My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 607

Vol 5 Chapter 607: The Sky Is Born To Me Li Changsheng And The Sword Is Like A Moon.

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Chapter 607: Heaven is the birth of me, Li Changsheng, the swordsmanship is like a moon.

The sky tower, the void inside the room.

The mysterious pagoda owner of the mysterious dragon saw his eyes open, his eyes sharp, his eyes pierced the void, and stared into the soul home area!

"The essence of the core of the deep veins comes from, Soul House?"

"Could it be that?"

The main body of the tower flashed, and the sky tower was quickly evacuated!

Somewhere in a small space plane, above a divine mountain, the sharp screams sounded!

"Ah! Damn, which garbage is it! Who is my Sacred Heart, and which King of the Bastards moved the energy Sacred Heart of this seat!"

In the darkness, a small, thin figure appeared faintly, murderous!

His eyes are like ghost fire in the dark night, the ghost is lit, and his eyes seem to penetrate through the void and see through the mainland of Shenzhou!

Looking at the Soul Family Headquarters and sealing the position of the **** card, the dwarf figure shook his shoulders, the breath shattered the mountain, and the plane burst!

"It's that human race devil, Lin Chen? It's you again, it's you again! There are countless years in this horde of the Holy Realm, which round gets you such a yellow mouth child as arrogant, dare to destroy this Sacred Heart, and destroy you today!"

The beast-like roar shattered the whole space plane, the short figure stepped on, and the figure resembled a starry battle!

Located in the starry sky outside Kyushu, a few breaths in different stars or different spaces opened their eyes one after another and cast their eyes in shock and doubt!

"Strange, how did the old man leave!"

"Don't I promise to launch a general attack after 200,000 years, why did he take the first step?"

"The situation is wrong, the old man's family is out of condition!"


Sigh~! Boom!

The space is cracked, and a divine light containing endless heavenly power shuttles from the starry sky to the sky of Shenzhou!

The heaven and earth of Shenzhou fell into chaos, and there seemed to be a sky of anger brewing. Many people shuddered and shivered. Many pseudo-believers in the Far East fell to their knees because of this mighty power. It was their'Great God' who was angry!

"It's over, the wrath of the true God is coming to Shenzhou!"

"It's all you! Lin Chen, how can you provoke anger, the great true God has given everything to Kyushu mainland!"

"Everyone who despise the creator of the true **** should be damn! I would like to sacrifice my life to pray that the wrath of the true **** will kill him!"

In the extreme east of the dark ground, countless pseudo-believers fell to the ground!

The Soul Family Pseudo-God has to come to China! Even at the cost of injury and injury, Lin Chen must be killed at all costs!

At this moment, a few breaths lurking deep into the mainland of Kyushu quietly woke up, Mingzhou, Blood State, Arid State, Mingzhou, Lingzhou! Its perception has locked the Divine Land one after another!


The 47 town sacred stele on the edge of the soul home suddenly throbbed, and thousands of beams of light came out from the vicinity of the town sacred stele!

In the pillar of light, a figure of a blue shirt appeared, with his hands behind his back, his shawl and long hair, elegant and chic.

There is no knife in his waist, but he is sharp!

When he stood proudly between heaven and earth, his will spread like ripples across the entire mainland of Kyushu!

At this moment, all the swordsmen in the mainland of Kyushu that exceed Tiangang Realm, whether they are "Sword Respect" or "Sword Emperor", the swords on their bodies are chanting and worshipping in the direction of Shenzhou.

This is a sign of Swordsman surrender!

Countless swordsmen cast a shocking and fanatical look to the direction of China!

On the mainland of Kyushu, there are three ancient sages and sword sages, and the sword sages, there is only one person who is amazing, Li Changsheng!

As strong as the owner of the sky tower, the voice was shocked on the spot!

"Sword Saint Li Changsheng's senior mental will be shot?"

In front of the sacred monument in the town, the people in the blue shirts stretched out their hands.

"Ming Yue, borrow a knife."

The dimly divine China suddenly transmitted a bright moonlight, illuminating the dim divine state!

Thousands of seas are tumbling, a million miles away, and hundreds of millions of water system energy rotates like energy Tianhe, and is collected by Li Changsheng.

He takes the regionalized blade and the sky dome as the front. Wan Hai is the handle, and moonlight is the sword.

The T-shirt man wields with a knife in one hand and cuts it diagonally!

"Jingyue and God!"

With this knife, the moon shines in China! The blade of light is like a hydrated moon, bright and transparent. Thousands of miles in a flash of gas, Jiuxiao was soaring into the sky!

The little figure burst into a hoarse roar!

"Damn Li Changsheng! Are you going to stand here even if you die!"

He grabbed a palm violently from the starry sky, twisting the aura of life and death between his five fingers, and covered a huge winged phantom above the sky above the soul family, as if the star had fallen, shaking the continental plate Slash towards that peerless sword!

Sigh~! Tear ~!

There was no earth-shattering explosion, no turbulent chaos, only a bright moon illuminating the darkness, easily tearing the giant-winged phantom and splitting the entire sky!

"! Li Changsheng, Li Changsheng! Where do I hate! When Ben Sheng enters Kyushu, he will chew on the bones of Kyushu swordsmen and swallow the blood of Kyushu swordsmen!"

The dark little figure screamed sorrowfully, and turned into a beam of light escaping into the void.

On the horizon, an abyss-like space crack opened!

On the left is the sun, on the right is the bright moon!

As if subverting the universe, at noon, there is a vision of the sun and the moon! The brilliance of the moonlight overshadows the glory of the blazing sun!

Countless sharp and fierce breaths rose from the land of the Divine Land, it was the war swing of the swordsman breaking through the shackles!

Countless swordsmen fell to their knees! Tears filled with tears!

Boom~! Boom~! Boom~!

There are 13 more fighting spirits, Hong Mang stands like a sky, straight into the sky, half of the emperor stepped into the war emperor realm?

"Senior Li Changsheng, really is a bright moon in Kyushu Daodao!"

In the distance, the main body of the sky tower tower set off a storm!

All the swordsmen who have witnessed this sword have made breakthroughs in different fields, and more than 13 half-step battle emperors have also broken through the realm of "Sword Emperor"!

This sword's charm, majesty, and swordsmanship are reasonable, splitting out the thirteen sword emperors of China! !

The endless pseudo-believers watched this scene staring blankly, and the great true god was forced to retreat by this knife!

The blue shirt man with his hands behind him, Lang Ran laughed!

"Hahaha! The sky gave birth to me Li Changsheng, the swordsmanship is like a moon."

The laughter faded away, the people in the blue shirt disappeared, and the light of the sacred monument in the town was dim for a while, and it was about to disappear between heaven and earth.


Inside the altar of the Soul Family Headquarters.

All the Soul Family Warlords who rushed to support here were stunned in place!

They witnessed that the green heart was punctured by Lin Chen in a few shots!

When the aquamarine heart dies, the tall card of the gods appeared.

At this time, the Fengshen card has lost the prestige of the prestigious supernatural power, leaving only a fierce killing intention!

Before the Fengshen card, the teenager attacked the silver robe, holding the five-colored dragon gun, and the smile rising between the corners of his mouth, which did not conceal that arrogant overbearing domineering!

Behind him is the Fengshen card, leaving only a series of vigorous and simple characters!

"Lin Chen is engraved on the Fengshen card, and Lin Chen is godless with me!"

At this moment, the history of Kyushu opened a new era.