My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 594

Vol 5 Chapter 594: 4. The Fourth Bloodline

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Chapter 594, The Fourth Bloodline!

There is also an orange-yellow beam of light. Inside the beam is a treasure chest full of orange crystals. The treasure chest releases a brilliant light!

Orange crystal treasure chest! The third orange crystal treasure chest that Lin Chen obtained!

Lin Chen grabbed the orange crystal treasure chest and the system light screen popped up.

[The host opens the orange crystal treasure chest and obtains the quasi-orange level talent fragment: fatal life and death (2/3).

The second fatal fragment of life and death talent! Lin Chen waved his fist in excitement, his fist wind rolled up and the wind screamed!

"There is one left, and I get another talent fragment. This strongest single talent is my Lin Chen!"

Lin Chen forcibly calmed down his mind, and then turned to the blue attribute light ball!

Inside the sphere of attribute light, a shadow of Yinglong's shadow danced around. When Lin Chen reached out to pick it up, his palms were shaking.

[The host obtains 200,000 points of the blood value of the Tianyu Yinglong bloodline. The host already has three special bloodline attribute values. The current version can only hold up to four bloodline attributes. Is it absorbed?

Should Dragon Bloodline? If so!

Yinglong, the dragon of the water system, the king of the orc in the natural water, traveled in the clouds and rained, and over the river and the sea, only in one thought.

And Tianyu Yinglong is the king of Yinglong! The peak of growth can be an eighth-order sacred beast, and the talent is above most dragons!

"Confirm absorption!"

The blood vein attribute value can not be met, not to mention the dragon blood vein, Lin Chen decisively chooses to absorb refining!

Bang ~!

The azure attribute light ball merged into his body, and a large amount of bloodline gene energy poured into Lin Chen's body, and finally all flowed into his combat life wheel.


Qinglong's injury began to recover at an extraordinary speed, and then, behind it was a silver dragon wing, which was under the purple phoenix wing, and the four wings were unfolded.

The edge of its cyan dragon pupil is turning purple light, and within the purple light, there is a touch of azure!

In addition, the carp tail of the Blue Dragon fluttered and fluttered, began to shed skin and scales, and finally turned into a sharp blue dragon tail as sharp as a sword!

"Yinglong ShentongTianyu Yinghai: If it is located in an area rich in water energy, it can control the energy of the water system. Speed, strength, vitality, and substantial improvement! It is extremely sensitive to the energy of the water system and can resolve many water system attacks."

"Azure Dragon Sword: Converge the dragon's breathing dragon power, turn the dragon's tail into a sword of supremacy, and the sword will split the world and divide the sea."

The memories of the two dragons' supernatural powers are carved into Lin Chen's memory, and his dragon emperor has transformed! Mastered a brand new magical power!

Qinglong and Linchen are originally from the same source. Linchen can mobilize the possession of Qinglong in just a single thought. Therefore, he can also use these supernatural powers, and he can easily resolve it when he encounters a powerful water attack in the future!

"Even if it is such a long period of time that it can drop so many light energy energy light balls, the Holy Beast is really powerful!"

Lin Chen exclaimed, lifted the sixfold changes, and continually swept a large number of light energy energy spheres with the four avatars.

[The host gains 48000 points of qi and blood energy, 54000 points of qi and blood energy, 49999 points of qi and blood energy, 50000 points of qi and blood energy...]

The qi and blood energy attribute values have skyrocketed all the way, and can't stop at all! Lin Chen alone can't fully bear this blood, he urged Qinglong to share half.

One person and one dragon, the energy of qi and blood climb straight up! The dragon veins in the Qinglong body opened wildly, rushing from 400,000 to 500,000 dragon veins!

This time, Lin Chen harvested a total of 23.5 million intermediate qi and blood attribute values, one person and one dragon each absorbed half, and it took two days and two nights to fully refine!

Qinglong, open up 55 dragon veins! Pure power is promoted to 5.5 million dragon power!

Coupled with the power of three bloodlines, today's Qinglong is much stronger than Longkun!

Lin Chen, pure power 3.1 million dragon power, blessed by the Divine Power, stopped at 3.99 million dragon power!

"System, I want to strengthen the Divine Power to 75%!"

[The system receives, consumes 250,000 talent points, strengthens the blue rank talent talent, increases to 75%.

Roar ~! A roar similar to the dragon roar came from Lin Chen's body, and finally entered the 4 million dragon power barrier, stopping at 4.1 million!

The dragon power in the field of body refining increases as the destructive power increases. 75% of the blessings are derived from the power of its own basic dragon power, not purely numerical blessings.

This principle is similar to the quintessence of tens of millions of mid-level fighting spirit that can make Lin Chen of the double war emperor break through a big realm, but it cannot promote Lin Chen from triple to quadruple.

At this time, Lin Chen suddenly fell into contemplation.

Although Tianyu Yinglong suppressed the cultivation, and his life was approaching, his sacred beast body remained unchanged. It can be seen from Lin Chens failure to score a point after defeating it.

As for the holy beast, Lin Chen successfully displayed the stolen harbinger and stolen the attribute value, proving that the stolen harbinger is useful for the holy realm of the order of the Heavenly Dragon!

This made Lin Chen think of the mysterious person he encountered after defeating Long Chi when he launched the God-killer for the second time. Lin Chen once launched a harbinger of thieves against her, but failed because the other party was too high!

In Lin Chen's heart, a thought of fear and thought appeared!

"Isn't she a holy land?"

"Damn, in case one day she appears to force me away, wouldn't I have no chance to resist?"

Lin Chen dared not continue to think down, but he knew that he might have been stared at by an extremely powerful existence! At least one level of existence with those false gods!

"Strength! The strength is still too weak. If I have cultivated above the Holy Realm, it may not be without resistance!"

Lin Chen shouted urgently in his heart, and now he is still too weak!

After calming down, Lin Chen continued to step into the depths of the Colosseum. There is a square stone monument standing between the heavens and the earth, the dragons and snakes flying in the stone monument lines are vivid, carrying the civilization and heyday of ancient times.

"Young man, you are finally here."

Near the town's holy stele, a cloudless voice reverberates.

An illusory figure was standing in front of the sacred monument in the town. He attacked the gown with a flowing temperament, his hands were borne behind him, and a sword sheath was suspended across his waist. There was no knife in the sheath, but the edge was restrained. Cracking momentum!

He turned to stare at Lin Chen, his shawl long hair, handsome and chic, his eyebrows like a knife, and his eyes were restrained by the gentle and graceful smile.

Lin Chen only glanced at him and felt his eyes tingle. If Zijin Tong was urged to investigate, his eyes would have to be hurt by his restrained hidden edge.

"I was a lingering mental distress, and I would never wake up until the last moment, but a few days ago I felt the holy atmosphere of the Holy World prison. The moment of the prisoner of the holy prison."

The illusive figure smiled, and gave thumbs up to Lin Chen-"Little Lin Chen, good job."

"Where and there, it's a little more handsome than the predecessors."

Lin Chen smiled humbly, he could feel that the sage sage who had passed away was truly temperamental to appreciate himself.

"Hahaha! Indeed, no one is more suitable to inherit my mantle than you."

The unreal figure laughed heartily, and this one fits his appetite!