My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 598

Vol 5 Chapter 598: Knife Killing Emperor

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Chapter 598

The attribute light ball is scattered and a light screen pops up.

[Kill the five-fold mid-level war emperor, the prince of the world talents accumulated energy: 39400 points.

The two emperors fell, and the emperors were shocked and their scalp tingled!

Even though Lin Chen performed his secret technique, he only temporarily entered the early stage of the quadruple, even slashing two mid-five soul home warlords?

This is at least the combat strength that is possible only in the later period of the sixth layer!

In fact, only Lin Chen knew that this kind of result could not be more normal! Because this is the famed "Mirror of the Moon" by "Sword Saint"!

The purple-level advanced high-grade combat skills, looking at the mainland of Kyushu, can surpass this combat skills, and there are only a few!

Not to mention that Lin Chen displayed it with the "Ultimate Moment" and the two major attack runes, plus his pure power and the strongest water robbery warfare body, that power, even the opportunity to explode is not left to the other party!

Bang ~! The magnificent three beams of light straddled the sky dome, and turned into a finger-pointed streamer to go straight to the phantom avatar. It was the other three wounded five-fold war emperor's angry blow!

"Mirror MingyueShouzhi Mirror!"

The swordsman dances wildly, and the transparent blue shadows are densely covered, like a mirror covering the avatars.

When the three streamers touched, they seemed to emit a light on the mirror. The light not only did not smash the mirror, but was bounced back, and rebounded to the three war emperors with a more rapid momentum!

From supple to rigid, only changing in one breath!


When the three people's expressions changed suddenly, they hadn't had time to retreat.

Among those fingers, there is also a pervasive water robbery fighting spirit, when they rushed into their bodies, they shredded all their internal organs!

Sigh~! boom! Tear ~!

Between the flesh and blood, and the spitting blood and the shock, three people died.

The three quintet warlords died, but they were bombed by their rebound skills?

"What combat skill is this?"

On the side, two elders of the Sixth Layer who were delayed by Lin Chen's body and two avatars were shocked and looked sideways. The mysterious and profound skill of this combat skill was placed in their soul home, and there is no one skill that can be compared with it!

"The sword is like water, the sword is like a moon, the sword is like a mirror... Is this the sword master, Li Changsheng's famous stunt "Mirror Bright Moon"?"

"This child has inherited the strongest swordsmanship of Dao Sheng in such a short time?"

The two took a breath of air!

They became more and more aware of how much the potential of Lin Chen's body was against the sky, which was enough to threaten the foundation of the soul family!

Boom~! The sword light glowed like a rainbow, penetrating the heart of a five-fold early stage, and Lin Chen's other avatar was unwilling to kill a five-fold war emperor!

At this point, the Soul Family has fallen into six five-fold war emperors! The remaining two were shocked and frightened, and I wondered whether it was a fight or a retreat!

It took 18,300 talent points to launch the ultimate return, and the avatar returned to its full state. The consumption of "Mirror Moon" is extremely large. With Lin Chen's current background, the full state can only be used twice at most to be exhausted!

"Damn, the emperor fights with you!"

"go to hell!"

Two five-fold wars against the emperor's fearless death rushed towards Lin Chen, the emperor's body was burning, and the source of the fighting spirit released the wave of destruction of the world!

Lin Chen's eyes narrowed, they even want to explode? For the True God in my heart, I dare to give up my life at any time even if I practice to the Emperor Wuzhong!

"Mirror Bright Moon Speed Moon!"

Brush ~! The moonlight flickered, and there seemed to be a moment between heaven and earth, shining by the moonlight, and it seemed to die in an instant.


The corpse is separated, and the two soul parents who want to explode are old, dead, and scattered the sky of attribute light balls!

Dead... The two quintuplet warlords were killed by a double-spoke without even having time to explode!

"Has his understanding and control of Jing Mingyue actually reached this point?"

The two soul parents shivered, and they finally saw what it meant to be "Extreme Attack Speed"!

Lin Chen's two avatars and the main body are entangled in these two six-fold late stage, almost playing life for life!

After a couple of fights, the two of them were angry and sacrificed their cards. Lin Chen was repelled and wounded. The two avatars fell once, and they were again urged to regenerate the phantom rune!

The opponent's three six-fold war emperors were all delayed by Lin Chen and Qinglong. Long Kun and the two avatars joined forces, almost killing eight quadruple war emperors instantaneously, and the attribute light **** were flying all over the sky. !

[Gain 175 ignition energy, 8955 celestial value, 11000 talent points, 9550 rune energy, 28999 quintessence of fighting spirit, 18000 qi and blood energy, 89 spiritual energy...]

[The host opens 13 amethyst treasure chests and gains: 100,000 talent points, 100,000 sky value, 50,000 rune energy, 15 rune evolution stones, and a talent combo box...]

[Given that the host rune evolution stone is sufficient, the system has automatically upgraded level 5 penetration runes, consuming 20 rune evolution stones. Penetrating Rune Level 5: Penetrates 25% of attack power, suitable for attacks in all areas of the host.

The emperors fell!

Except for the three strongest six-fold war emperors and 15 war emperors, the cultivation base is not lower than the quadruple mid-term, and they are all first-class players. They have not walked out for a quarter of an hour in the hands of Lin Chen and Long Kun!

Just as Lin Chen's third and fourth avatars were about to fall again, the curved blade of the moon flashed by!

Tsing Yi Warlord Han Mao handstand! It is the "Mirror Moon" and "Speed Moon" of the limit attack speed!

Bang ~! The eight-color energy fingers and the "Dark Thunderbolt Arrow" cooperated seamlessly. Before the "Speed Moon" was cut out, it burst into the Tsing Yi Warlord!

Being attacked on three sides, he raised his hands in a virtual push, and his fighting spirit was screaming like a wild jiao.


The dark mansions surging, the eight-color flood energy frenzy rolled over the sky, a swift flash of light cut through the Chilian Giant Gate, and cut diagonally to the right shoulder of Tsing Yi Warlord!

The sword shines like a moon, extremely fast. Without even allowing him to have a reaction time, he subconsciously urged the defense treasure!

Sigh~! Click! Daoguang cleaved the soft armored Tsing Yi of the seventh-order intermediate grade, and the power was cut by more than half. When the Tsing Yi Warlord used his mind to resist the remaining power, suddenly, the blood on his right shoulder raged!

The right arm was cut, and the rounded and smooth cut surface made the eyes of Tsing Yi Zhanhuang shrink!

Isn't he reluctantly guarding, why is this knife so powerful?

The most weird thing is that the smooth face of the warlord's skeleton has lost its light, has no vitality, and is withered.

Cultivate to the level of the Sixth Battle Emperor, even if the arm is broken, as long as the arm is kept intact and received before the vitality is completely lost, with the high-level elixir and its own combat strength assistance, there is a very high probability of being able to take the arm back to recover.

However, this knife completely cut off this possibility!

The broken wound and the vitality of the arm have passed away, as if it was drained and sucked away!

"Penetrating rune at level 5 is really amazing!"

When Lin Chen admired in his heart, a strong and vigorous vitality merged into his limbs and the system light screen popped up.

[The fatal bloodthirst talent is successfully launched, consuming 4800 talent points, and has gained 28% of blood-sucking treatment from causing damage.