My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 587

Vol 5 Chapter 587: Scolding False Gods

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Chapter 587

The 4 million dragon power blessed by the Blue Dragon Possession is like a million volcanic eruptions.

boom! Bang ~~!

A violent explosion sounded, and the True God Mountain shone with a radiant brilliance, tightly protecting the mountain!

But suddenly, Lin Chen was extremely fast, and no one responded!

Although the True God Mountain without guarding the large array protects the mountain, Lin Chens "penetrating" rune feature penetrates 20% of the power of this punch through the True God Mountain, breaking all the female sculptures. !

At this moment, hundreds of millions of people in the extremely eastern region of Shenzhou were stunned!

The elders of the Soul Family and the servants of the pseudo-gods are also ignorant!

Where did this boy who came out unknowingly high and thick, broke the sculpture of Zhenshen Mountain with a punch?

When the five-colored dragon lingered and the war gun flashed into his hand, Lin Chen suddenly launched the five changes and the ultimate moment, and he was temporarily advanced to the second stage of the double!

At the next moment, when he saw him draw a gun, he discovered the breath of Lin Chen's skyrocketing, and finally the elder warlord of the Soul Family and the false **** servant reacted, rushing to the crown in anger, on the spot!

"Where did the Xiaoxiao people dare to offend Shenwei!"

"Dare to shoot at the True God Mountain, wild dogs, find death!"

The strong men of all roads were instantly furious, and there were three of the five rebuilds of the Warlord Realm above, and rushed to Lin Chen!

brush! brush! brush! boom! boom!

The moonlight flickered vertically, and three figures appeared like ghosts and ghosts, and they all flew the war emperor realms that tried to approach Lin Chen!

The moment they were repelled and stopped, Lin Chen shot instantly!

"Touhuang 78-style Moon Breaking Star River!"

Swinging the gun vertically, a huge moon was born! The front of the lightning was split vertically to the True God Mountain. The light of the sheltering God Mountain burst suddenly, and the Moon Mountain that the God Mountain cut through the sky was split in half!

Bang ~~!

Shenshan split into two halves, and at this moment, the situation changed suddenly, and hundreds of millions of people in China were furious!

"Where is this disrespectful man who dares to blasphemy!"

"Dead! This person must die! True Mountain is a miracle, how can a mortal invade it!"

Numerous insults, roars roared through the sky, streamers flew out, countless heavens and earth, Yuanzun realm, and flew out of the crowd. They didnt care what Lin Chen was, they just wanted to kill Lin Chen!

Looking at the overwhelming crowds, the silver armored woman's flower looks lost, is he not afraid of death?

Does he want to challenge Tianwei? It's hard to beat him. Don't you know that this will recruit the tens of billions of **** believers in the extreme east area of Shenzhou!

The True God Mountain riot, but the Yinjia woman inexplicably remembered his words.

If there is no torch in Kyushu afterwards, we are the only light.


A crack-like tearing sound came from outside the sky, and after the True God Mountain split, a violent cold rebuke came from the heavens below the God Mountain!

"Mortal, how dare you commit this supernatural power?"

This voice completely scared all the creatures present!

Soul family true god! This is the true **** behind the Soul Family!

Everyone's heart trembles, is it true that the anger of the true God is coming to the mainland of Kyushu?

"Great God, please breathe anger!"

"It's over, how can I wait for mortals to bear the wrath of the true God!"

Countless people wailed on their knees, Lin Chen held the gun with one hand, and his fingers were in the sky.

"Go to Nima, a banana bara, you are a **** of farts! A pseudo god, what a big tail wolf do you pretend to be? The deceitful people, some kind of stand up, we stand up and practice alone! Today, if Lin Mou frowns, , My **** surname! If you dare not show up, you are a trash!"

This scolding has caused countless powerful people to air-condition!

Where is this crazy man! Dare to provoke Shenwei, even the true God uttered his voice, he even dare to abuse the gods?

The true God made a noise, and no one dared to act rashly! I'm afraid that it will anger this'great deity'.

"To deal with your ants, you don't need a shot from this seat. Every mortal..."

"Where are you! What kind of outfit do you pretend to have to hammer me?"

Lin Chen interrupted the false god's speech and directly expressed his position with a middle finger.


"You are a shit-like thing, and you dare to call yourself the true God by hiding in the dark and crooked? I call Lin Pi Ti today, come and do me!"

"You fucking..."

"You **** is a piece of shit! A **** running out of the Holy World prison! Pretending to be a god? You are a fart! It's not like you are a man!

Everyone took a few breaths! Especially those warlords who came from outside of Shenzhou, lurking in the depths, felt their scalp tingling!

What the **** is this? One appeared to split the True God Mountain, and insulted this false **** in the presence of countless false **** people!


In the millions of miles of the sky in the extreme east, the clouds are changing and turbulent, and the blood clouds are bursting and bursting. It seems that there is a world disaster that is coming to the True God Mountain!

Lin Chen's sentence "Shit from the Prison of Holy World" seemed to anger the wound in the heart of the false god!

"Do you have a probe?"

Lin Chen looked teased and calm.

Just when a certain breath is coming to Kyushu, the entire vast territory of the Kyushu mainland has begun to throb in certain areas!

Those surviving sacred monuments of the town boundary began to glow with endless holy light shining through the ages, so that when the breath was coming to Shenzhou, they suddenly shrank back!

Those saints who once fell, those who have been praised for their existence, even after death, their will still guard this continent!

"What's wrong, don't you dare. What kind of garbage can't be called a **** even if he can't even show up!"

Lin Chen thundered and threw a fist in anger, but also punched under the True God Mountain. The fist turned into a wave of air and exploded on the care stage, overturning many false **** servants and soul warrior elder Zhen Fei. To the side!

The extinct human'iron cabinet' was shattered, and Yun Qingxue was affected by the fist, but her seal of fighting spirit was torn, and she could use her fighting strength again!

"Come on now." Lin Chen's voice came across the air. Yun Qingxue's eyes suddenly flickered and renewed his vitality. He immediately understood and fled in chaos!

At this time, everyone's attention was attracted to Lin Chen, and no one paid attention to Yun Qingxue!

"Look clearly, your so-called true **** can't even show up, talk about how to create the world and destroy the world! This mainland of Kyushu is the land guarded by our hundred saints' ancestors, the continent defended by our ancestors with flesh and blood , Why should you believe these hypocritical gods of unknown origin!"

Lin Chen drank aloud, and he was proud to face the hundreds of millions of people in China and tens of thousands of powerful people!

The indifferent and turbulent expressions around him were reflected in Lin Chen's eyes. He frowned. These guys have become accustomed to being a group of dogs.

It is difficult to make them human.