My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 603

Vol 5 Chapter 603: Fucking

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Chapter 603

At this time, the Soul Family is an empty city. The strong will do their best and leave all, leaving a group of old and young disabled at home!

For these people, Lin Chen, a top ten young man, has a very good respect for the elderly and loving the young!

After recovering from his weak state and injuries, Lin Chen launched the "Golden Eyes Twins" to make sure that there was no strong top strongman in the surrounding and soul home headquarters, and jumped out of the lake!

He continued to maintain the "Blue Dragon and Shadow", and the whole person blew toward the Soul Family Headquarters like a transparent ray of wind.

The Soul Family Headquarters is hidden in the Yunsheng Valley. It is said that this place was once the Yunsheng Sanctuary in the history of Kyushu, and was later occupied by the confidants cultivated by the false gods.

The mist filled the air, Lin Chen was flying in the void, near the Yunsheng Valley like entering the endless sea of clouds, and when he released the fighting spirit and spiritual strength to explore, it seemed that the mud cow was entering the sea with no movement at all.

"It's worthy of the Soul Family Headquarters, which is a bit mysterious. Even the spiritual power can't penetrate, it really is a good place."

Lin Chen shook his head and smiled.

There is a huge amount of aura mist in Yunsheng Valley, which forms a natural protective area. Most of the powerful warlords have no special means, and even the entrance cannot be found.

Arranging the headquarters of the Soul Family here is the only choice.

With a touch of palm, Lin Chen urged the'Golden Eyes Twins', and two secret paths extended in the endlessly flowing sea of clouds.

Lin Chen continued to urge the "Golden Eyes Twins" to see through the inside of the secret path.

One secret path leads to the soul house hall, and the other secret path leads to the attic secret halls of the soul house back hall!

Very mysteriously, the two secret ways are shaking and shaking, changing all the time!

Lin Chen clearly saw that among the many lofts and secret halls, there were pearls and spirits, and there were infinite treasures in them. This is all the essence of the soul family since its establishment!

Straight hit the soul headquarters! If this is placed outside, ordinary people are afraid to even think about it!

Even those of the Soul Family know that the headquarters itself is only a handful. Basically, only the elders of the War Emperor Realm and the descendants of the false gods can know this place.

Not to mention what a powerful presence in this mysterious headquarters!

"Hey, my lord, this time I'm going to clean the special old bottom! Mao doesn't have one of them!"

Lin Chen, who urged the "Nine Tribulation Eyes" once again, confirmed that there were no other dangers in the sea of clouds, maintained the state of "Blue Dragon and Shadow", and eliminated the breath of the whole body, such as a transparent ray of wind, and jumped into the second cloud bridge. , Rushing all the way, directly select the secret bridge of the cloud bridge leading to the location of the apse!

It is estimated that everyone in the Soul Family will not think of... This young warlord who destroyed the "True God Care Ceremony", not only did not escape, but also directly came a wave of backhands and sneaked into the back of the Soul Family, taking away the sage inheritance of the sacred monument of the town. Now!

Even more terrifying... He hasn't withdrawn the saint's heritage! Want to go alone to the soul home headquarters?

Lin Chen's move is more than crazy, if let outsiders know, it is simply losing heart!

Battle Emperor's Duo straight hit the soul home headquarters? The storytellers dont dare to blow like this!

At the end of the Mystic Cloud Bridge, there are three mountain tops lined up in line. On the peak, there are two lofts side by side, and the middle mountain top stands a hall of countless chains!

On the three peaks, all are beautiful female sculptures! And their spoiled bodies are naked and lifeless!

"These are the women who are watched by Kyushu, shit, how many people this **** pseudo-god has done!"

Lin Chen's eyes burned with anger, and when he thought that Ning Qingxuan would become like this in the future, he raised his hand with a punch and punched the dragon!

Sigh~! Bang~!

Lin Chen roared all the way, smashing all these female sculptures, leaving no one!

After being tortured to death, these women remained in the world in the most desperate posture, and it was a tramp and insult to their lives to put their naked bodies here like artworks.

"Well? Who dares to break into my soul secret cabinet?"

With a cold drink, the three ancestors of the late five-fold period flashed out of the secret pavilion, Lin Chen released the avatar one by one, and finally superimposed the five-fold change, and temporarily entered the triple post-cultivation!

"Fake God's running dog, **** it!"

With one shot in hand, Lin Chen's war intentions went wild

Behind the purple wing flapping, Lin Chen turned into a purple flame moonlight shuttle.


The trio were shocked, what a triple war emperor? The speed is so horrible!

Lin Chen quickly formed an encircling circle with three avatars, and cooperated with Qinglongs Xuanqing Dragon Domain, only within ten rounds, bombarded three five-time late warlords into scum!

After removing the five changes, Lin Chen took away the attribute light ball without looking back, and ran straight into the secret cabinet!

Between the attic, Lin Chen kicked the first door of the secret room, and the brilliant light of all kinds of colors came into view.

This dense room has a very wide range, and various crystal cabinets are erected on the wall.

In these crystal cabinets, there are countless rare and precious mines, high-level warcraft!

The lowest level is also the existence of top level six, most of which are more than seven levels of fighting spirit and high-level ore!


Lin Chen urged the Naling Ring, a flash of silver flashed and failed to charge.

The solid space crystal wall rippled from the space, Lin Chen's eyes narrowed and he punched him.

boom! Bang ~!

The earth moved the mountain, the secret room shook, and the punching wind that penetrated the ground bombarded the crystal cabinet, but there was no trace of breaking!

"There is a space enchantment, at least it is the space enchantment set by the Seventh and Eighth Emperor! It's really hard! If there is no specific method of opening the Soul Family, it is estimated that it is difficult to break the hard bomb!"

Lin Chen frowned, and now he didn't have time to break all these space boundaries and take them one by one!

"It is estimated that if I bombard with all my strength, it is possible to break the space boundary of one or two crystal counters. There are also three secret cabinets. When do I have to fight? Or do I only fight the most precious ones and run away after grabbing? "

When thinking about the thought quickly, just when Lin Chen was about to evacuate, looking for the most advanced room to win treasure, a thought in his heart exploded like a thunder!

"Grass! I'm really handsome, I'm so stupid! I never thought of this trick!"

With a flash of figure, Lin Chen came to the first crystal counter, which was sealed with a quasi-seventh-level weapon.

Lin Chen's palm touched the space boundary of the crystal cabinet, and in a moment, he activated the'decomposition function'!

[Consume 170 Heavenly Dao points, decompose the quasi-seventh-level fighter "Tianlan Yunhai", and gain: 70 points of water energy and 300 points of talent.

Sure enough! The decomposition function of the system, as long as close contact, can disregard the decomposition target of the space boundary!

Lin Chen's heart was shocked, Mom, this time Shuangfei!


Someone in Lin, today is going to be a soul-sucker! One step to the stomach!

Not only to split the mountain and destroy the ritual, but also to turn your old man over the ground and clean the ground, and then reverse the first-hand soul home hall!

It's just that you don't have any hair left in the soul family!