My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 596

Vol 5 Chapter 596: Soul Family Struck

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Chapter 596 !

"Remember, don't use it when it is absolutely necessary, you will be hurt by the knife. After five times, if you don't have the strength to surrender it, it will leave you."

Li Changsheng's expression was extremely serious, and Lin Chen nodded, which was regarded as his first weapon beyond the seventh order!

"Hehe, I will never die in Kyushu. I have nothing to pass on to you. In the final battle, we paid too much..."

Li Changsheng was relieved, his hands were behind him, Lin Chen looked admired, and solemnly clenched his fists-"The battle of defending Li Changsheng's predecessors and your ancestors in Kyushu must be meaningful! The living will inherit the will of the deceased, I will Let this meaning continue forever!"

"I'm relieved to hear your words."

"By senior, I have another request."

Li Changsheng: "Huh?"

"Can I take away the remains of the Warlord outside."

Lin Chens request, I heard that Li Changsheng was inexplicable. The remains of the War Emperor certainly have good value, but at most it is useful for Yuanzun Realm. For Lin Chens level and his potential, there is no worthwhile value.

"They were all my subordinates and died to defend Kyushu. If their remains can help you, then there is no problem."

Li Changsheng smiled, Lin Chen was grateful: "Then thank you senior!"

Lin Chen leaped into the remains of the war emperor outside the sacred monument of the town.

Li Changsheng followed with curiosity. I saw that Lin Chen's palm rested on the remains of a war emperor.

"System, launch the decomposition function!"


Outside the Holy Monument at Town No. 47, Longkun Pan lies between two mountain gorges.

Suddenly, Long Kun opened Long Tong! Rolling out of anger, the light will die out!

"It seems that some strong men have returned to the area near the soul's house. Oops, this kid doesn't know if it's too late..."

Long Kun kept his breath and hid in the mountains. It is very clear how long it takes to accept the inheritance of a holy land. Although Lin Chen told it, he accepted the inheritance very fast, but where can he go soon?

"The two five-fold war emperors seem to be coming here!"

Suddenly, Long Kun's heart was tense, and his nerves were tense. If he was fighting, he would certainly not be afraid of these two people, but he could not kill each other. Once a large-scale battle broke out, he might be shocked by the remaining strong of the Soul Family!

At that time, a space jade briefing will be sent, and a large number of powerful people will swarm!


In the space of No. 47 Town Boundary.

[Congratulations to the host Jin entered the second half of the war.

Li Changsheng was dumbfounded!

The remains of more than 400 war emperors have disappeared without a trace!

When the remains of the Emperor of War were touched by Lin Chen's palm, the smoke disappeared!

Yes, it is completely gone!

Every time the remains of these war emperors disappear, Lin Chen's breath will grow a point!

But as strong as Li Changsheng's experience is such an unimaginable holy land, I can't see what method Lin Chen used to get away the remains of the war emperor!

He did not run the fighting spirit, nor did he use any traces of the secret method, that is, when he reached out his hand in plain, the remains disappeared, and his breath grew. This kind of cultivation method is unheard of!

Bang ~!

At the moment when the remains of the 350th Warlord disappeared, Lin Chen entered the second stage of the second stage!

In the end, the remains of more than 400 war emperors disappeared, and Lin Chen's breath was stronger than before!

"It's amazing, my hunch is very strong, Kyushu has you, there must be hope!"

Li Changsheng was amazed that he was already a dead man, and the last ray of spiritual will was about to dissipate, and he was not interested to know why Lin Chen was able to do such a magical thing.

He only knows that this young heir has all kinds of secrets that he cannot see through, which is enough!

Most of these war emperor remains are five-fold war emperor and above. Lin Chen activated the decomposition function, consuming a total of 310,000 days of value and decomposing all the remains! It is not an exaggeration to call the attribute values obtained in it!

Among these remains, there are even seven, eight, and even nine warlords! The attribute value obtained by decomposition is extremely high!

The essence of the mid-level fighting spirit alone is up to 27.88 million points, making Lin Chen not far from the boundary of the triple war emperor!

The rune energy is as high as 1.9 million points, the talent point is 2.16 million points, and the heavenly value is still 1.71 million points!

The value of element attributes all exceeds 40,000 points! The energy of the water system directly rushed to 110,000 points! Lin Chen of this value makes another "Nine Tribulation Stars", the power is unimaginable!

As soon as Lin Chen turned around, Li Changsheng at this time was about to become transparent!

"Lin Chen, junior, give Li Changsheng the senior!"

Kneeling on one knee, Lin Chen solemnly clenched his fists!

For these human ancestors who once defended the mainland of Kyushu with their flesh and blood, he always has the highest admiration and respect in his heart!

"If my subordinates know that their remains can be turned into the strength of their juniors, they must be able to really rest in peace..."

Before Li Changsheng completely became transparent, Lang Ran smiled.

"However, it seems that you little guy is not from Kyushu..."

The last sentence of Li Changsheng's remaining spiritual will disappeared before the last sentence.

A generation of sword sages truly dies between heaven and earth!

He bet on the last trace of fire on Kyushu's last'firefly'!

That last sentence, Lin Chen didn't care, perhaps because Senior Li Changsheng felt that the functions exposed by his system were too mysterious.

The 47th Town Boundary Stele, the light is dimmed a little, and within a few months, the Town Boundary Stele will completely lose its power.

However, its mission has been completed, and a new "light" has quietly risen from the mainland of Kyushu.


Lin Chen's expression changed slightly in Long Yu's arms! This is the dragon jade of Longkun's Dragon Breath. It is broken and represents both enemy attacks!

"It was discovered so soon? What's the matter!"

Lin Chen, with a dignified expression, jumped into the space vortex of the town's sacred stele and disappeared.


Outside, the center of two half moon mountain gorges!

Roar ~! Roar ~!

Long Xiao shakes the earth and earth, Long Kun burns blood veins, and the purple phoenix wings fly high, and the blue dragon blades are constantly scattered between the dances of the dragon body, opening the dragon mouth and vomiting a dragon breath into a tornado and swallowing three and five Fight the emperor! Repel three people in a row!

Fist out like a dragon, between vigorous and galloping, the fighting gas turned into a golden light fist seal and smashed to Longkun body, shaking its huge dragon body back a hundred miles! The dragon scale cracked a little crack!

Is an elder brother of the sixth half of the Warlord Realm! Even Long Kun, who launched the power of blood, is not his opponent!

"Strange, most of the seventh-order beasts in this mountain have been swept away by a long time. Where did this big guy come from?"

When the soul master of the Sixth Battle Emperor turned his attention to the mountain gorge, his expression suddenly changed!

"No! The stone platform in the lake disappeared, and some people entered the holy stele of the town boundary!"

The elder gray robe was shocked and shattered the space jade jade!

"Oops, they were called by people. Did they still find out, did they fight or stay?"

Longkun looked solemnly, with the speed of space jade briefing, even if the soul of the current strong family is exhausted, it will not take too long for the warlords above seventh level to rush back!

Tear ~! Broken tears sounded, and a dozen or so figures descended outside the mountain gorge.

"Four empire five, eight empire four! There are two six empire?"

Suddenly, almost at the same moment when the emperors of the Soul Family appeared, the space in the two half-moon mountains was full of light!

The figure that was drawn like a gun stepped out from the center of the mountain gorge, rolled in a silver robe, and the young man was shot with a gun, and the eyebrow was awe-inspiring, holding the five-colored dragon gun pointing to the emperor of the void!

"Fake God's running dog, **** it!"