My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 590

Vol 5 Chapter 590: The Strongest Singled Talent

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Chapter 590

[Quasi-orange talent, has the potential to advance to the orange rank talent after promotion.

[Fatal Life and Death (permanent quasi-orange talent) talent fragment (1/3), talent effect: a target will be selected by the host, at the cost of burning the life of the host, the source of fighting gas, the vitality of the shell, the spiritual source, no limit to increase the host Strength. Every minute, increase the combat power by 100 times. The longer the duration, the stronger the talent status. The longer the talent status lasts, the longer the cooling time afterwards. The value of the talent points required to activate the talent depends on the host's cultivation ability.

[Note: This talent cannot be cancelled until the host kills the locked target. If the host successfully kills the locked target, the talent state is released, and the loss of vitality burned during the launch of the fatal life and death talent will be automatically returned. If the host cannot kill the target before the life is burned out, the host dies.

After reading this talent introduction, Lin Chen couldn't calm down for a long time!

too crazy! Compared with the previous talents, the cost of talent is not an order of magnitude, and life needs to be used as a bet!

Once launched, it is not only a matter of success, but also life and death!

If the God-killer talent is the strongest group pick talent, then this desperate life and death talent might be the strongest single pick talent!

"Burn all strength to fight, one battle will determine life and death, what a crazy talent, and as long as enough talent is collected, this is a talent that can be used forever!"

Lin Chen's heart trembles, this will be the strongest talent besides "the God-killer talent"!

Suddenly, Lin Chen seemed to think of certain possibilities and immediately asked the system.

"System, if I use both God Killer and Destiny Life and Death Talents at the same time, can the two talents stack?"

[Answer Host: Yes. However, the power multiplier of the increase is based on the sum of the basic values rather than multiplication. For example, the host's combat power value is 550, and at the same time launching the destiny life and death and **** killer talents, the **** killer increase multiplier is 1000 times, and the fatal life and death increase multiplier is 500 times. Then it is: 5501500. Instead of 5501000500.

Lin Chenmingwu realized that the multiplier is only "addition" and not "multiplication".

"Two pieces left to get it, this strongest heads-up talent is someone from Lin!"

Lin Chen is very excited, even if this talent is crazy, he is very welcome, because if you really want to use this "desperate life and death", it proves that you have fallen into a desperate situation. This talent is at hand, at least there is a chance!

After glancing at his attribute value, the rune energy is still 1.28 million, and the talent is 1.23 million. The previous six-fold war emperor fell, contributing a large wave of attribute values to Lin Chen!

"System, to break down all the treasures in the ring."

Lin Chen threw out 20 Nahua, these are the spoils of the battle when he killed from the sky tower to the extreme east area.

[Consume 75600 days of Dao value, start to decompose the target Naling Ring. Decompose 7th-level ore, 7th-level intermediate damage weapon, 7th-level low-level treasure, decompose 3 types of purple-level heart method, 28 types of purple-level power method...]

[Decomposition gains: 280 wind energy, 11,500 energy points, blood energy, 15080 essence of fighting spirit, 12300 power essence, 360 ignition energy, 245 light energy, 6840 sky value, 8900 rune energy , 9800 talent points...]

Another bunch of attribute values are included in the body, Lin Chen's attributes have been upgraded again, and the element attribute values have been increased, which has improved the power of his Heavenly Tribulation War Body and'Nine Tribulations Stars'!

Compared with when he played Long Chi, Lin Chen's "Nine Tribulation Stars" can now explode more powerfully than before!

The seventh-order medicinal material Lin Chen has been taken away. Those seventh-order low-level rare treasures and seventh-order low-level warfare have little effect on Lin Chen now. Even if they are added into the fusion function, the range of influence can be little. It's better to decompose the reality from the function.

A bright light flashed between Lin Chen's eyebrows. When he opened his eyes, the corner of his mouth slightly lifted.

"My fourth phantom avatar has been lifted by myself. It seems that Jun Hao has safely arrived in Tianzhou."

The return of the fourth doppelganger made Lin Chen more confident to break through the No. 47 Town Boundary Monument! The strength blessing that an avatar can bring is far beyond ordinary means!

Prompted by the'Golden Eyes Twins', Lin Chen looked around. At this time, in the area of the Soul Family, there were almost no high-level warlords!

There are only three quartet of emperors who guard the sacred stele of the sacred monument of the town.

In the ordinary, no one dared to arbitrarily in the soul home area, so for the area where the sacred monument of the town boundary is located, the strongman who guards here is not the top.

"It's time, Brother Kun, take him!"

"Get up!"


Late at night, the moonlight is bright.

Located in the extreme south of the Soul Family area, in the very center of the Huanglong Mountain Range, there are two gorges, shaped like a half moon.

The sacred monument in the town still has the power of the sage. The pseudo-god does not dare to build his base camp too close. If the sacred monument feels his breath, it is estimated that even the last power will explode the soul family!

Two faint atmospheres flashed by, and the space was faintly wavy.

At the top of a mountain outside the two gorges, a pavilion was established. Above the loft, the two figures opened their eyes suddenly.

"Strange, it seems that there is a breath of high-level fierce beasts?"

"I have swept away all the high-level beasts in this neighborhood. How come there are high-level beasts who dare to get close?"

The two figures flashed and appeared below the moonlight sky. When the eyes were swept, the expression changed slightly when I saw a blue dragon sneaking at a very fast speed!

"Wan Zai Xuan Qing Dragon with Purple Phoenix Wings?"

"What the **** is this..."

When the two were frightened, a grey and white rune burst out suddenly! Burst beside the two, they were caught off guard!

"Slow rune!"

Sigh~! When the two men's fighting strength and the surrounding space solidified slowly, Long Kun suddenly changed into a large body to a size of a thousand feet.


With its pure power of 5.99 million dragons, the two quadruple warlords were shot into serious wounds and vomiting blood!

"Extremely short water!"

A flash of snow flakes like a moonlight, and a sword beheaded! The two fell! Nearly one hundred attribute light **** burst!


"There is an enemy attack..."

When several screams came out, the "white frost green rainbow sword" in Lin Chen's hand waved, a sword gas cut off the void, forming a space barrier, separating the sound from the space here, and the screaming sound never came out.

I saw four avatars rushing out of the attic, 10 people in the half emperor, 3 people in the quadruple war emperor.

[Get 180 Earth Energy, 9800 Rune Energy, 8500 Talent Points, 15000 Battle Spirit Essence...]

Lin Chen took away the attributed light spheres of the three war emperors, glanced at Longkun, and swept to the two half-moon mountains.

The appearance of the mountain gorge does not seem to have any surprising meaning, but only the war emperor realm and above can be aware that there is a hidden energy inside the mountain, no attack can hurt half!

"This is the sacred stele of Zhenjie Town No. 47!"

Lin Chen's pupils shrunk and jumped into the gorge!