My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 610

Vol 5 Chapter 610: Where Is The Trouble

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Chapter 610

In the last seven days, the whole Aral State has become so wild! The major beast families were shocked to send the seventh-order beast exploration news, but the result was gone forever! Either it was beaten down!

I dont know when, there is a legend in Arazhou. There is a young family and two green dragons. Wherever they pass, there is no grass, and no root hair will be left!

This person Erlong has looted the warehouses of many fierce beast families and the medicine garden specialized in cultivating Tiancaidibao!

In the end, after the super-class beast family in the terrified state began to send a strong man to investigate, the two dragons completely disappeared!

On the other side of China, it is even more so! !

The Soul Family was officially born, proclaiming the world and officially wanted: Lingzhou Linchen. If he can capture or kill him, he can take it to the Soul House with his head: one purple advanced high-level combat skill, one seventh-level top weapon, and one seventh-level top medicine!

This reward shocked the entire mainland of China! Each reward is enough for the seven-plus warlords to resist it!

On the tenth day of the Soul Family Incident, the backyard of Yang Mansion in Danzhou.

"Miss, let's go! That Longao will bring someone here!"

In the backyard, several close-knit girls hurriedly pulled Yang Qing'er in a snow-white cloud robe and flew outside the backyard.

"But, if I leave, what should they do..."

Yang Qing'er was anxious and said anxiously.

"This is what the old man meant. The old man said that the young lady already had a sweetheart, why should you let you be wronged in the past?"

A maid who pulled Yang Qinger away turned around and said.

Yang Qing'er felt warm in his heart, but it was precisely because his father loved him that he couldn't embarrass him!

This Longao, whose ancestors were once from the Canglong family of Huangzhou, he himself has the blood of the Canglong, he is a top arrogant of Danzhou, but he is already a triple war emperor at seven thousand years old Can record the famous arrogance!

By chance, Long Ao fell in love with Yang Qing'er at first sight and was tough. He went to the door to raise his relatives a few times. Now he even lifts the dragon sedan and wants to take Yang Qinger through the door!

This person is not only extremely talented, but the forces behind it are a bit scary, not only the ancient family, but also the background of the dragon family! Yang Fu didn't dare to offend him easily even if he was an ancient family!

A wave of Yang Qing'er's sleeve robe suddenly released the maid's prime hand, turned around and flew back, the maid's expressions changed slightly!

"What's wrong, Miss Qing'er."

Suddenly, the youth's doubts made Yang Qinger look happy! When she looked back suddenly, Lin Chen was sitting on Long Kun's dragon's back, levitating behind Yang Qing'er.

When he saw Lin Chen, Yang Qing'er seemed to find the backbone of his heart, and he was about to cry, pitifully.

"Princess Lin Chen! Me, our Yang Mansion is in big trouble! Can you help us?"

Lin Chen's expression changed!

Yangfu is in big trouble? Then how could Yang Dingfeng stand idly by!

"It's okay, no matter how big the trouble is, it's up to me!"


Yangfu Hall; the senior officials of Yangfu have a ugly face.

"Less nonsense! Today either Qing'er should be put on the dragon chair. Lao Tzu personally greeted her through the door, or Lao Tzu will demolish your broken house!"

A ruthless young man with a strong back and a bear waist waved brutally and aggressively, wearing a robe and a sword around his waist.

Its cultivation base is as high as the triple early warlord! Age placed in the territory of the war emperor is also a very young existence, it is that Longao!

"Everyone in Yang Mansion, some of the dragon ancestors behind us, also want to see our future granddaughter's medicine refining level, I hope you still look forward to the beauty of adults, right?"

At this time, the two black robe elders laughed, the breath inside came out, and they were the two powerful emperors in the early stage of the Sixth Superpower!

Their tone did not conceal their meaning of not giving up!

Moreover, they have clearly stated the dragon ancestor behind them! Powerful dragon!

Although the head of the Yang family is sitting in a state of chaos, his expression is somewhat dilemma.

"Hey, he never expected to encounter this wonderful drama just after coming here."

"The Yang family owner is also a man with a strong sense of love, like an ancient family, a united marriage, and it is easy to marry his daughter out for the benefit. He even intends to save his daughter."

"The strong dragons are not easy to provoke. Those guys are also a group of lunatics, second only to the madness of the Ashura tribe in ancient times, even if Yangfu is Danzhou's family of refining medicines, we must weigh it!"

In the corner of the hall, there were a lot of people calmly watching the situation of Yang Mansion.

Among them, some are five-fold warlords, some are six-fold warlords, and even seven-fold warlords have several!

And the two gray men in silence at the corner, the pressure of their breath is even more terrifying... compared to the Seventh Battle Emperor, it is also several grades more fierce!

However, they did not seem to intend to intervene in this matter.

"Long Ao, in addition to the little girl, other women in Yang's House are..."

Yang Family Lord wanted to say, Long Ao's eyes were like electricity, and his momentum was like a mad dragon going to the sea, and the shadows of Canglong were disillusioned from his pupils.

The seniors of the Yang family were shocked, and they didn't expect this person to be so overbearing and arrogant.

Bang ~! boom!

A virtual image of a long dragon rushed out of the fist, and the dragon passed through the sky. With one punch, it opened the hall of the entire Yang Mansion, broke through the nine floors, and burst into a big cave!

"Grass! Shameless things! You Yangfu don't toast or eat fine wine!"

"Ben Shao gave you the last chance, whether you will pay or not, I will look at Yang Qing'er! The woman who wants to lie under Lao Tzu can be discharged from here to Huangzhou! Lao Tzu's dragon sedan has been brought up and wants you Yang Fus woman, thats for you! Dont shame your face!"

Long Ao spit and spit in disdain, but the elders of Yang House dare to speak with anger, but the expression of the head of the Yang family is more and more fierce!

No matter how bad they are, they are also ancient families. These fists almost hit his Yang family head. What dignity is there to say!

Seeing that the look of the Yang family's master had changed, the elders of the War Emperor Realm who accompanied Long Ao suddenly narrowed their eyes, and the fighting was secretly running.

Just when Lord Yang planned to get angry, two figures hurriedly rushed into the hall, and the young man headed waved anxiously.

"Master Yang, I heard that the Yang family is in big trouble. What's going on, do you want me to help Lin..."

Everyone answered.

When Long Ao saw the figure of the beautiful lady, she was first happy, and then the thunder was furious! Because he suddenly saw that the silver robe boy actually held Yang Qing'er's jade hand?

Was it the first to get on board?

"Damn, die!!"

Without saying a word, Long Ao's body was crushed away, like a raptor going out to sea, and when he was near Lin Chen, it was a punch!

This time, he showed his true skills, and Long Xiao was shocked, punching all over the country!

Unexpectedly, Lin Chen didn't even look at him. While pushing away Yang Qinger a little, he waved with his hand, stealing the fighting spirit and swallowing Long Ao's fighting spirit!

Lin Chen's lightning with one hand grabbed his fist and took a turn, not only unloading his pure strength and strength, but also overturning his entire person!

All the strong are surprised!

Long Ao's fist, the fourfold war emperor can not be so lightly dispelled, this one wave overturned Long Ao?

With one hand overturning Long Ao, Lin Chen slapped directly!

Fuck~! boom!

With a slap, Long Ao vomited blood and even smashed his head into the ground!

Then, Lin Chen was bland, without looking at Long Ao all the way, and raising his foot stepped **** his face!

Poof~! Click~ Click!

Bone crackling, teeth burst and flew out!


The people of the Yang family took a cold breath!

Lying trough?

A lift! A palm! One foot! Clouds and water!

What the **** is this god, he hit Long Ao, the triple war emperor, with two or three hits to vomit blood!

One foot trampled Long Ao under his feet, and Lin, a top ten young man who respected the elderly and loved the young, asked anxiously from the heart.

"Trouble, where's the big trouble? Lord Yang, you talk! You're in a hurry! Where is the big trouble of Yang Man?"

The mouth of the strong man in the hall is slamming...

brother! Brother!

Big trouble is at your old feet! The teeth are flying!