My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 604

Vol 5 Chapter 604: Decomposition All The Way Cool All The Way

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Chapter 604 Cool all the way!

"The system, from now on, give me the whole process of decomposition! Dont stop! My finger touches anything, even if it is an ant, I have to decompose some attribute values for Lao Tzu! Grass! Im going to get a **** All Soul Family's Kidney Deficiency!"

Lin Chen snapped his hands and touched them all the way!

Every time he touched a crystal cabinet in his palm, the internal weapons, high-grade ores, were all broken down into attribute light **** into his body!

Attribute value skyrocketing! The whole hurricane, can't stop!

Even if your **** end of the year is still a hundred thousand years old, today all have to become someone's attribute value!

The decomposition function of the system cannot be used for wise creatures, nor for things that have a master.

But all of these secret pavilions are stocks and collections collected by the Soul Family from various forces, and they are used to reward and stimulate the development of the Soul Family forces. They are all unowned, Lin Chen all the way Decompose, unimpeded!

This loft has a total of four floors, and Lin Chen decomposed all the way to the fourth floor!

Above the fourth floor, all are treasures and weapons of the seventh-order intermediate and inferior grades, and even a small number of advanced weapons of the seventh-order!

In addition, even the legendary seven-tier top ore is hard to find for thousands of years!

However, only the top-level 7th-level fighters are not available. The existence of this level is rare in Kyushu, and even if there is a soul family, it is also held by individual core characters and ancestors!

Moreover, the space boundary is stronger here! The space boundaries here are all carefully set by the warlords above the eighth level, and it is difficult for Lin Chen to break open in a short time.

Even more horrifying, Lin Chen urged Zijin Tong to discover that there are jade jade of war spirits in some crystal cabinets, which were made by the nineth warlord.

If it is forced to break open, it will lead to an explosion of fighting spirit. The fighting strength of the nineth war emperor will blow up half of the weapons and top ore in it. Even if it is stolen, it will not be of great value!

"Really ruthless, if stolen, I would rather ruin than leave it to others. It's a pity that whether the space enchantment is damaged is the key to triggering the battle of jade jade. I Lin does not need to touch this space enchantment at all. !"

The palm rests on the surface of a crystal cabinet of top-grade ore of the seventh order, and the decomposition function is activated.

[Consume 3,540 points of Heavenly Dao, decompose the 7th-level top ore "Shuihuo Wanxuan Jing", and obtain: 1500 points of Heavenly Dao, 1000 points of water energy, 1200 ignition energy, 1150 gold energy, 39850 essence of fighting spirit.

Seventh-level top ore, as soon as it is decomposed, Lin Chen will get extremely rich attribute values! There are three kinds of intermediate element attribute values soaring a thousand points!

"It's so cool, hahaha! Happily! Decompose! Decompose! All the **** decompose for Lao Tzu!"

It doesn't matter if you can't get these high-level warriors, Lin Chen decomposes them all in one hand and turns them into their own attribute values!

When Lin Chen decomposes the last seventh-level high-grade top-level weapon No-Me Sword Tool, the system pops up a light screen.

[Congratulations to the host's advancement to the Triple Emperor's Early Warrior Cultivation! Apologies to Brother Jinhun.

Warlord triple repair!

More than 400 war emperor remains have been decomposed from Li Changsheng's sacred stele in the town boundary. They have experienced successive battles with the soul family emperors, and they have also disintegrated the soul family's entire secret pavilion.

Bang ~!

Lin Chen smashed the wall with a punch, and swooped towards the second secret pavilion!

"One person's decomposition efficiency is too low, the system, automatic decomposition is turned on, suitable for full avatar!"

The moment the command was issued, the three avatars guarded outside immediately flooded into the other three secret pavilions!

[The system has synchronized all the phantom avatars of the host, and the decomposition function is fully enabled.

The second secret pavilion is a collection of medicinal materials, a collection of medicinal herbs, and countless treasures of heaven and earth are stored here!

Lin Chen's avatar ran all the way, palms touching the cabinet, swept everything, decomposed all the way! The property value can't stop!

The third secret pavilion is to collect exercises and mental methods! Up to the purple level low-level inferior skills, up to the purple level intermediate-level best skills and even complete mental skills! And two high-end purple-level inferior combat skills!

Where Lin has lived with his avatars, that is to go to the kiln in a stand-alone, and one does not stay! Break it down!

The fourth secret pavilion is the alchemy fingerprint and the high-level fierce beast nuclear collection!

The alchemy handprint, the lowest is also the intermediate level of the blue level, the highest one, there is a volume of the lower level of the purple level!

The alchemy fingerprints above the intermediate level of the Purple Order are extremely precious, and even the false **** family has no heritage. Placed in the sky tower, it is an astronomical sky coin!

Each volume of alchemy handprints is rich in high-quality spiritual power attribute light balls, because to burn a volume of alchemy handprints, it takes a long time to use a lot of spiritual engraving records. Lin Chens avatars are broken down all the way, and no volume is left!

The Soul Family has hundreds of volumes of Alchemy Handprints, and each volume is of fine quality, but Lin Chen cant take it away!

At the first sight, he felt a little sorry.

However, he was cruel! Since you can't take it away, take it away in the form of attribute light ball!

In addition to the alchemy fingerprints, the fourth secret pavilion also contains a large number of sixth-order top-level beast cores!

These fierce beast cores are all fine products, below the seventh order is 1520, and above the seventh order is 315! On the fierce beast core, it is equivalent to more than 300 war emperors!

Lin Chen, all still broken down! No hair left!

[Congratulations to the host, Jin entered the middle of the triple war.

The secrets of the four secret pavilions are all decomposed, and the massive attribute value harvested is unprecedented!

Even Lin Chen and other terrible and profound cultivation bases have been firmly advanced into the triple mid-term cultivation base! Break two realms!

This time, it took about 2 million points just to decompose the value of the Heavenly Dao consumed by many different treasures!

If it were not to decompose the Yibao itself and bring its own attribute value of Tiandao, Lin Chen returned to nearly 1 million points, otherwise there will be more than one hundred thousand points left!

boom! Roar ~!

Long Xiao Zhen Tian, the outside of the Secret Pavilion was fiery!

"Damn, what kind of dragon is this one! When did it sneak in?"

"What's the matter, someone in the warehouse reserve of our soul family has invaded?"

"At this time, all the elders are out! Damn, even if there is an ancestor sitting in the town, it will not be the turn of a seventh-order intermediate dragon clan in our soul home!"

"No! Its dragon sword will be cut again...ah!"

The screams wailed through the edge of the cloud bridge, and the fighting went straight to Jiuxiao, shaking the mountain!

Elders who have begun to have souls come one after another.

However, most of these elders are below the five-fold war emperor, even if a dozen or so droves, they must be blocked and even slaughtered by the dragon emperor!

"Is it found, but the top strongman has not returned yet! I Lin has already evacuated this place, leaving the last secret hall, the Seventh Battle Emperor can't come out, no one can break through the encirclement!"

Lin Chen is urging the five-fold change again, this time, the avatar is cultivated to break through the early fourfold!

The three avatars immediately flashed out to support the Dragon Emperor, constantly resisting the surging Soul Powerhouse!

"It's him? The kid who ruined the great ritual of my soul family's favor!"

"Damn, how did he mix in? The natural mist outside doesn't have a special entry method for my soul family, but even the Seventh Warlord can be lost in it!"

"Despise Shenwei! This child is simply despising my soul family Divine Prowess! Hundreds of tribes must be planted, and the cultivation behavior is abandoned, let him kneel in front of the God Tablet for a thousand years of atonement!"

When I saw Lin Chen's avatar, all the soul family warlords were as if they had gone crazy with chicken blood, and quickly rushed to his avatar!