My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 597

Vol 5 Chapter 597: Junlin World Fight Against The Emperors

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Chapter 597 Fight against the emperors!

"Mr. Lin Chen, your inheritance is over?" --Long Kun was overjoyed to feel Lin Chou's extraordinary sense of oppression and flew to Lin Chen.

"It's you?"

"You angered the gods and ruined the care ceremonies, but you haven't gone yet, and dare to covet my saint's inheritance?"

The Soul Family's expression of the Emperor's War is shocking!

What a boldness! The warlord realm is not only dare to shout the true god, but also dare to go deep into the realm of their soul home and sneak into the holy stele of the town!

"The sage inheritance of your soul family? Did you let your dog stink! This is the holy stele of the town that has fallen with the flesh and body to defend the Kyushu sages. Those of you who treat the false gods as dogs and eat **** are not eligible to insult me. Heroes!"

The thunder of Lin Chen was furious, and he yelled at him, and he was so angry that many senior elders of the Soul Family had a sullen face! Just about to wave Lin Chen down.

Bang ~!

The sun-moon-like atmosphere bloomed from Lin Chen's body, and the terrifying atmosphere of the Heavenly Tribulation turned into a hurricane sweeping the entire mountain range!

"Xiu Luo Jiuhuang ChangeFirst Change! Second Change! Third Change...Seventh Change! Water Tribulation Change!"

boom! The atmosphere of the explosion of the air wave fluctuates like a storm, and the breath of Lin Chen has broken through the triple early, middle and late stages from the late second stage!

When the final body of the Water Tribulation was completely detonated, Lin Chen temporarily entered the early stage of the Fourth Emperor! This is Lin Chen's first "seven changes"! Even if he puts a heavy burden on his body, he can only take out this hole card!

brush! brush! brush!

Divine light falls, the sky descends! The four great avatars flowed with the blue and green rays of The Ultimate Moment and The Ultimate Return, standing proudly beside Lin Chen on each side!

The "Phantom Doppelganger" in the early triple stage can match the early stage of the fifth stage, and after the initial stage of the quadruple, with the addition of elemental attribute values and pure power, the combat power of the four major avatars each catch up with the sixth battle emperor!

Lin Chen's avatars are coming in an instant, and many of the Soul Family's strong ones are dignified. They have already learned the strength of this child's avatar! Not to mention that it is several grades stronger than it was now!

[The host starts Junlingtianxia, consumes 100,000 talent points, and starts to accumulate energy: 0 points.

The murderous Lin Chen opened the talent of Jinglingtianxia!

"Long Kun, murder!" Lin Chen sneered, and the five men and one dragon launched an offensive!

"Stop them as hard as you can! After a while, the elders of the funeral can arrive!"

Two of the late Soul Parents of the Sixth Layer are screaming! The war is on the verge!

"Eight Wild Fingers! Type 79 Moon Broken Star River! Dark Thunder Breaks the Arrow!"

Lin Chen twirled his rifle and cut off the tip of his gun. On the front of the avatar, point out an eight-color energy finger. The dark man's arrow is really light-breaking, and directly take the two strongest six-layer late warlords of the other party!

Long Kun played against eight quadruple emperors alone, and its speed and defense made it a dozen and eight still have an absolute advantage!

And Lin Chen's two phantom avatars rushed into the seven five-fold war emperors, three of which were previously injured by Long Kun.

These two avatars are overbearing in swordsmanship, sword light is fierce, and the real killing has begun!

Because one of these two avatars uses the phantom avatar of the'Moon Moon Sky Sword', inheriting the swordsmanship experience of the'Knife Saint' Li Changsheng, Lin Chen's avatar's sword technique is even better than the body's gun skills. It!

Except for the speed without purple phoenix wings, the strength of this avatar is closest to the body!

In the battle of the emperors, the mountains collapsed and broke, and countless peaks were swept away by the aftermath of the attack, and turned into a powder, and the veins continued to split!

"People who want to kill my soul family are not that simple!"

At first, Longkun's mid-six-year-old gray-robed elder sneered in his heart, and when he was about to attack Lin Chen's body, Long Xiao broke the sky!

Sigh~! The azure blue remnant flashed without warning, carrying the pure power and sharp dragon breath that cut off the galaxy! Take the head of the old man in gray clothes straight!

The elders in gray are creepy and hard to guard against! There was no breath at all in the space where the sword light appeared, as if it appeared out of thin air!

He stretched out his hands, tearing them like dragon claws, and ten claw marks slammed toward the blue sword light!

Boom! The sky-like explosion resounded through the sky, and the azure sword light was fierce and unparalleled, slashing an arm alive!

At the break of the arm, there were more than a dozen suspended attribute light balls.

The right arm was cut, and the old man in gray was repelled and flew a dozen miles before it stabilized. His expression was painful and shocked!

"My day! When is my brother so strong? No! It seems to be more than the blood of Xuan Qinglong and Zihuang!"

Long Kun on the side was stunned, and even temporarily suspended the battle.

The four wings are rolling, one purple and one blue, the vast dragon body with the blue light flowing around it looks unparalleled. The dragon tail that swings from time to time is like an open **** sword, imposing!

It is Lin Chen's Dragon Emperor! Its current strength shows "Blue Dragon's Shadow", and even the late Emperor of the Sixth Layer cannot see its trail!

"Purple Phoenix Wing, Blue Dragon Body, Yinglong Tail? What kind of dragon is this?"

The old man in grey clothes breathed a sigh of air! Only the 7th-order intermediate dragon family can actually cut off one of his arms by sneak attack?

"Tianyu Yinghai!"

The Dragon Emperor roared into the sky, and I saw that all the lakes, rivers, and oceans in the full range of mountains rushed into the sky!

Even the aura of the water system in the air is like a call, all turned into a tide of aura, and turned into a vortex to gather above the Dragon Emperor's head!

A pair of natural water dragon scale armor spread all over the dragon emperor's body, and its wings of Yinglong became larger by seven points!

Heavenly Emperor Yinghai, the supernatural power of Heavenly Emperor Dragon's bloodline, can control the energy of the world's water system. The current Dragon Emperor, even the sixth-level later War Emperor, can also fight with one, even if he is unbeatable, he can be undefeated!

The Dragon Emperor who was blessed by the energy of the water system was shocking. He shook the dragon tail and erected it, shining the azure divine light. On the dragon tail, the sharp edge of the dragon's breath gathered by the water system moved every war emperor on the scene!

"Azure Dragon Sword! Wanzai Xuanguang Blade!"

The dragon's tail flew in anger, and the explosion split vertically! Dragon claws tear horizontally, light blade flutters! The two great almighty supernatural powers make the gray-clothed old man who is retreating look shocked!

On the other side; a scene that shocked the souls of the souls was staged!

"Mirror MingyueMirror of Attack!"

Ningyuetian Qingdao swept across the blade, and the knife was as smooth as a mirror of soft water. The blade-like transparency of the blade flashed to two five-fold war emperors!

"Gold Meteor Devil Legs!"

"Qing Yun Shou!"

When the two quintuplet warlords exploded with a full blow, the blade light, which was transparent as a snow flake, flashed a ray of light. Their attack was instantly bounced to the other side?

This is like a ray of sunlight shining on the mirror, being refracted to another place in an instant, the attack completely missed the target!

This bizarre situation, the first time they saw in their lives, there is no chance to respond!

Sigh~! The knife-like light, which is as beautiful as the water mirror round dance, cut across the cross and cut the waist.

The body of the two warlords and their defensive weapons were cut in half with a knife! There is not even a chance to explode!

Slash the two emperors! And yes, the five-fold war emperor!