My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 600

Vol 5 Chapter 600: The Fourth Orange Crystal Treasure Chest

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Chapter 600, The Fourth Orange Crystal Treasure Chest!

Seeing Lin Chens self-confidence, and his brother, he never said that he would leave, and Long Kun was not a mother-in-law, and after saying "everything is careful", he evacuated with him.

The speed of the avatar and the speed of Longkun are quite terrifying, and two breaths flashed to the other side of the mountain.

"That kid and Qinglong ran away!"

"No, it seems to be just a doppelganger, the body has purple phoenix wings, it seems that it has not left!"

Lin Chen smiled sternly as the corners of their eyes swept away.

The late six warlords, non-waiting generations. With Lin Chen's strength, to destroy both of them at the same time, you can't rely on avatars to fight attrition.

Must have a strong enough blow!

Even if Lin Chen sacrificed the "Nine Tribulation Stars", it is completely unknown, if it is one, it may be able to kill it head-on.

But the two late six teams joined forces, and the early seven teams could not kill them in one move!

However, Lin Chen has a trick at this moment, which can surpass the moment of the Seventh Warlord!

Purple Order Talent: King Comes to the World!

At this time, the talent of Junlintianxia has already accumulated 180,000 energy, which is less than 30,000 energy compared to the last launch in Danzhou. This time it is six times higher!

"The next move, even the early Seventh Emperor Warlord must die!"

In Lin Chen's eyes, he showed extremely powerful self-confidence and domineering!

[The host has activated the talent of Junlin World, 182000 energy conversion, will increase the host's next attack.

At this moment, the Blade King avatar manifested itself, avoiding the opponents attack, and throwing his palm, Mingyuetian Qingdao crossed the Linchen body quickly!

Choke~! Lin Chen held the knife on his body, and all of them burst out with a scream of Long Yin!

The fighting life wheel in his body turned the rolling fighting spirit of the Nine Tribulation into the "water disaster fighting spirit", and injected into the blade body! The azure blue light reflects the whole sky!

The moment the body held the knife, the offensive offensive suddenly changed and the body retreated! Play a level 5 slow rune with 120,000 rune energy each!

The two gray-white fusi to the void exploded, the two's fighting spirit and the space where they became slowly solidified!

As strong as 240,000 rune energy to launch a level 5 slow rune, it can only seal two six-fold late war emperors in less than one breath!

But this is enough!

"Mirror Bright Moon Speed Moon!"

Lin Chen held the knife horizontally, and turned the blue light of the Tian Qing knife sharply across the body, and the moonlight flashing with the blue mansion flashed away!

With this knife, the world is here!

This sword, from the prosperity of civilization to the fall, only between the sword and the moon!

As if there was a moment between heaven and earth, illuminated by the moonlight. But no one can see this scene, because the moonlight is extremely fast.

Sigh~! The space crystal wall crack develops a silk-like fine crack, which seems inconspicuous, but splits the deep vacuum zone...

The two Soul Masters in the late sixfold are old, and their eyes are gradually bleak. The life wheel of vitality in the body is cut into pieces and smashed.

Finally, a large number of attribute light **** floated out of the void.

This knife has increased the power of 235 times!

When the King's Landing World was launched for the first time, Lin Chen's attack increased its power thousands of times!

But at that time, Lin Chen was only the cultivation of Yuan Zunjing Liuzhong.

Yuanzun's realm is a 1000-fold increase in combat power and Warlord's quadruple is a 235-fold increase. They are two concepts and levels, and they are very different!

The strength of the increase in the talent of "Jinlintianxia" depends on the cultivation of the host. If the energy accumulated during the first launch is placed on Lin Chen in the current battle royal realm, it can only increase the power by about 30 or 40 times.

235 times blessed charge runes and the ultimate moment, that is 244 times! And comes with a 25% "penetration" feature! Not to mention the late six-fold period, even the two early seven-fold and mid-seven mid-level emperors must die!

As for the late Seventh Layer and the Eighth Layer of the Emperor, it is not known.

Lin Chen hurriedly lifted the "sevenfold changes", the weak senses in the body emerged layer by layer, and the cultivation was returned to the late stage of the double.

Lin Chen immediately swallowed a pre-refined seventh-order panacea "Hua Xu Long Yuan Dan", quickly removed the weak state, and issued a command at once.

"System, I want to strengthen my life growth talent to the highest level."

[Consumption of 350,000 talent points, blue rank talent: life growth strengthened to 200%, has reached the highest.

The weak state brought by Shuras Sevenfold Change is extremely serious, and has reached a level that cannot be recovered by the Wood Spirit Essential Elemental Method, and can only rely on the self-healing ability brought by the Elixir and the talent itself.

The light screen will pop up between the powers of the rejuvenation and refining medicine.

[Congratulations to the host instantaneously killing two six-fold late warlords, triggering a special reward mechanism and obtaining an orange crystal chest.

Boom~! The direction of two deceased soul souls, immediately blooming an orange beam of light, is the attribute light ball light that only Lin Chen can see!

coming! The fourth orange crystal treasure chest!

In the past, orange crystal chests are extremely difficult to obtain.

But Lin Chen's experience can only be described by the word Ni Tian!

His second-level warlord's cultivation practice dared to hit the very east of Shenzhou, facing the top strongs of the false **** family!

Every time Lin Chen escapes from death, the stronger the opponent's level, the higher the probability of the best quality and the best treasure chest! The probability of triggering a special reward mechanism will also increase!

Lin Chen couldn't restrain his ecstasy, and he seized the treasure chest for him!

Is it the godslayer talent?

Or is it a fate of life and death talent?

No matter which one it is, it will make you profitable!

[Open the orange crystal treasure chest, the host obtains the quasi-orange level talent fragment: fatal life and death (3/3), which has been automatically merged and placed in the talent column.

The strongest singled talent, start!

Lin Chen, add another ace!

"Desperate life and death + God-killer talent, and then call on a group of strong men, subversion of Lingzhou war situation will no longer be delusional!"

Lin Chen was excited, and his blood was boiling!

While the avatar swept the attribute light ball, his Zijin pupil could also see that the top strongman of the Soul family had already returned to the Soul family area, and the Seventh Warlord alone, no less than three!

[Gain 15,000 Celestial Dao, 290 Thunder Energy, 360 Gold Energy, 18000 Talent Points, 350 Wind Attribute Values, 14000 Rune Energy, 150 Spirit Power, 12500 Power Skills, 120 Click the blank attribute...]

[Open nine amethyst treasure chests, get: 150,000 talent points, 100,000 rune energy, 250,000 sky value, 1000 blank attributes...]

Numerous attributes of light spheres are absorbed into the body, and Lin Chen's cultivation base is getting closer to the limit of the Triple Warlord!

After taking away all the attribute light balls, Lin Chen did not escape for the first time.

He first put away the three avatars and the Dragon Emperor into the body, cast the "Blue Dragon Shadow" to eliminate all his breath, then wiped out any traces that might be traced, and swept deep into the mountains.

He finally selected a very old lake in the mountains, reaching more than 20,000 feet deep, planted in one end!