My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 593

Vol 5 Chapter 593: Bloodline Attribute Light Ball ?

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Chapter 593, Bloodline Attribute Light Ball! ?

However, Lin Chen does not dare to rob the war body with water right now, but the other party is the legendary water dragon! In front of it and the water-based combat skills, that is Guan Gong playing a big sword.

"What's wrong, is there only such a skill?"

Tian Yu Ying Long laughed wildly, waving several claws, Lin Chen retreated and retreated!

It seems to be careless. In fact, Tian Yu Yinglong's heart also shows a big wave. This humanoid teenager from Lingzhou has more tricks than tricks!

Whether it is the Dragon Emperor who is homologous with him or the attack with penetrating characteristics, it is an unheard level in ancient times!

During the Lien Chan all the way, Lin Chen maintained the "ultimate moment" and insisted hard.

In the 98th round, when both Qinglong and Lin Chen were wounded and retreated, Tian Yu Yinglong praised him.

"Well, with the second war and emperor Xiuxi assuring nearly 100 rounds in my hands, this son is impeccable in terms of mind, talent, and combat power, and is qualified to be the heir of the Lord!"

From the beginning, Tian Yu Yinglong did not think that Lin Chen could beat him by one step. The bottom line in his heart was able to stick to hundreds of rounds, which was already the best result.

After all, it is a holy beast. Even if it suppresses more than 90% of its strength, its combat power is far beyond the ordinary seventh-order intermediate beast, let alone suppressing its strength, its cultivation practice still suppresses Lin Chen.

Adhere to the unbeaten for hundreds of rounds, this result, it has been very satisfied.

Just the day Yu Yinglong planned to end the test, the injured Lin Chen suddenly showed a smile.

"Tianyu Yinglong, I have figured out your details, now it's me!"

Lin Chen's shoulders were shocked! Bang ~!

Four gods of light exploded and descended from the sky. Four silver robe figures stepped out, and the whole body was green and blue, like a god!

"What?" Tian Yu Ying Long stunned! Doppelganger? Or four avatars comparable to the body!

"Take the trick! Blaze the blue moon! Yeming ruling! Bahuangzhi!"

"Douhuang 82-style Shura battlefield! Shadow Lei Jun! Wan Zaixuan blade"

The sword light bends like a moon, and the green rainbow turns like a tornado, twisting in a circular speed, and cutting away! Tens of thousands of blades of darkness as deep as a ravine are slashed to the ground, and the verdict will be decided! A piece of eight-color flood energy fingers fell into the sky!

Thunderlight crosses the sky, and the shadow arrow gas entrains the endless Leimang to shoot the Tianyu Yinglong away. Two pieces of the fireman's rainbow that pierce the sky dome like Shura appear in the world, killing Lingtian, and straightening Huanglong's stab to the head of the dragon!

In just half a breath, Lin Chen turned on the fire in an instant, and attacked more than several times stronger than before!

In particular, Lin Chen's 82-style "Sura Battlefield" has surpassed the power of the purple-level advanced middle-level combat skills! It is nearly ten times stronger than Lin Chens swordsmanship and swordsmanship!

Blessed with the ultimate moment, energy, penetration of runes, and the details of the Nine Tribulation War Body itself, the "Sura Battlefield" offensive is approaching the Sixth Warlord!

Xuntianhedi's attack destroyed and withered the front of Tianyu Yinglong. It roared with a dragon roar, and a column of dragon breath water rose into the sky, turning into layers of spiritual shields to protect themselves!

A piece of Longkou, the center of the hood blasted out a bright blue sacred light like a pillar, and the two fireweave rainbows intertwined with two sharp fronts!

Sigh~! boom!

The energy of tearing the heavens and earth rushed to Xiaohan, and the half of the space of the Holy Stele was shaken with might!

Doppelganger, Green Dragon, Lin Chen retreat, look alert, even if the attribute value has skyrocketed a few waves, he is not sure if the joint blow just now can shake the Tianyu Yinglong, which is enough to match the Sixth Warlord and above.

If it doesnt work, you can only play the two trump cards of slow rune and nine robbery stars!

The smoke dissipated, and the space was just a faint twisted ripple. The space of the holy stele was blessed by the holy realm once, which is many times stronger than the outside world.

"Hahaha, wonderful, wonderful! Tongtian Realm Spiritual Power, Double Battle Emperor, High-level Mystery that can break through a big realm, Body-building Emperor, a top-notch gun practice with Shura's killing spirit to perfection!"

The roaring dragon roared with laughter, and Lin Chen's ears were so painful that the holy beast pressure was released from it again!

"I can't think of it. Your kid still has a trick to learn, and he can hide so deep. He really defeated the seat of suppressing and repairing, and it is impeccable! Lin Chen, a boy in Lingzhou, you are eligible to get the Lord's inherited!"

It was totally unexpected! Tian Yu Yinglong didn't think that Lin Chen could defeat himself at the beginning. He just wanted to find a reason to force Lin Chen's full potential out. He didn't think he could really defeat himself!

Just now that the main body avatar teamed up for a blow, and even if you face head-to-head battles, even the six-fold mid-term emperor might not be able to retreat!

"Boy, I ask you, where did your marksmanship come from, and what is your relationship with the Shura family?"

Tian Yu Yinglong asked curiously, but did not know that the last trace of anger on his body was gradually passing away.

Lin Chen briefly recounted his experience in the Shura Baihuang Hall, and he shook his head in wonder.

"You have such a chance, the guys of the Shura family will teach you the fighting skills passed down through the dynasties. It is really that the sun is going to the west! The fighting madmen have almost never been convinced of which race in the world."

"Boy, you need to practice well with this Shura clan's mastery. Its power is no less than that of the Lord's main exercises before he was born."

Liantian Yuying Long is very affirmed to Lin Chen's "Hundred Gun Fighting Emperor", which shows its power!

The first 70 types of this marksmanship are equivalent to the purple-level intermediate and inferior attack skills. After the 70 types, one move is stronger than the other! The last 20 styles are even more shocking. Lin Chen is not even qualified for the last 91 to 100 styles, and the minimum requirement must be after the five-fold war emperor!

"The Lord can get the inheritance of this son, and I will also smile at Jiuquan, and I can leave with peace of mind..."

Tian Yu Yinglong murmured a long sigh, his dragon body cracked a crack, Lin Chen was shocked!

"Senior, are you?"

"Oh, this seat's injury has already reached a fatal level. If there is still a breath, it still has to rely on the remaining water energy of the main body to continue its life to today, and it has to consume a small number of qi and blood and fierce beasts in the body. The energy maintains the entire space of the sacred stele, I have long been incomplete..."

Tianyu Yinglong grinned, revealing sharp dragon teeth. There was a hint of relief in the smile, and its mission ended.

"Boy, Ill leave it to you next. Dont let down the will of the Lord, let alone the efforts of the saints and sages who defended Kyushu. You are one of the few hopes in Kyushu. The dog thieves in prison are all gone!"

The dragon body of Tianyu Yinglong became more and more disintegrated, and Lin Chen stretched out his fists towards it!

"I promise! All these **** pseudo-gods that came out of the Holy World will be destroyed!"

"Hahaha! What a **** hypocrisy, I like!"

Dragon body disappeared In the final laugh, Tianyu Yinglong was transformed into countless lights, and the bones were gone!

Boom~! Boom~!

The next moment when the Heavenly Emperor Yinglong disappeared, two beams of light bloomed from the space where it was, one blue and one orange!

In addition, there are blood-colored light spheres suspended into the void and scattered on the ground, which is qi and blood energy!

A sky-blue light ball with a fist laughing, suspended in front of Lin Chen, exudes the world's greatest dragon power!

Lin Chen micro-sighed!

It is a bloodline attribute light ball! !