My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 592

Vol 5 Chapter 592: Battle Against The Dragon

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Chapter 592 Battle against the Heavenly Emperor Dragon

Lin Chen rubbed his lips, and then asked: "Then the next test?"

What it said is just the second test, that is to say, there are more?

"Fight me, this seat is for the Heavenly Emperor Yinglong, in charge of the way of water punishment, if you can win me, you will pass the test completely."

Tian Yu Ying Long looked down at Lin Chen and said lowly.

Lin Chen frowned: "I admit that I dare to fight and dare to fight, and I am willing to pull the emperor away. But I am not stupid, you are an eighth-order holy beast, I will take the lead to fight you?"

His "Golden Eyes Twins" can detect that the Heavenly Emperor Yinglong has a bit of death, not far from death, but this does not mean that he can compete with the Holy Realm series!

It was all about looking for death. If that was the case, he would rather not have this heritage.

"Hahaha! Your kid's head is still a little smart. If you really rely on yourself as an inheritor and no brain rushes over, I will shoot you with a paw!"

Tian Yu Ying Long laughed, Lin Chen mouth slightly pumped, these eighth-order holy beasts are really set everywhere! A little carelessness is a dead word!

"I will suppress it to the seventh level of intermediate level. You only have two hundred rounds to defeat me. After two hundred rounds, if you do not win, I will restore my original strength and destroy you!"

Upon hearing this, Lin Chen smiled.

The five-colored dragon gas flickered, the five dragon dynasty emperor gun held in his hand, Lin Chen jumped into the air, fell into the colosseum, raised the war gun and pointed at the heavenly dragon!

"Come here!"

Bang ~!

The air wave exploded, and Tianyu Yinglong's body was continuously compressed to a length of two thousand feet, and his strength was suppressed to the seventh level.

However, its breath is still scary! More powerful than any seventh-order beast that Lin Chen has ever seen! Even the ancient green dragon mixed with the blood of the purple phoenix black dragon may not be its opponent!

The ultimate moment The six-fold change is fully opened, and Xiu Wei temporarily enters the triple-early stage. Lin Chen turns around the blue and quiet glory, a move to fight the emperor. 9-style "water cut" burst out!

The two attacking runes are fully opened, and the tip of the gun is cut diagonally, and the ground is cut off in no time!

"The attack is good, but playing the water attack in front of this seat, the class is getting axe."

Heavenly Emperor Yinglong Changxiao, the four dragon wings on the back of the dragon stretched out, and a dragon breath water and light barrier unfolded. When Lin Chens "water cut" touched the water and light barrier, he unexpectedly rebounded and turned toward Lin Chen shot back!

The gun light lingered around the water light dragon breath. Not only was this gun "water cut" not only rebounded, but also enhanced its power?

"Long Gang broke!"

War gun round dance, violently slamming down, a Gengjin air rushed into the sky, turned into a golden dragon culling, forcibly tearing this rebounding water cut!

boom! Dang ~!

Two explosions aroused, Lin Chen and Tian Yu Yinglong backed away at the same time for thousands of kilometers, both sides saw each other's shock!

Lin Chen was shocked that the opponent was able to unreservedly bounce back his combat skills and strengthened himself through his own power, but Tianyu Yinglong was puzzled that Lin Chens attack seemed to penetrate its dragon breath barrier?

On controlling the energy of the water system, it is the ancestor of water control! Not many of the Orcs can keep up with it, the Tianyu Yinglong Clan, the attack of this humanoid boy has repelled himself?

"Interesting, come again!"

One dragon and one person fight out, and anger rushes, firepower is full!

With one move, Hundred Gun Fighting Emperor urged out, Lin Chen attacked the other side with the spirit of Tongtian Realm while attacking frontally!

Tianyu Yinglong's dragon claws waved violently, and the dragon breathed out violently. Even though Lin Chen fought all the way from the sky tower to the present, the speed of the upgrade was extremely fast, and his mental strength broke through to the heavens.

However, at least Lin Chen made sure that he had the right to fight with the Sixth Battle Emperor!

Long Chi, Crimson Empress, and Soul Family's six-fold war elder, many desperate battles have allowed him to grow by leaps and bounds!

In the 30th round, Lin Chen has figured out its strength, which is comparable to the pure power of the seventh-order high-level beast, the fourth-order intermediate-level 4 million dragon power, but its real combat power exceeds the average six-fold warlord!

Lin Chens Wanzai Qinglong Emperor is also 4 million pure powers. At most, he can only play against Wuzhongs early war emperor, and the win is relatively small.

On this day, the Yuying Dragon directly surpassed the combat power of the two great realms, and it was a few times more terrifying than Lin Chen's Dragon Emperor!

Battle Royal Realm is not Yuanzun Realm, there is no extremely powerful means, it is extremely difficult to fight over a small realm, not to mention the extent of crossing two large realms! And as the war emperor realm progresses, the gap between the realms becomes more horrible!

Strong as Longkun and other mutant beasts with two big to strong bloodlines of the Purple Phoenix Xuanqing Dragon can challenge the general seventh-order high-level beasts from the seventh-level intermediate peak and leapfrog. This realm gap is like a big river of chasm!

Lin Chen reluctantly stabilized the battle by virtue of the body speed of the Purple Phoenix Wings, but this battle is different from the past. He can't fight attrition, he only has two hundred rounds!

Nearly fifty rounds, Lin Chen released the Dragon Emperor!

When the Wanzai Xuanqing Dragon with the real flame purple phoenix bloodline was born, even the Tianyu Yinglong, who had lived for hundreds of thousands of years, was shocked and surprised-"Mixed bloodline? Right, the two bloodlines are very pure and complete, but they can coexist perfectly Being one without being confused, is this impossible?"

"Dragon Emperor, fight!"

One move Shuluo Broken Soul, Lin Chens gun speared and raged, strangling out a tremendous gunlight like a broken moon!

The Dragon Emperor releases the Xuanqing Dragon Domain to delay the movement of Tianyu Yinglong as much as possible. Wanzai Xuanguang Blade is chopped with fiery violent purple flames!

"The offensive fit is perfect, but it's not enough! Get more cards!"

Tian Yuying the dragon laughed, and between the four wings flapping, the dragon's body rolled and twisted, centered on its dragon body, and thousands of dragon breath water flew like a snow flake!

The flakes of water shattered Lin Chen's "Sura Broken Soul" to the broken mans, the purple flame blue blade was torn and torn, the dragon emperor flew out, and the dragon scale broke!

"The Omen of Thief!"

The figure flashed, and Lin Chen, who was extremely fast, caught a small gap close to the Tianyu Yinglong, punched it in the belly of the dragon, and incidentally displayed the talent of "The Omen of the Thief".

[The thief harbinger talent is successfully displayed, the host obtains: 70000 intermediate water energy, blue-level talent fragment: deadly bloodthirsty (3/3), has been automatically fused and stored in the talent column.

70,000 intermediate element attribute value?

When Lin Chenfei retreated, he took a breath of air! I almost fell off my mouth!

Even if he accepted the Xiuluo origin in Xiuluo Hundred Palace, it only increased the value of more than 10,000 intermediate element attributes. Did he steal 70,000 points in Tianyuying?

Even if there is only one attribute, it is an extremely powerful level!

Now Lin Chen's water system energy directly exceeds 90,000 points and approaches 100,000 points. Among the nine Great Sky Tribulation War Bodies, the Water Tribulation War Bodies will leap into Lin Chen's strongest Heaven Tribulation War Bodies at this stage!