My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 591

Vol 5 Chapter 591: Eighth Order Sacred Beast

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Chapter 591: Eighth Order Saint Beast!

Lin Chen stepped into the middle of the mountain gorge, and saw a stone platform standing in the center of the lake.

Walking to the front of the stone platform, there are a total of weird patterns: a dragon and a knife.

Normally, there is no mystery at all. Even Lin Chens Golden Eyes Twins can only see a trace of a very hidden pattern of luck. It is unrealistic to speculate on the secret of this thing.

"With the essence blood as a guide, draw a picture of the black dragon and engrave the mark of the **** sword."

A message flashed inside, this is the memory of the original heritage.

Lin Chen scratched his fingertips, his fingertips moved on the surface of the stone platform, and engraved with blood as a picture, recalling the scene of the weird catalog obtained when he accepted the inheritance of the Devil Emperor.

With the success of one dragon and one knife, Shitai began to shake, causing waves on the surface of the lake!

Shi Taihuan emits a purple light, and an obscure voice reaches his mind.

"It's not... the bloodlines of the prisoners of the Holy World... but... enter..."

boom! boom! boom!

When the ground vibrated, a breath centered on the stone platform swept up suddenly, and even the behemoth of Longkun was directly overturned!

"what's going on?"

"Brother Longkun, this person seems to only be able to open Shitai to enter. This time I will bother you to check the outside world! If you encounter a fatal danger, Brother Longkun can leave first! Don't worry about me!"

Lin Chen suddenly heard the voice, Long Kun scolded.

"His mother, Lao Tzu came here specifically to see the inheritance of the saints of your human race in ancient times, but he didn't even let Lao Tzu enter, grass! The holy realm of your human race is really troublesome!"

Long Kun broke out and scolded, and immediately entrenched the dragon body to guard the outside world.

A faint voice sounded through Lin Chen's mind.

"Purple light... for Kyushu people... Blu-ray... for descendants of the holy prison... descendants of the human race, you can pass..."

When several mental remnants poured into his mind, Lin Chen turned to the shaking mountain gorge, his eyes narrowed, his head shook and marveled.

"It's amazing. This inherited place needs to be verified to be opened by blood. It seems that if the descendants of the pseudo-gods are opened, the result may be the obliteration of the town's holy stele!"

Those sage saints who have fallen, even if they die, do not intend to give those false gods a chance to fish in muddy water!

Brush ~!

Lin Chen's figure disappeared as a streamer disappeared. What he didn't notice before he left was that before Shitai sank to the bottom of the lake, the ray of purple light began to glow with a very pale orange light.

The orange light is more and more bright, completely covering the purple brilliance!

The purple light is the blood of the people of Kyushu, and the blue light is the blood of the false god.

Lin Chen, but orange and brilliant...


Fighting and moving, Lin Chen descended to a deadly space-time plane.

The dim space-time plane exudes a breath of silence, the place is full of dead bones.

These withered bones, with a sapphire color on the surface of the whole body, flashed like fireflies, illuminating the darkness in the plane of space-time.

"It's the remains of the emperor!"

Lin Chen was shocked! The dead bones here exude an endlessly desolate and simple atmosphere. I am afraid that it has been more than hundreds of thousands of years. Only the remains of the emperor can decay in such a long time.

It is roughly estimated that there are more than 400 emperor remains here. Does this mean that more than 400 war emperors have fallen here?

That is the Warlord Realm, not the Yuanzun Realm! More than 400 war emperors fell, what level of war was that?

Lin Chen continued to move forward. He gradually saw a stone monument leading to the heaven and earth standing between the heavens and the earth, exuding the magnificent divine power, shining through the ages and protecting the party.

"This is the holy stele of town boundary No. 47..."

Lin Chen marveled and deserved to be a saint's thing. His coercion could be felt from far away. In front of it, any warlord looks like a ant!

In front of the sacred monument in town, a colosseum caught Lin Chen's eyes.

When the pupil shrank, Lin Chen suddenly saw a brutal beast lying in the colosseum, the scales of the whole body were blue, the head of the eagle, the arm of the eagle claw, the spinal spine, the tip of the tail was like a sword, and four wings were derived. , The breath exposed on the side of the blue beast is extremely terrifying! Almost the power of extinction!

"Seventh-tier top? No, it is very likely to be above it!"

Lin Chen took a breath of air!

Above the seventh-order top, is it not the eighth-order holy beast?

The existence of this series has nothing to do with the sage!

Today's Kyushu mainland, the eighth-order sacred beast, has no trace at all, even if it still exists, it is extremely rare!


The creature suspected of the eighth-order holy beast opened the beast's pupils, and the azure pupils showed a breath of dead silence, but there was still endless brutality and shame!

"Disrupt the Lord's sleeper, die. Human race, you still have one last chance now, turn around and leave, you can save your life, if you dare to go one step further, die!"

dead! A low roar burst into anger and the surrounding space shivered, Lin Chen's ears were almost deaf and dizzy!

Two blood flows out of the ears, while Lin Chen uses the wood spirit essence method to restore his injuries, he suppresses the turbulent blood in his body, and his heart is shocked!

"Sure enough, it is a holy beast level, it is just warning me, otherwise I can destroy me with one blow!"

Lin Chen stood there, neither retreating nor advancing.

He was lost in thought.

The holy beast is extremely intelligent, and it is unlikely to be completely unaware of the blood test set by its master.

If the visitor is not good, it is impossible to enter this town's holy monument.

But since he has already come in, it proves to be in line with the selection of the original owner of the holy stele, so why should it warn himself?

"Disturb the Lord's sleepers, die... shall I say?"

A touch of Mingwu came to mind! I have already entered the area of the sacred stele of the town boundary. Isn't it "disturbing"?

Moreover, as a holy beast, it is impossible to know that a human race who has entered his master's resting place will let him leave? Wouldnt that allow the news to leak out?

Just two breaths, Lin Chen has already figured it out!

He took a decisive step forward!

"Linchen, the Lingzhou tribe, specially came to greet the inheritance of the No. 47 Town Boundary Tablet, please enlighten seniors!"

Stepping out in one step and clenching fists in both hands, Lin Chen's expression was highly vigilant, and he was always ready to sacrifice the Dragon Emperor and prepared to launch the'super-dimensional transmission' at the fastest speed.

Bang ~!

The holy beast got up, it was a body of the ruins of the ancient shore like an ancient dragon.

"Very good, human race, you passed my second test."

When the holy beast groaned without killing intent, Lin Chen was completely relieved and relieved!

Oh shit! This is simply playing heartbeat!

If this were really an iron-headed baby, insisting on blocking outsiders, the present self would not be an enemy of it! Whether or not you can use Super Dimension Teleport to run is completely unknown!

"The winner inherits his will, and there will be a fight against the sky. Otherwise, it will be a waste. If you turn around and leave, I will bombard you into scum as soon as possible."

Sacred Beast looked at Lin Chen with a hint of sarcasm, and then added: "You are not bad."