body, step by step feeling death, tasting despair, when finally closed, it will become a living sculpture!

Forever, with the most hopeless and helpless attitude, stay in this world.

An elder soul came out slowly, and the speech of the recitation ceremony was held.

"We are grateful to the true God. We are sincere in our hearts. Today, another lucky person became the luckiest person in Kyushu. It is our honor to receive the gift of the true God..."

Yun Qingxue, who was in an iron coffin, only sobbed silently, as if she foreseen the final result of her life...

"You said that the world can't be changed. It's because they came, but the Holy Realm didn't save us in Kyushu, did it."

Suddenly, Lin Chen spoke. The silver-clad woman stared, staring at his back.

"If you feel that Kyushu is inadequate, you should change it. Start from yourself and from your side. If an enemy breaks in, then use everything to expel them! Instead of complaining about sighing here 1. Escaping reality puts hope elsewhere. The thing is artificial, and nothing can change without paying anything."

The young man's deep drink is powerful!

"The place where you are standing is the land of Shenzhou. Whatever you are, it will be like Shenzhou. If you are bright, Shenzhou will have a ray of light forever. If the people of Shenzhou and Kyushu are all holding the heart of justice and unity, how can it be the turn of these only The spooky sprites who dare to hide in the dark do whatever they want on our land in Kyushu!"

The silver armored woman stared staringly at the young man's back, and laughed at herself: "Who won't say beautiful words, how can you do it..."

The teenager tore off the disguised mask, and a younger and tougher side face appeared in front of the silver armored woman.

He glanced back at the silver-clad woman. "Even if it's fireflies, it can glow in the dark without waiting for the torch."

When she saw his true face, the silver armor girl was shocked!

"You are, Lingzhou Lin..."

The Yinjia woman's words stopped at the name before she finished speaking. Lin Chen didn't pay attention to it. He walked up to the True God Mountain, his pupils were dark and his tone was dull.

"If there is no torchlight in Kyushu since then, we are the only light."

When the words fall, Lin Chen jumps into the sky!


The ground underfoot shattered, and the wings of the purple phoenix stretched out into the sky! In the void, the purple wings rolled over, and the boy struck a silver robe, which caught the eyes of millions of people!

I saw that he raised his fist and slammed it on the Mountain of True God!