My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 589

Vol 5 Chapter 589: A Desperate Gift Of Life And Death

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Chapter 589

The four figures who came suddenly, their breath is overwhelming, and there is a strong sense of oppression to suppress the group emperors!

Soul warrior! Two Seventh Emperor and Two Eighth Emperor!

Among them, the two eightfold war emperors flicked their sleeves and grabbed with one hand. The energy storm caused by Lin Chens eight strokes was swallowed by a whirlpool of energy, and the two breaths became nothingness!

These methods make the individual warlords present tremble!

"Huh? People?"

"Soul Dragon, what do you do! Where did the kid who offended Shenwei go!"

The two eight-fold warlords scolded and questioned the only remaining six-fold warlord, who was shocked and clenched his hands in both hands"I, I dont know, I just punched the boy and he disappeared. "

As the two eightfold war emperors were ready to question, the cold voice came again from the sky.

"Enough is enough, the man has run away, you can't catch up."

Hearing the soul home pseudo-god utter his voice personally, the soul home elder shocked, respecting the trembling indifference-"May the true **** breathe his anger..."

"Issues a wanted order, and those who commit divine power will die."

In a simple sentence, the indifferent voice has slowly gone away, and the eyes of the elders of the Soul Family suddenly became more severe!

For those who have gathered here and finally grabbed a place to watch the ceremony, the shock in their hearts is like a storm!

Lingchen Linchen! The true **** of Shan Chuanghun's family cares for the ceremony, not only splits the true **** mountain, provokes divinity, scolds the true god, but also retreats all over the body?

Even though he is an enemy, everyone in the Far East region present today deeply feels an uneasiness!

After the Souls left, the silver armored woman stared blankly at the True God Mountain, which was split in half. The words of the boy echoed in her heart, and her heart was rippled.

For a moment, the silver-clad woman turned away and walked to the position of the old white robe.

"Seven elders, I am going to enter the secret realm of life and death trials."

The old man in the white robe looked stagnant and lost his voice: "Miss, that is the secret realm that the Zongmen can only enter in the War Emperor Realm!"

"It's okay, if I want to advance into the war emperor's realm, my failure is also a dead end. Rather than doing so, it is better to try my best!"

The silver armor woman's expression is indifferent, as if to put life and death away!

Before leaving Zhenshen Mountain, she turned around and looked back at the direction where Lin Chen disappeared.

"I don't know, can I become a firefly like you?"


"Boy, are you okay?"

"It's okay... It's just a punch with the Sixth Battle Emperor...Shit, Liuchongxiu is really not covered!"

In a deep abyss, Long Kun's shrunken dragon's body was revealed to be lying on the bottom of the deep abyss, next to it was Lin Chen who was wounded.

This position is the position that Lin Chen found in advance and used hyperdimension to transmit the fixed point. It is very close to the location of the town's sacred stele at No. 47, XuanlongXuanlong.

"By the way, did those guys dispatch?" Lin Chen asked, and took out a jade bottle from Na Jie.

"It's out, all out, but it doesn't seem to be far away from this area. We need to wait a while before we act."

"Exactly, I will heal first!"

Lin Chen sat cross-legged and swallowed the next seventh-level low-level medicine to heal wounds, and even launched the "Ultimate Time" to run the wood spirit essence element method, temporarily improving the efficiency and speed of increasing wound healing!

After a few hours, Lin Chen opened his eyes and his strong vitality emerged.

"Huh, fortunately, when I rushed back and forth to Danzhou, I prepared the spare medicine in advance, otherwise I wouldn't be able to catch up."

Even with the life growth talent and the Mu Ling Jing Yuan method, Lin Chens most urgent need is time, and if the treatment is delayed, the time will be lost!

Lin Chen did not brainlessly go to the True God Mountain to make trouble, he purposely went there to attract firepower, the purpose is to force all the hidden high-end combat power of the Soul Family!

Because the No. 47 town boundary sacred stele was guarded by the strong of the Soul Family. Although they could not enter the town sacred stele, they did not intend to give it to outsiders. The person may not be able to get away!

However, if you want to attract high-end powerhouses to come out, if it is a normal event, those warlords above seven-fold will not come out easily, but if they ruin the legendary "care ritual", then they are not afraid that they will not go out. !

This approach is to walk on the tip of the knife! Break the sky!

Because the overall strength of the Soul Family is many times stronger than that of any pseudo-Shen Family, their background is the strongest level in the extremely eastern region of Shenzhou!

If it is one-to-one, no force can be compared with the soul family!

Even the pseudo-god hidden behind the soul family was forced out! Use his existence to mobilize the top fighting power of those soul families, as long as they stay away from here, it is when Lin Chen sneaked into the Holy Monument of the Town!

"Not enough. These guys are very cautious. I feel that I haven't gone too far. I'm still doing a rugby search. I think it will take a while."

"Golden pupil twins" launched, Lin Chen clearly took the soul family's situation into his eyes!

At this point, the outside world completely exploded!

There are already more than thirteen seven-fold warlords and five or more eight-fold warlords searching for him Lin Chen! Not to mention the many six-fold and five-fold battle emperors!

Thirteen seven-fold warlords, five eight-fold warlords! What lineup is this? Lin Chen and Long Kun could hardly escape when they met one!

It can be seen how much trouble Lin Chen caused this time! It is equivalent to throwing a bomb into the deep sea, which just blows up the fish head in the deep sea, explodes all the piranhas, and jumps out!

After a while, I am afraid that the name Lin Chen will be fully resounded in Kyushu!

The soul family has always been low-key, so its background is also not showing mountains and water. This time, it let the outside world know how horrible the soul family is...

"Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhid loved the hugs of the gods, I thought that this is a group of strong men who are strong enough. What the **** did you guys do to blow up all these old fritters.)

Long Kun wondered, and asked Lin Chen. He shrugged-"It's no big deal, he gave the **** a rage on the false god, and then he hacked his broken mountain."

Splitting a mountain?

If this is to let the senior elders of the Soul Family hear it, I'm afraid it's not that the **** will burst out...

Long Kun seems to understand, but in the era it experienced, the pseudo-god family has not yet risen, and he cannot fully understand the impact of Lin Chens actions...

"Since I can't act for the time being...right! My orange crystal treasure chest!"

Lin Chen then recovered, slammed his thigh, and immediately turned on the system.

I saw that among the many screens, the brightest orange screen made Lin Chen stunned!

[The host obtains the orange crystal treasure chest, opens the treasure chest to obtain the quasi-orange rank talent fragment: Fatal life and death (1/3)...