My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 608

Vol 5 Chapter 608: Soul Home Fury

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Chapter 608 !

Withdrawing the'Golden Eyes Twins', Lin Chen's heart is surging and there is infinite respect in his heart!

"Senior Li Changsheng deserves to be my only swordsman in ancient Kyushu!"

Then, Lin Chen turned to the broken green heart. At this time, the energy was lost, the energy chain was broken, and the earths core energy had returned to the ground. Its not that simple to ingest it again!

Lin Chen shattered the broken green heart with a single shot, the orange beam of light suddenly bloomed and shone, and two treasure chests inlaid with orange crystals were suspended into the void.

Lin Chen opened his mouth and stayed in place! Damn it!

In this green heart, the light of Nazang's attribute light turned into an orange crystal treasure chest! And two?

"This wave really made a lot of money into the headquarters of the Soul Family!"

There was ecstasy in Lin Chen's heart, whether it was destroying the pseudo-sacred heart that extracted the earth's nuclear energy, or copying the soul of the soul family, and these two orange crystal treasure chests, it was a great harvest!

[Open the orange crystal treasure chest, get (one-time) orange rank talent: God-killer fragment (4/3).

[Open the orange crystal treasure chest, get: 1 talent combo box.

Godkiller Shard! Talent combo box! The treasures unearthed from the orange crystal treasure chest never disappointed Lin Chen!

"Two tricks to kill the gods are talented! Now I can launch the **** killers twice, and there is one more desperate life and death, enough! Now I have enough strength to fight back to Lingzhou!"

In Lin Chen's eyes, an overbearing killing intention bloomed!

Maybe if you save your money and enter the sky tower for a while, the height of growth will be more powerful, but the worry about Lingzhou and the worry about Bai Ruoyan can no longer allow Lin Chen to continue to wait!

Bloody sky, imperial bones everywhere!

The Emperor who came to support the Souls now has only two mid-level Emperor of the Sixfold!

"Lingzhou Linchen! You are looking for death!"

A thunderous cold drink rang through the clouds, the star robe fluttered, and a middle-aged fierce man with sword eyebrows stared into the sky. It was actually the sword emperor of the mid-seventh layer of the soul family!

He is the elder who left Linchen area to search for the figure of Lin Chen, and he is in the position of the nearest Seventh Warlord! There is a forbidden warehouse in charge of the Soul Family, and the Soul Family Secret Pavilion will return immediately!

The moment he returned to Soul's house, he was shocked and angry. He really didn't expect it at all.

All the powerful people who destroyed the mountain, took away the heritage of the Holy Tablet, and all the Soul Family agreed that the goal of this son was for the Holy Tablet. When he wanted to chase it down, he could still stage a sounding East?

When he saw Lin Chen's words carved on the Fengshen card and the cracked green heart, the elder sword emperor was completely angry!

"The sword emperor in the mid-seventh layer can't make it close to the emperor in the late seventh layer."

Lin Chen's eyes narrowed.

Even though Xiu is soaring, the attribute value has surged, but in the face of this opponent in the late seventh chasing period, even Lin Chen took out all the avatars to fight against it still very reluctantly!

Moreover, he has no reason to stay here!

Choke~! The sword of the sheath is like a dragon roar, and the soul family sword emperor draws his sword!

"Six changesThe ultimate moment!"

Cultivating as a broken bamboo and advancing into the mid-quadruple temporarily, Lin Chen put away his war gun, and the fighting spirit and the origin of Jiu Tribulation in the body quickly reduced!

"Chixiao a sword!"

The blade of the sword was swaying, and the qi of the sword was chopped upside down, turning into a rolling Chixiao, chopping down, reflecting in the sea of clouds of the whole Soul Headquarters, like the sunset before dusk!

"The Soul Run Dog, try this!"

Lin Chen suddenly drank coldly, the nine-colored light circling in the palm of his hand shone like a star, and the two attacking runes were launched, Lin Chen threw out!

"Nine Tribulation Stars" is like a very small meteor, crashing into the hundred thousand Chi Honghong across the sky!

Feeling the sudden destruction of the two, the remaining two six-fold war elders, like ghosts, quickly retreated!

Cover the Dragon Emperor's retreat, and above the forbidden ground of the Soul House, the red sky burst into bloom!

Sigh~! Bang!

Chixia Hongmang was hit head-on by the meteor-dropped Nine Tribulation Stars, and eventually turned into countless broken mansions, the soul family sword emperor's expression was shocked!

"What stunt is this?"

Such a horrible combat skill, unheard of! Not to mention it was cast from the hands of a young man who did not have the fivefold war emperor!

The Nine Tribulation Stars crashed into the Soul Sword Emperor, when a sudden eruption spread out a beam of light of nine colors!

The nine-color beam of light swallowed the sea of clouds, and the mist disappeared!

The beam of light continues to expand, and the center rotates the energy wave that destroys all beings. Even Lin Chen himself dared not get too close!

Compared with the last time when the "Nine Tribulation Stars" was performed, the nine elemental attribute values were only more than 20,000 points.

Today's Lin Chen, except for the "light" and "darkness" of 70,000 points, all elements have exceeded the 90,000 point mark! The water system has reached an incredible 140,000 points!

This value, combined with Lin Chen's cultivation for the skyrocketing and level 5 penetration rune, turned out to be several times stronger than it was at the beginning!

As the nine-color light column dissipated, an embarrassed figure was withdrawn from it, bathed in blood and shocked!

The sword emperor's right arm was missing, the sword was damaged, and there was a fist-sized wound in the left abdomen. There were several emerald-colored imperial bones on his body, and almost half of the foot stepped into the ghost gate!

"You have such strength at a young age. If you are promoted to the eighth and ninth battle emperor, is it not invincible?"

Soul Sword Emperor is angry and frightened!

Tear ~!

Moonlight Ziyan rolls over, and a fistful of wind blows abruptly on his heavenly cover! Soul family sword emperor only used one arm, backhand palm, shot five sword qi!

Bang~! Bang ~!

Fists collide and explode a cloud of energy mushrooms at high altitude!

Lin Chen's arm was split with several blood stains, and the corner of his mouth was bleeding!

Even if the other party is seriously injured, the mid-level cultivation of Qizhong is still a huge gap before Lin Chen!

However, his goal has been achieved!

[Consumption of 4950 talent points, the stolen harbinger succeeded, and has stolen from the target creature: 5000 intermediate gold energy.

The Qinglong was transformed into a dragon light, which was incorporated into Lin Chen's body. Several avatars opened their body and took away the attributed light ball from the soul family sword emperor!

"Increase 5000 points of gold energy in one go, it's worth it. It's time to go! Super dimension transmission!"

Just as Soul Sword Emperor planned to fight Lin Chen to the end, a bright light flashed from the top of Lin Chen's head and shone down, his entire person disappeared instantly!


The soul family sword emperor was stunned in place, and when he released the fighting spirit to explore the surroundings, he did not have his breath at all!

The same is true of the six lucky warlords who survived luckily.

"Damn, this kid ran again! Find it! Maybe he's still nearby!"

Soul Sword Emperor growled and growled!

A day later, seven figures stood in front of the Fengshen card.

Many Taishang elders from the Soul Family saw the aquamarine heart burst into a pile of fragments and fell into a strange silence!

Especially the phrase Lin Chen is godless when I am on the Fengshen card! "The elders of the Soul Family, who are so angry, have their eyes open!

But no one dared to move!