My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 605

Vol 5 Chapter 605: The Most Handsome Man Will Play The Most Hanging Table Tennis

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Chapter 605, The most handsome man is about to play the most hanging billiards!

The Faith of God in their hearts is defiled by this son, and even if it is to give their lives for this, they will spare no effort!

The Battle of Cloud Bridge, the world is falling apart!

But let them how to attack, the body of a respectable war emperor was like a chicken, blocked by Lin Chen's three avatars and the dragon emperor.

The elders of the Soul Family are furious and even hysterical!

In the old days, the Soul Family sat in the town of an elder who was too great. How could it be possible to get this one to take care of it!

However, the ancestors of the Nine Cultivation Acts of their soul family have all recently left China because of the task assigned by the great'True God', and even the few elders of the Eight Cultivation Acts because of the'wrath of the True God' Searching for the whereabouts of this child!

But I never imagined that this kid didn't even run! I don't know what weird means he dare to infiltrate their soul home headquarters, but they still infiltrated the most important'forbidden warehouse'!

Lin Chen himself rushed into the ancient temple above the middle mountain top!

He could feel faintly that in the ancient palace, there are certain powerful breath and the light of the attribute light ball!

Brush ~!

The purple phoenix wing flapped and flashed into the ancient hall, which had a height of thousands of feet, and the chains formed by the aura crystals around it held a simple and vicissitude altar!

At this moment, Lin Chen's pupils shrank!

Presented in front of him is a green crystal like a heart!

No, it should be said, a green heart?

The azure heart, the whole body is beating all over the azure veins, it seems to have life.

Behind the aquamarine heart, there is a stone monument to the heroes, and even carved three simple and vigorous characters: Fengshen card!

And that heart, the energy chain wound on the surface, connected to the entire altar, and its energy core went straight to the ground!

"Grass! Fuck!"

When Lin Chen explored with "Golden Eyes Twins", he couldn't help but yell at the spot!

This heart is absorbing the energy of the underground core of China!

The spirit crystals circulating in the Kyushu mainland are trading currencies, and the spirit crystals are derived from the spirit crystal veins. If the core energy of the mainland is absorbed, the heaven and earth aura will become thinner and the output of the spirit crystal will continue to decrease!

Every time this aquamarine heart beats, it is absorbing massive earth core aura!

"It's the ghost of the hypocritical god. Is this what the sages of the Holy Realm said to use the mainland of Kyushu to heal?"

Lin Chen gritted his teeth, and suddenly, his eyes narrowed. Inside this aquamarine heart, he found the light of the attribute light ball!

However, because the aura is too strong, he can't clearly see what type of attribute light sphere is inside.

The energy contained in this turquoise heart is too horrible, even if Lin Chen can forcefully consume a part of it for refining, there is no time to absorb it!

When Lin Chen turned to the stone stele, the corner of his mouth lifted a very disdainful arc!

"Feng Shen card, a good one, and extract the energy of the mainland of China to heal yourself. When your body recovers, you will invade Shenzhou. Will you be called God on the spot?"

Lin Chen smiled angrily, his spear twisted, and violently waved the five-color dragon gun, and the sharp and sharp gas of the gun shot at the "Fengshen Card" engraved the simple and confusing characters!

"There is no need to exist in this kind of ghost shit! I let you be a god. After today, you are almost **** a dog!"

Lin Chen's eyes were full of fierce light, and the five-colored dragon spear slammed into the sky, and a move of '79-style moon-cut Tianhe' slammed toward the top of the hall!

boom! Bang ~!

Lin Chen made five shots in a row, and the whole hall was split open alive by him!

All the soulmates fighting against the emperor who were still fighting at the Yunqiao outside were suddenly taken aback!

"His! Isn't that the Altar of Forbidden Land! Did the kid sneak into there?"

"Don't, don't ah! Mortal, you can't blaspheme! There is a place where God's will perches!"

Many screaming old hysterics screamed and shouted. I saw that the hall that broke into two halves collapsed. When the altar appeared, the green heart appeared in front of everyone!

In front of the God Card!

Behind the aquamarine heart, Lin Chen stood above an energy chain.

He held the gun in one hand, left leg in front, right leg in back, lined up in a straight line, tip toe touching heel.

The teenager was smiling, his teeth were white, his posture was extremely elegant, dignified, handsome, handsome, wearing snow-white gloves, and gently wiped his five-colored dragon gun.

It looks like the most professional billiard player is wiping his cue, like a teenager in first love stroking his lover's arm.

Very light and gentle.

Later, he raised his hips and lowered his waist. His movements were very standard. He held the gun body with his right hand and placed the front part of the gun body between his left index finger.

"I have a gift for Kyushu."

The teenager smiled.

His smile is very handsome and pure, and even a bit coquettish.

Bang ~! Dragon force explodes! He's out!

Lin Chen stabbed at the green heart!

At this moment, all Soul Warriors stayed in place, and the desperation in the twitching corners of the mouth and the dull eyes!

The spear sharply penetrated the azure heart and sputtered infinite energy fluctuations!

Bang ~!

The earth's veins vibrate and the valley roars, like hundreds of millions of volcanoes erupting.

The aquamarine heart exploded endlessly and violently, and a beam of light erupted from the center of the heart, rushing to Jiuxiao!

This beam of light shook the void, rushed all the way out of the sea of clouds, out of the Soul Home Headquarters, out of the very east of Shenzhou, and directly above the starry sky in the most central part of China!

boom! The beam of light exploded, and the earth-shattering sound of hurricane transited, swept from high altitude, and fell down from under the stars!

The moment the beam of light exploded, the countless dazzling azure green lights were like smallpox, like a lotus flower gradually blooming and scattered to every place in the whole of China!

Just like thousands of meteors blooming in the middle of the stars, at the moment of the explosion, more than half of the trillions of people in China witnessed this scene!

The turquoise radiance is beautiful and scattered everywhere in mainland China. These turquoise energies nourished the land of China and cared for the territory of China.

Some people are on the verge of death, and after being reflected in the turquoise light, they are infused with vitality and come back to life!

Some people stopped at the bottleneck for thousands of years, the green light flashed, and they broke through to repair their behavior!

Some people are highly toxic in the body, a picture of the turquoise glow, the toxins subside!

These were all the accumulation of spiritual energy that belongs to Shenzhou's own continent.

Now, in the most gorgeous and dazzling way, all the people in Shenzhou are returned!

The afterglow of the azure green glow remaining in the sky slowly condenses to form a large energy character.

"Life and death are bearish, it's my attitude to life. Doing it if you don't accept it is my performance art.-Lin Chen."