My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 602

Vol 5 Chapter 602: Straight To The Soul Home Headquarters

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Chapter 602

Lin Chen excitedly opened the fusion function. Last time I tasted the sweetness of Talent Combining Skill, now I wish to have two more combo boxes!

"System, I want to use rune energy of 100,000 points, heaven value of 100,000 points, and talent point of 100,000 points! Fusion!"

[Boom ~ Ding ~!

[The fusion is completed, the host obtains: Rune level 1, battle element rune. Can consume rune energy to quickly replenish the host's fighting spirit, cooling time: 30 days.

Lin Chen's mouth twitched, what a spicy chicken rune! Restoring the fighting spirit also has cooling time? Countless grades worse than Limit Guiyuan talent!

"break down!"

[Decompose War Elemental Rune, gain: 80,000 intermediate rune energy.

Lin Chen: "Come again! This time is 200,000 points of rune energy, 200,000 points of heavenly path, and 200,000 points of talent!"

[Boom~! Ding ~!

[Consume 50,000 Celestial Dao points. After the fusion is completed, the host obtains the passive talent of the Green Order: Double Cultivation Acacia. When meeting with a woman, the host will get feedback on combativeness, and the cultivation can be increased. The degree of feedback will depend on the cultivation of the woman.

Lin Chen's mouth twitched, rely on! Why is this talent combo box so hard to come out!

And what is this combined? Double Cultivation Acacia? Wasnt he letting someone Lin find various sisters to double repair?

It just doesn't make sense!

"System, what do you mean, this kind of talent is to look down on me Lin? I am Lin Chenyushu Linfeng, the most handsome in history, excellent character, respect the old and love the young, promote the traditional culture of the ten best young people, is that kind of Do you still use the beasts cultivated by your sister to get in touch with your sister? How can I do this kind of depraved and maddening thing! Who do you look down on? You look down on me and you stand up to stand-alone brother!"

Therefore, the angry "first brother" Lin Mouyi accepted the talent of "Double Cultivation Acacia" indignantly.


Then, Lin Chen continued seriously.

"System, come again! Continue to merge! It is still those three attribute values, each of which is 200,000 points!"

[Boom~! Ding ~!

[Consumption of 50,000 Dao points is completed, the fusion is completed, and the host gains passive green rank talent...]

"break down!"

Another wave of decomposition, Lin Chen gritted his teeth, shit, added extra attributes and instead gave out a low-level talent, the randomness of this fusion function is ridiculously big!

And continue to do so, his attribute value is not enough, he merged several times!

"This time, in addition to the three 200,000-point attributes just now, plus 200,000 points of merit! I will integrate all the exercises I have on hand!"

[Consumption of heaven and earth is worth 90,000 points, 79 types of low-level purple powers, 3 types of mid-level purple powers, 4 types of mid-level purple powers, 400,000 powers of mid-level powers, and 200,000 rune powers of intermediate powers. The value of points and heavens is 200,000 points, and the talent points are 200,000 points.

[Boom~! Ding ~!

[Fusion is completed, get the purple rank advanced inferior combat skills: "Three inch robbery". The power of adjustable combat qi condensed into inch robbery is hidden in the meridian, and once urged, the power of the inch robbery can be revealed.

This time Lin Chen has integrated a brand new combat skill! And this combat skill is as high as the purple order!

The high-level defensive combat skills of the Purple Order, despite the countless accumulation of history in Kyushu, are still very few. If you want to create this level of combat skills, unless you are a genius in the sky, a person who specializes in the field of skill, at least it must be a holy land. the above!

There may be no more than twenty kinds of advanced defensive combat skills in the purple ranks today!

"Good combat skills, first cultivate the power of looting, and then melt into the limbs and meridians, as long as you encounter danger, once urged, you can immediately defend against deadly attacks, which is equivalent to preparing in advance Strong defense!"

After carefully reading the description of "Three-Inch Tribulation", Lin Chen felt shocked!

The reason for the death of many strong men is often that they can't take the opponent's attack and have no time to prepare their strongest defense.

This "three-inch robbery" belongs to the pre-condensation defense method hidden in the body.

Once in distress, it takes only a few moments to launch your strongest defense. Even if you encounter a sneak attack, you can instantly protect yourself with the best defense!

"It's worthy of the high-level practice of Zijie, and it is really amazing! But this is not my goal!"

Lin Chen first accepted this volume of exercises, and then started the fusion function again!

"I'm still in danger right now. Both talent points and rune energy are essential attributes for life-saving bottom cards. This last fusion, if I can't get out of the talent combo box, I can only give up!"

This time, Lin Chen's fusion attributes are still: 200,000 points of intermediate power, 200,000 points of intermediate rune energy, 200,000 points of divine value, and 200,000 points of talent!

[Boom~! Ding ~!

[The fusion is successful, the host gets...]

Lin Chen held his breath, this is the last chance!

[The host obtains the orange rank talent: God-killer talent fragment (2/3).

My day!

Lin Chen was thrilled! This is really unintentional! The talented combo box that doesn't come a thousand times, will give him a piece of talent for killing the gods?

This time, a total of 5 fusions were made, and a total of 900,000 rune energy, heaven value and talent points were consumed, plus 400,000 merits!

The first three attribute values instantly changed back to more than 2 million points. The fusion is to bet on the "burn attribute"!

Lin Chen didn't have the first time to study "Three Inch Tribulation", because this is not the inheritance of exercises. It is necessary to learn from the beginning, and the ordinary strong people practice, it takes at least ten years or more to get a glimpse of the path.

And Lin Chen, even consuming the power of the practice, it takes more than six days, and the power of the power at the hands of Lin Chen may not be enough!

Shifting his spiritual thoughts to his avatars, Lin Chen opened his eyes a moment later

"Very well, this is the best result. Brother Longkun and Doppelgang have successfully ran away, completely withdrew from the Soul House area, and have begun to flee to the boundary between Huangzhou and Shenzhou."

During this time, he has been continually launching "Extreme Return" to fill the fighting spirit of the avatar and keep it in the best condition.

The direction of the Soul Family's extreme east area is at the end of the barren state, which is a vast continent and a gathering place for countless ferocious races.

The area of Arasu is the largest in Kyushu, with a total area close to two large states, and countless ferocious races inhabit the Arass.

As long as they fled into the Arid State, they have basically gotten out of the Soul Family's control. Many powerful beast races can make the Soul Family's search full of difficulties.

Longkun has the bloodline of the real flame purple phoenix, the speed of continuous flight is very fast, and it maintains the state of activating the power of the bloodline. After three days of escape, the top strongman of the Soul Family will return. At this time, he will pursue the search, even if it is the eightfold It was too late for the Warlord to shoot.

The most important thing is that Lin Chens avatar can use the "Golden Pussy Twins", who can first find the crisis and the direction of the other partys appearance. It can be predicted in advance. With this hand of Jin Jintong, Lin Chens avatar successfully shielded Long Kun retreat.

This is the result that Lin Chen wants to see the most, because he wants to use his avatar to display his super-dimensional teleportation talent!

Ultra-dimensional transmission can only fix two spatial positions. After Lin Chen erased the space coordinates of the Sky Pagoda, only one remains, that is, in the abyss near the Holy Stele of Town Boundary No. 47.

Therefore, he needs new spatial coordinates, as long as the location of the avatar arrives, he can set new coordinates!

If Longkun is overtaken by the Soul Master, he can also let the avatar immediately fix the coordinates near him, return to Longkun with the talent of super-dimensional teleportation, and escape together.

However, in this case, Lin Chen could not carry out the next plan. And Long Kun's successful escape is the best result!

Because next, Lin Chen's goal is: Soul Home Headquarters! !

"Brother Chen, I'm going to take the Soul Headquarters straight and **** the old man! These guys who once made dogs for pseudo-gods can kill as much as they can!"

In Lin Chen's eyes, she showed bare feet and was not afraid of the fierceness of wearing shoes!

Should he go the other way? Everyone thinks that he is running away at this time, who can think of him daring to kill the soul home headquarters!