My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 599

Vol 5 Chapter 599: The Combination Of Talents Is Amazing

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Chapter 599

Fatal bloodthirsty talent, this is Lin Chen's first use. Lin Chen, who "bleeds blood treatment" from causing substantial damage to the enemy. The effect is extremely strong, and immediately, Lin Chens solo battle in the later stage of the sixth battle recovered half of it instantly!

Lin Chen's body quickly withdrew, and continued to allow the avatar to launch the "Ultimate Time" and "Extreme Return", killing the 15 war queens, Lin Chen rose again a wave of attribute values!

At this time, the four avatars worked together, two to one, and stopped the two six-fold late in front!

With the addition of the King of Emperor, the battle became fiercely fierce! Longkun assisted Qinglong, and the two dragons fight for one emperor. It is only a matter of time before the six-middle-term defeat of the broken arm.

"System, I want to register a combination of talents, just register the ultimate moment and the world!"

Lin Chen issued an order. In the previously dropped treasure chest, he opened the second talent combo box! This means that he can experience the new function of the system:'Talent Combination Skill'!

[Failed to register, the ultimate moment is not suitable for the combination of starting skills, please choose another talent.

Lin Chen frowned, and tentatively said: "Then, deadly bloodthirsty talent?"


"That's simply fatal bloodthirsty + superdimensional teleportation!"

Lin Chen's eyes narrowed. What he needs most is not combat power, but the ability to escape. If he can trigger a combination, he can use two super-dimensional teleports instead?

[Talent combination skill registration succeeded: Fatal Bloodthirsty-Super Dimensional Teleportation. Trigger condition: When the fatal bloodthirst talent is successfully launched, there is a 30% chance of triggering the combination of hand-to-hand style, which can unconditionally launch a super-dimensional teleport. The target of the attack.

Lin Chen was shocked! This is a little different from what he imagined! How can I only teleport after triggering the combination? Wouldn't it be possible to take Long Kun away?

"The deadly bloodthirsty talent can only be activated by hurting the enemy. If I can't even defend the enemy, then I don't have the conditions to trigger the talent."

Lin Chen's eyes narrowed, it seemed that he could only make a quick decision!

Even if the doppelgangers are now delaying time, as long as the opponent's six-fold war emperor is not dead, he will be able to entangle Lin Chen and Long Kun in the process of escape. Once he is delayed until the seventh war emperor comes, it will really be a fatal crisis!

"Kill this six-fold mid-term first!"

Lin Chen's eyes were full of fierce light, and the Mu Ling Jing Yuan method continued to recover from the injury. The Purple Phoenix wing beat into a beam of light!

The Dragon Emperor cooperated with Lin Chen and saw that he was about to make a surprise attack. He released the'Xuanqing Dragon Domain' and used the dragon force to delay the interference of the opponent's actions!

A clear blue sword light chopped out violently, forcing the gray-robed old man to go all out.

His palm turned into a ghost-headed cane, and the sky was suddenly shaken, and the huge black mist skull hair made a "creaking" sound, and it was heading towards the "azure dragon sword" that was coming across!

Tear ~! Long Kun showed an amazing speed, tearing off with a claw, five dragon marks shot like a blade!

Sigh~! boom!

Ssangyong united, the moment the black mist skull was smashed, the mouth of the old gray robe bleeding, and the void retreated hundreds of steps!

"Soul, be careful!"

With a cold drink, the old man in gray robe realized that when it was not good, the gun shot the sky, swept down the vertical sky, and the moonlight turned into a straight man!

"Type 79 Moon Breaking Star River!"

It's too late to prepare the defensive means of soul to urge the fighting backhand, hard against this gun!

Bang ~! The palm print exploded, the moon gleamed randomly, Lin Chen was unstoppable, one move 76-style Thousand Souls Break, one shot turned into a thousand shots, the gun shadow was destroyed like a violent storm!

A large number of Tiankai battle air gun shadows destroyed the withering attack, retreating irrevocably, when fighting against the war, part of the gun shadows penetrated the soul of the body, and the blood raged.

[Successful fatal bloodthirsty is successful, consume talent points...]

[Successful fatal bloodthirsty success...]

The fatal bloodthirsty was successfully launched many times, Lin Chens injury was almost recovered, but Soul Yins injury kept accumulating!

Feeling Lin Chen's injury recovered at a speed visible to the naked eye, the soul of Yin Yin's pupils shrunk!

This is a very scary thing! Think about it for a moment, if the opponent hurts you in the battle, your vitality will pass into his recovery energy... The other party is getting stronger and stronger, but you are getting more and more unfavorable!

[Successfully triggered the talent combination technique, the host can use (combination) super-dimensional transmission at any time.

After several successful launches of the "Fatal Bloodthirsty" talent, Lin Chen finally triggered a combination!

"This child has gone against the sky, and with the twin dragons next to me, I am no longer an opponent. Since that is the case, then I will devote myself to the true God!"

The old man in gray robe burst out at a very fast speed, the whole body of war was violently detonated, is it a high-level war emperor who wants to explode?

He fiercely launched his fighting spirit, as ten thousand magic hands protruded from hell, and finally turned into a chain of endless fighting spirit to blast away. He wanted to block Lin Chens actions and ensure that his own explosion could completely affect Lin Chen!

Brush ~~!

The chains of the magic hand are completely empty, and the old man in gray robe is stagnation! What is this secret technique? Disappear without warning?

Sigh~! Poof~!

The sound of flesh and tear and the sound that penetrated the body sounded, and Lin Chen appeared like a ghost behind the old man in gray robe. The Wulong Dynasty imperial gun had already penetrated his body and fell on the spot! He didn't even start to explode, and he looked dead!

Before he died, the old man in gray robe still couldn't figure out what was going on!

Although Lin Chen's body style is fast, he can't disappear without any warning in front of the Sixth Battle Emperor.

Even when he cast his body, the quadruple war emperor could detect the fluctuation of his fighting spirit, but he could not avoid his attack!

[The host successfully used (combined) super-dimensional transmission.

[Kill the target, six times the middle war emperor. Energy accumulation: 180,000 points.

"Unexpectedly, this deadly bloodthirsty hit trigger combination technique can be used in combat with super dimensions, and the concept of teleportation has really been realized!"

Lin Chen was excited. If he fought normally, he would have to cooperate with Long Kun and Qing Long to fight for more than 100 rounds before he could win this gray robe.

However, when the super-dimensional teleportation mark is fixed on the opponent, the effect of "teleportation" is ten times stronger than the sneak attack! The real **** is haunted, kill in one blow!

This combination of talents has the power of just two talents, so how about three or four? Lin Chen dare not imagine!

However, although the combination of talents is strong, the prerequisite for triggering the "teleportation" is that Lin Chen can break through the defense. If it is the nineth warlord, then he will not be able to play this combination of talents.

After taking away the attributed light sphere and amethyst treasure chest of the gray robe old man, Longkun swept to it.

"Now is the time, let's run away! Let your avatar cover us!"

For the first time, Long Kun showed anxious expression, but Lin Chen waved and smiled.

"No, Brother Kun, take my avatar and leave first."

After that, a phantom avatar withdrew from the battle, and the'King Emperor' avatar played against the Tsing Yi warlord alone.

In Lin Chen's eyes, there was a touch of excitement!

He wants to get rid of these two sixth-level late warlords! Bring a whole army to the Soul Family!