My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 606

Vol 5 Chapter 606: The Coolest Boy Is About To Continue The Wildest Legend.

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Chapter 606, The Coolest Boy Is About To Continue The Wildest Legend.

"It's not over! It's time to let everyone in Kyushu mainland know who is the most handsome man!"

Lin Chen was full of madness, bursting into laughter, striking seven shots with lightning, respectively, and the green light beams in seven different directions rushed to the sky!

This time, the beam of light straddled the sky and sprayed the direction of the seven states!

"The last shot, give everyone in Lingzhou a meeting first!"

Lin Chen held the gun in both hands and swept it violently, one shot on the green heart!


The brightest and fierce turquoise beam of light rushed to the sky and flashed to the direction of Lingzhou!

boom! boom! boom!

The aquamarine glow is constantly exploding at high altitudes on the mainland of Kyushu, and countless energy is poured into each large state. The majestic energy after rhyme forms a series of large characters.

At the height of Mingzhou, countless powerhouses of the hidden world and the ancient fortune-tellers were either interested or shocked, gazing at the energy characters in the sky.

"Heaven and the earth, only I am handsome.-Lin Chen."


Blood state starry sky, azure energy dilutes the **** killing spirit, this continent that has continued killing and chaos ushered in a brief peace, and countless creatures ceased fighting because they were nourished by scattered energy rays.

When they looked up at the starry sky and urged the fighting to wait and see, the energy words appeared!

"I bloom in the killing, just like the flowers at dawn.-Lin Chen."


In the high altitude of Yunzhou, the sea of clouds was overturned, but it was turned into aurora borehole by the turquoise light, and finally the clouds exploded, and the majestic energy rain flowers dotted every piece of land on the mainland.

Major top casting giants, casting merchants, top war emperor killers, all looked up!

The bright green radiant energy characters reflect half of the continental altitude!

"Handsome to the endless sky, I pretend to be the top of the force. Arrogant and handsome, waiting for you to beat.-Lin Chen."


Ghost State; the silent and lifeless island high above the sky, dashed across a beam of green energy, alarmed many powerful people who are still exploring in the secret realm!

Especially somewhere in the Netherworld, a breath of fierce, extremely powerful existence suddenly opened his eyes!

As the turquoise energy beam exploded, the energy tide scattered in the land of Gyeongju, illuminating those dark areas and showing a few words of energy

"Earth nuclear energy is also suitable for fireworks.-Lin Chen."

God **** fireworks! !

In this sentence, the pseudo-gods outside Kyushu numb their scalps and gritt their teeth! !


Tianzhou, the most peaceful continent, is still busy teaching its arrogant talents.

At this time, a bunch of green aurora pierced the sky, falling straight down to the sky of Tianshu College in Tianzhou, blooming throughout Tianzhou, attracting countless young Tianjiao men and women looking up at the sky, can not help but shine!

Looking up at the starry sky is not only the major denominations of Tianzhou, but also a college located in Lingyun Mountain, Tianzhou. This is the branch of Tiange College in Tianzhou!

In the branch, a group of young and handsome men and women looked up at the bright blue aurora in the sky, and the cunning girl in red couldn't help but marvel.

"It's so beautiful... what is this?"

The girl in red is Yue Linlin in class 66.

Not seen for more than a year, she faded a little bit green, and a little more enchanting for the countrys victims, but the ancient spirits engraved in the bones remained unchanged.

"What a strong energy, it seems to explode?"

Yun Manqing, who wore a soft skirt next to Yue Linlin, worried, such as a princess from a neighboring country, looked around the Qingren City.

"Tianzhou has always been peaceful, how can it usher in such huge energy fluctuations?"

Leng Yan's beautiful cheeks have some doubts. The beauty and temperament of the ladies are all extraordinary, such as quietly hiding in the moonlight above the snowy mountains. It can be seen from a distance, but it is not accessible.

Many of Tianzhous arrogant sons know that there are only one person in their hearts who are beautiful and beautiful.

That is, once created a legend against the heavens; an extinct Shuanghuang, the only Orange Xun student in the history of Tiange Academy, Lingzhou Linchen!


The turquoise aurora exploded, and the powerful energy fluctuations alarmed countless powerful people in Tianzhou. More than fifty war emperors broke through the barrier instantly, and looked at the current situation with some shock!

The magnificent turquoise light is falling like smallpox, and when the earth shines, it nourishes countless creatures!

"This is the earth's nuclear energy that belongs to Dazhou!"

Some old monster-level battle emperor realms are silent!

If you want to extract this level of energy, at least the eighth and ninth wars against the emperor! And one is not enough! How can such a precious energy fly towards their Tianzhou?

When a more amazing scene emerged, the people of Tianzhou were stunned in place!

After the lingering afterglow of the turquoise glow disappeared, a few characters of energy remained.

"My practice depends on picking up.-Lin Chen."

All my exercises depend on picking up?

Everyone in Class 66 was stunned!

Afterwards, everyone's expression appeared ecstatic and excited, Yun Manqing even concealed his jade hand, and wept with joy!

Can't be wrong!

Earth nuclear energy is used as fireworks!

In the entire Kyushu mainland, only one person can do such a thing!

That is the monitor of their 66 class, Lin Chen! !

The boys in Class 66 screamed in ecstasy and shouted excitedly! The girls cheered, cheeks flushed, and their hearts throbbed.

"Supervisor! Hahaha!"

"My god! This is too exciting, isn't Brother Lin Chen in China? Is this light from China?"

"Only what we can't think of, no squad leader can't do it!"

"Monitor Lin Chen is the best in the world!"

"The stand-alone king is the best in the world!"

"We have a traitor! Hit him!"


Danzhou; as always, the vocals are full of excitement and excitement.

A green aurora shuttled through, the explosion of Xuntianhedi shook the sky, and the green energy frenzy surged over the Danzhou City of Danzhou, which alarmed countless powerful!

Those who have been hidden in the world for a long time, the masters of the refining medicine, the strong people lurking in the dark, and the people who have participated have turned to the high sky of the Holy City.

Within the tide of energy, there are several characters of energy in the air.

"Kyushu pretends to force who is the peak, seeing Lin eventually become empty.-Lin Chen."

Lin Chen! This name is too dazzling for Danzhou!

Today, he has made people in Danzhou and Kyushu know him in a way that is more dazzling, more incredible, and makes people dare not even think about it! !

Lin Chen!

This is destined to be in the history of the day, this name, shining the entire Kyushu!

In Lingzhou Starry Sky, the battle emperors of the two camps are confronting each other, and when a turquoise beam of light is coming, it explodes violently! Surprised that all the war emperors have retreated!

As the light shines down, the energy after rhythm becomes an energy word!

"I will come back.-Lin Chen."

The deputy dean of the floating void smiled slightly.

"Well, our entire Lingzhou is waiting for you!"


Soul Home Headquarters, the secret altar of the headquarters.

Someone Lin wiped the gun in his hand, refreshed, this is probably the coolest and happiest game he has ever played!

The most handsome man is going to play the most hanging table tennis!

The strongest energy is the most dazzling fireworks!

The coolest boy is going to continue the wildest legend!