My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 595

Vol 5 Chapter 595: Mirror Bright Moon Eighth Order Knife

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Chapter 595, "Mirror Bright Moon" Eighth Order Knife!

"However, you have to be careful. Those prisoners of the Holy Prison have already taken root in the mainland of Kyushu. I cant think they dare to call God in my Kyushu. It is a joke! I have discovered their family heritage accumulated in Shenzhou, even if they destroy their arrangement. The whole family, they can also rekindle again."

After the Holy Realm laughed, it sighed slightly.

Lin Chen looked seriously, and asked-"Seniors mean, we must cut grass and roots?"

"Yes, one hundred thousand years for a holy land, but within a short span of time. Their realm has a long lifespan, and even if it destroys its family, it will not help. You must pull out the holy realms and kill them all. !"

"They are holy prison criminals and seriously injured bodies. They need to be completely rehabilitated. If there are no adventures against the sky, it will take countless years. If Kyushu falls into their hands, they will mobilize the energy of the Kyushu mainland for their incompleteness. Of the Holy Communion."

The sages of the Holy Realm had a solemn tone. Lin Chen nodded. He knew the motives of these false **** families from the soul Mobai when he knew the history of the Hundred Saints.

Their goal is to push or destroy or take away the inheritance of the sacred monument of the town boundary. The collapse of each sacred monument of the town boundary will bring those pseudo-gods closer to the mainland of Kyushu!

The sacred monument does not fall, retaining the last trace of strength, and dared not step into the mainland of Kyushu with their severely injured bodies. Therefore, they arranged the manpower on the mainland of Kyushu, selected the women from the mainland of Kyushu, and cultivated the "fake **** family."

The Holy Tablet locked their breath, but could not lock their descendants. It is the day they attacked the mainland of Kyushu when the false **** family destroyed or seized all the inheritance of the holy stele of the town boundary!

At that time, a naked aggression, domination, and instead would become an extremely glorious miracle in the history of Kyushu, and there will be countless human races who will come to Kyushu as their true god!

"Oh, but now everything is unknown. We will never die in Kyushu. There is still a glimmer of hope. Your talent and mental strength are far more than any talent in the history of Kyushu I have ever seen. The same is true of the distant ancient times."

Lin Chen clenched his fists as he smiled.

"Dare to ask the senior name?"

"Sword Saint, Li Changsheng."

Then Li Changsheng pointed to the holy stele-"Put your palm on the holy stele. There is not much inheritance that can be preserved in my ray of spiritual will, I hope I can help you."

Lin Chen took a deep breath, stood in front of the town monument, and touched it with his palm.

Buzz~! Spiritual fluctuations spread like ripples, and a series of illusory figures were included in Lin Chen's spiritual bridge.

"Zi's advanced high-end combat skills "Mirror Bright Moon", the best of the water system's fighting spirit. The ultimate knife method that combines defense, attack, speed, and one. The knife method is divided into three strokes and ten types: mirror, bright, month, and each Recruitment in different fields has different mysteries. The minimum display requirements: the war emperor's quadruple or more is... Mirror Mingyue's last form, three moves in one, Mirror Moon's god, the power is the first three strokes and nine types. More than ten times..."

In this mirror moon, there are actually only three types, but each type has very high attainments!

The three modes of mirror, bright, month, and moon are applied to the three major areas of defense, attack, and speed, respectively.

If used for speed, it is the limit attack speed! If it is used for defense, it is extreme defense! If it is used for attack, it is a cohesive blow!

Massive inheritance memory poured into my mind, and the system automatically consumed 230,000 intermediate skills to speed up the inheritance.

The inheritance time is exactly two days and two nights. If Lin Chen is not in the spiritual power of Tongtian Realm, the time to inherit this complete purple-level advanced high-end combat skill will be increased by at least five times!

In addition to the inheritance of Dao Ju, Lin Chen also gained countless skills and experience in Dao Dao!

It is not an exaggeration to describe the skill and experience of a sword saint with a priceless treasure!

The holy realm that does not use the sword is the "sword holy", and the war emperor who uses the sword can be called the "sword emperor". There are many war emperors with swords, but few sword emperors.

To get such a title, you must concentrate on the entire field and find your own ultimate swordsmanship!

"So fast? In two days, the inheritance is over?"

Li Changsheng stayed in place?

He used this "Mirror Bright Moon" to ride the mainland of Kyushu, and there are few rivals in the Holy Land. Even if he is a heritage memory that combines the essence of skills, there is no reason to be so fast!

At least two months?

"Don't do it this time I chose a heir to the heir to the heir..."

Seeing Lin Chen open his eyes from the holy stele, Li Changsheng's mouth twitched slightly.

"Boy Lin Chen, have you really finished your inheritance?"

Li Changsheng still asked in disbelief.

"Well, I don't have any advantages, that is, when it should be fast, it should last long, it should be soft when it is soft, and it must be hard when it is hard."

Lin Chen smiled confidently, Li Changsheng was surprised.

"Your cultivation base is still some distance away from the use of this knife method. If it is not a moment of life and death, do not use it forcibly, or it will break the meridians, or it will hurt yourselves if you are not fighting."

Li Changsheng seriously told Lin Chen to nod.

This "Mirror Mingyue" sword technique requires a four-fold cultivation level or higher. With Lin Chen's addition to the water-robbing war body, it may be possible to reluctantly perform one or two styles in the later three stages.

Then, Li Changsheng beckoned a long chant of choking, and the sound of a sharp burst of tears blew out!

This is a blue sword with a whole body. The handle is like a bright and bright moon. It is one and a half meters long. It is carved like the azure gem of the blade. It has a sharp edge, and it has an unprecedented pressure!

However, the spiritual rhyme seems incomplete.

Lin Chen could not open his eyes by this sharp edge! Until Li Changsheng reached out and wiped away the spiritual imprint in the blade, his illusory figure became more transparent.

He waved his palm lightly, and the ink-colored knife box floated from the holy stele of the town boundary, and the knife body was sealed in the knife box.

"Boy, give me a drop of essential blood."

Lin Chen waved his fingertips lightly, and a drop of Jinghuang blood was suspended in front of Li Changsheng.


Lin Chen's essence and blood turned into a streamer and merged into the knife box, Li Changsheng's unreal figure finally became almost translucent!

"Take it. This is the sword I had during my lifetime, and the azure blue moon. It is an eighth-order knife, but because of the last battle in my life, the spirit rhyme was broken by half. If you can repair it, it will be back to complete. The eighth-grade grade. However, even in the state of spiritual damage, its power is still not comparable to the seventh-grade grade. I use your blood to connect it to a piece, and you can only use it up to five times."

Li Changsheng pushed the knife box in front of Lin Chen. His pupils shrank, and he could clearly feel that there was a spirit in this knife box, and there was a certain connection with him!

"It's amazing, it's as if I have formed a connection with a creature. Is this the eighth order..."

Lin Chen was amazed at the moment he took the knife!