My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 588

Vol 5 Chapter 588: Another Orange Crystal Treasure Chest?

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Chapter 588 !

However, the purpose of Lin Chen's trip has been achieved!

Now, in the face of such behemoths as the Soul Family, he is not qualified to be shaken. Even if he tries to use the God Killer, he may not be able to uproot the Soul Family.

Moreover, it is his decisive trump card that is the god-killer who returns to Lingzhou. He will not easily use it here.

Because his spiritual power of Tongtian Realm has sensed that a real strong man has been dispatched!

"The mortals who deceive the crowd, how to deal with you, how to take this seat."

At this time, the voice of the Soul Family's false **** came again hoarse, and the space crystal wall was distorted.

"If you can't stand, just say straight, what kind of big-tailed wolf, I don't dare to put your **** off when you split your **** mountain. How dare you call it a true god?"

Lin Chen laughed loudly in the sky, and the voice of the Soul Family pseudo-God had a hint of anger and anger-"Today, if you commit my divine power, there will be hundreds of people! The divine power is inviolable!"

Bang ~! Boom!

Two breaths suddenly emerged from a distance of 100,000 miles away, and they are two six warlords!

Launched by the "Golden Eyes Twins", Lin Chen realized that several Xingqiangqi waves beyond a million miles were gradually awakening. That was the direction from the Soul Family!

At least, it is also a level above the Seventh Warlord! Maybe it's the Eightfold Warlord!

This kind of strong man, unless Lin Chen hits the genius of killing gods and monarchs, it is difficult to have a third way to contend!

"False God, remember your grandpa's name, Lin Chen!"

At this time, Lin Chen smiled with pride! Some strong people can't help but be shocked, how dare they expose their names? He is not afraid of the crazy blow of the soul family?

Hundreds of millions of false **** believers are shocked in their hearts. They are so familiar with this name!

Lin Chen! The boy who once exclusively killed the descendants of God!

It turned out to be him! The person who destroyed the True God Mountain today would be a teenager who was still in Yuanzun Realm before less than a year!

"Is it said that he was not Yuan Zunjing before? How long has it been since, even in the late stage of the fourth battle of Emperor Lian Zhan, he was repelled by his clone!

"I just realized that this kid is unreasonably young! He seems to be only 21 years old?"

"The 21-year-old warlord! Even descendants of various gods have never reached this height! Even Kyushu history has never appeared!"

"The Soul Family has provoke a terrible existence, but this kid is inevitable that his brain is ill? Does he want to break through the Soul Family's siege with his current strength? Potential and combat power are completely different things!"

From the dark center of the warlord realm from all over Kyushu, between the void distortions, two figures appeared ghostly on top of Lin Chen's head!

"Capture him for this seat, regardless of life or death."

The indifferent voice of the Soul Family's pseudo-god trial passed from high into the sky!


Two hot and swift horses rushed forward like a poisonous snake and slammed around Lin Chen!

Tear ~! The figure opened a half-moon arc, and when the light of the moonlight circulated, the two attacks were avoided in advance, and the fiery flames split the earth!


Lin Chen and his avatars put away their weapons and pointed out one after another. The air of the Heavenly Tribulation was transformed into eight-color flood energy fingers and pushed away!

The four fingers of the wild energy condensed the terrible pure power and the extinct energy of the wild fall down on the two figures, rolling up the chaotic energy storm of extinction! Start to continue to expand!

Penetrating characteristics will further expand the power!

Lin Chen is not war-fighting. The two people who appeared suddenly are more than six times in the war emperor realm. This trick is just delaying time!

He urged the talent bar and issued a command...

"System, launch super-dimensional transmission..."

When Lin Chen was about to launch the super-dimensional teleport, the system popped up a light screen, and the energy storm that raged in the sky, a breath quietly disappeared!

[The host triggers the "Emperor Destruction" talent, and the target creature has been killed in seconds.

[Congratulations to the host for triggering a special reward mechanism to reward an orange crystal treasure chest.

An orange beam of light bloomed in the energy storm, Lin Chen stunned! Spike?

He Lin Chen actually killed a sixfold war emperor? At first, a Long Chi was playing dimly and darkly, and he tried to kill the other party only when he tried his best!

The most important thing is that the second orange crystal treasure chest!

This **** actually appeared at this juncture, and it still triggered the "killer of the king" spike mechanism?

You know, Lin Chens first orange crystal chest directly opened the complete God-killer talent! Treasure chests of this level are simply impossible to meet!

"Damn it, surprise, fight!"

Lin Chen gritted his teeth fiercely, Zijin pupil flashed, and several strong men from the Soul family of seven-fold war emperor and above had begun to dispatch, he had no time to wait!

Lin Chen launched Wanyue Xuanzhen Armor, and when he urged the gold and silver imperial armor, he launched a defensive barrier and rushed into a chaotic energy storm!

The huge waves of energy formed by the eight strands of hunger energy shocked, Lin Chen's blood was tumbling and dizzy! This aftermath of energy is terrifying! Even the Emperor Wuzhong's later warlords will be in danger!

Lin Chen rushed in hard, and the Purple Phoenix Wings turned in a series of shots, taking away the massive attribute light ball left by the six-fold war emperor who was killed by the Emperor Destroyer Talent and the soon-to-be-broken ring.

Finally, Lin Chen rushed towards the orange beam of light!

When grasping the orange crystal treasure chest in the orange beam of light, Lin Chen didn't care about what he got. The vacuum zone behind him passed a residual light. It was another previous six-fold war emperor!

"Although I don't know why you came in hard, and you have the means to exterminate souls and spirits, but today you are angry and divine, you will definitely die!"

The six-fold war emperor's eyes were full of fierce glory, and he was not afraid that Lin Chen had just killed a war emperor of the same level, and punched down!

This kind of war emperor is a "dead man" cultivated by the soul family false god. For the "true god" in his heart, he can die without hesitation!

Lin Chen's expression changed slightly, suddenly turned around, raised his hands and fisted back to blow! Two fists bumped against each other!

Bang~! Bang ~~! Click! Click!

The sound of crisp bone cracking sounded and Lin Chen's right arm bone cracked! Fortunately, his fleshy shell was arrogant and did not break apart directly!

The opponent's fighting style is like a dragon, twisted into Lin Chen's body, and crushed his'Wanyue Xuanzhen Armor'. Most of the power was blocked by the gold and silver imperial armor!

Even so, the attacking Yu Jin still let Lin Chen spit out a blood, and the moment he punched, he suddenly launched the "super-dimensional transmission talent"!

[Consuming 170,000 talent points, launching the super-dimensional teleportation talent, and sending the host to the first fixed-point space orientation.

A divine light of space disappeared in a flash, and Lin Chen disappeared suddenly!

The fighting emperor stayed in place! What body style is this? What's the secret?

Disappear without warning? There is no breath or trace left, even he has never heard of it!

Tear ~!

Four phantoms tore through the void and emerged. When they came, the world and the world split a giant python-like space rift, which was terrifying!