My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 601

Vol 5 Chapter 601: Master Of The Sky Tower

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Chapter 601

Lin Chen sank to the bottom of the lake and continued to maintain the Blue Dragon and Shadow" like a reef at the bottom of the lake.

In addition, there is extremely rich water energy in the lake, which can be controlled by Lin Chen's magical power of "Tian Yu Ying Hai" to form a stream of water to cover his existence and become his most perfect cover.

It seems that Lin Chen's entire person has completely disappeared in this world.

Lin Chen, who seemed to be a reef at the bottom of the lake, was attentively restoring his injuries and his body's weak state, and his spiritual consciousness dived into the first phantom avatar to evacuate with Long Kun.

It was not accidental to evacuate with a doppelganger, but Lin Chen's deliberate arrangement!


A quarter of an hour after Lin Chen's dive into the lake, the gorge of the sacred stele of town boundary No. 47 cracked high above the ground, and three strong figures emerged.

They looked around, their eyes narrowed, and they were murderous and awe-inspiring!

"Dead, the whole army is annihilated. Except for the strong man who guarded the altar of my soul family's true god, all the war emperors sent to him were killed!

"Unexpectedly, this son can solve the battle in such a fast time, they can't even delay the time, really as the intelligence said, he has the power to kill the sixfold war emperor in seconds!"

"No matter how strong he is, we have to chase. His breath disappeared out of thin air at the battle site, and he acted separately. Once found, he delayed the time and notified each other. The elders were also on their way to meet the eightfold repair. Too elder, he will definitely die!"

The three seven-fold war emperors broke through the void and escaped into the cracks in space, each chasing one direction.

Time has passed, three days and three nights have passed since Lin Chen took away the heritage of the town's sacred stele.

On the third day, the top strongmen of the Soul Family returned to the headquarters, and then quickly attacked, extending all the way to all areas of China, and starting a carpet search!

Lin Chen's importance to the soul family has completely reached the endless state! Throughout the ages, no one dared to provoke the gods, let alone all the families of false gods, belonging to the hidden forces and the strongest soul family!

Scolding the true God, breaking the God Mountain, and provoking Shenwei. These kinds of actions are not something that people dare not even think about, but they are shown to him time and time again. This person will be the number one enemy of his soul family in all aspects of mind, potential, and combat power!

Therefore, with the exception of a handful of soul ancestors who go out to perform missions, basically all the top strongmen are dispatched! There is only one purpose, to kill Lin Chen!


Sky Tower, somewhere inside the main city secret room.

"The pinnacle Danhui medicine refining champion, breaking the God Mountain, scolding the false gods, and still retreating in a safe and sound state, this child is probably the last hope of Kyushu!"

The black robe figure sat on the chair, reading through the materials in his hand, and he was surprised.

"Tower Master, do you want to help this son? This son is not much more expensive than Holy Pride!"

The graceful girl next to Yingying yawned and asked for advice.

Sky Tower Tower Master!

These characters, Bidanzhou's medicine refining giant, Mingzhou's ancient fortune teller, are all terrifying! Call it the most mysterious existence in Kyushu! There are only a handful of people in Kyushu that can be seen!

"No, it is not the time for us to intervene. The Sky Pagoda has been based on it from ancient times to the present. It is the last symbol of civilization on the mainland of Kyushu. The sky will not fall, and Kyushu will not be destroyed. No matter how wicked the genius is, its not worth our bet on the Sky Pagoda, but, Its okay to give a little information help."

Suddenly the tower owner smiled and put down his jade jade - "You ordered to go down and pass on his message to those inheritors who are known to us by the sacred stele of the town boundary that they know today. They will surely get along well with him. After all, this is Kyushu Since ancient times, the only person who dared to provoke a false god."

"Yes, Ying'er understands."

The nodded nodded, and then the tone of the tower master suddenly became solemn.

"Let you investigate the origin of that person, did you find any information?"

Speaking of that person, the curvaceous flirtatious flair of Nayana.

Her voice, with a bit of fear and trembling", all the people we sent out were dead..."

"Long Xiao of Emperor Ninefold is also dead?" The tower master tapped on the table with his fingertips.

"Yes...and was killed instantaneously, no information was sent back..."

The secret room was silent, and the two did not talk, only the frequency of the tower master's beating on the table gradually became faster.

"Lin Chen, Lin Chen, you really brought a terrifying character for Kyushu. I dont know if its an enemy or a friend. If its really a misfortune and a blessing, God has given Kyushu a subversive wizard who has subverted the ages, but Brought a person who can threaten Kyushu. The announcement will stop you from investigating that person, so as not to provoke murder."


Qianying nodded her head, she picked up a roll of space jade jade, and handed it to the tower owner.

"Pagoda owner, this jade jade is a sect from the Holy Realm. There is a messenger of the Holy Realm, and it is coming to Kyushu."

The tower master's eyes were stern!

Holy world, do you want to save Kyushu? Or is it because of the mysterious man?

When the tower master tore the jade jade open, the spiritual information in it poured out, and a moment later, he sneered.

"Oh! Holy World, I didn't think it was actually for Lin Chen! But he didn't ask about the life and death situation and situation of Kyushu at all. This kind of **** messenger has nothing to do with my sky tower!"

The jade jade was crushed, the tower master sneered!


Within three days, Lin Chen was not idle.

Under the lake, Lin Chen opened the system bar.

[Tiandao Picking System 5.0 Version

Host: Lin Chen

Cultivation: The second stage of the Battle Royal Realm-the essence of the intermediate combat spirit: 62.33 million points

Ultimate Strength: 3.1 million Dragon Power-Intermediate Qi and Blood Energy: 59.12 million points.

Intermediate mental power: 31450 points (early stage of Tongtian Realm)

Intermediate skill essence: 1.68 million points-Intermediate rune energy: 3.12 million points.

Heavenly value: 3.46 million points-Talent points: 3.35 million points.

Intermediate elemental energy: 54660 points in the fire system, 49870 points in the soil system, 47558 points in the wood system, 51225 points in the gold system, and 119358 points in the water system. Thunder system 53350 points, wind system 53280 points, light system 41500 points, dark system 43030 points.

Qigong status bar (whether open) or blood vessel status bar (whether open)

Passive Talents: (Blue Level) Reinforced Iron Bone 100%, (Blue Level) Life Increase by 200%, (Blue Level) Divine Power 75%, (Blue Level) Emperor Destruction.

Active Talents: (Blue Rank) Thief Omen, (Blue Rank) Super Dimensional Transmission, (Blue Rank) Deadly Bloodthirsty Fragment (2/3), (Purple Rank) Ultimate Time, (Purple Rank) Ultimate Return, (Purple Tier) King's Landing (Cooldown: 26 days), (Orange Tier One Time) God Killer (including fragments 1/3), (quasi-orange Tier) fatal life and death.

Characteristic Runes: Slowness Level 5, Penetration Level 5, Recharge Level 5, Phantom Level 5.

Hold blank attribute: 3940 points (can be converted into any attribute value at will).

Holding treasures:...

"Now the attribute values are sufficient, I can try the fusion function again! See if you can come up with a talent combo box!"