My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 611

Vol 5 Chapter 611: He's So Hard

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Chapter 611

Yang Qinger's jade hand concealed her red lips lightly. From the last time she met, she knew that Lin Chen was the Warlord Realm, but she never thought he would be so strong!

That's Longao of the Triple Warlord! It is also a body-cultivating emperor, with the blood of Canglong, and its potential is very close to the "descendants of the gods" of the same level! Yang Fu is also a top strongman in them. Except for his father and some very senior elders, few can stop him!

Its real fighting power is directly chasing the fourfold war emperor, at least it can be compared to the late triple, Lin Chen is even war emperor realm, he is only 21 years old?

Is he already above triple war emperor at the age of 21?

Stronger than those strong men sitting in the dark, witnessing this scene, can't help but twitch!

This man is ruthless! There is no stagnation between the shots. This combat experience is quite good in the high-level war emperor!

"His pure power is above Longao."

Suddenly, two gray men sitting in the darkest corner, one of them spoke hoarsely.

"Why don't everyone stop talking! Can't you believe me, someone in Lin!"

Lin Chen was even more anxious! He really didn't expect that what he stepped on was the "big trouble" Yang Yang said.

All the way out of the sky tower, the four-fold and five-fold war emperor Lin Chen did not know how much he killed. The triple war emperor in this area is really a commodity that can be wiped out in his eyes!

"A big dog gall, dare to offend my Longjia Tianjiao, and don't let go of your dog legs!"

The two six-fold war emperors of the Dragon family were furious, and the six war emperor realms that followed followed suddenly stood up!

Tear ~!

The phantom flashed, and the elder Yang Futai, who had been lurking in the dark, did not appear in a flash.

The later revisions of the Sixth Layer were swept through, blocking the two of the Dragon family and intimidating the audience!

"Everyone, are these junior matters, do you have to take care of your face?"

The crane-headed elder elder chuckled casually.

The elder Yang Futai was naturally one of the top leaders who knew that Lin Chen had issued a call.

Although he can see that Lin Chen's pure power is above Long Ao, but the Sixth Battle Emperor and Long Ao are on two completely different levels. In order to protect Lin Chen, he does not hesitate to show himself!

Because of Lin Chen's potential, it is worth their bets!

"Hey, are you the old monster of Yang House, but today it's your turn to decide."

The old man in the yellow robe, who had been sitting next to several Emperors of the Second War, walked out slowly with a cane.

The elder Yang Fu was horrified and lost his voice-"The Seventh Emperor?"

Everyone did not expect that the Dragon Family actually alerted the Seventh Battle Emperor to come out for Long Ao's marriage! The existence of this series is almost never a strong man in the world!

"Boy, lift your dirty feet."

The old man in the yellow robe glanced at Lin Chen in a shameful manner, and gave him a shit! Refers to the light as a man, flashing the void.

Hey~! Fingers tearing Lin Chen's figure into nothingness, with a residual image.

"Sevenfold Warlord, you are the big trouble of Yang Mansion?"

Lin Chen flashed to Yang Qing'er's side, laughing lightly.

This speed of body style made the old man in the yellow robe squint and ask questions.

"Boy, who are you?"

"Me? I live next door with my surname Yang. I have something to do with my family. I specialize in infertility, massage and health care, and the fee is only 998."

Lin Chen raised a brow, too lazy to ignore this old turtle.

"Master Lin Chen, they are the strong of the Dragon family..."

Yang Qing'er vomited Fang Lan lightly in Lin Chen's ear. Lin Chen's unique voice made Lin Chen's ear a bit numb, and he simply told Lin Chen the reason of the matter.

At this time, the facial features were almost distorted, the flesh and blood were blurred, and Longao, who had a collapsed face, stood up angrily!

"It turns out that it is so, Miss Qing'er, the voice is too nice, and it is not a good thing to look too good."

Lin Chen teased the beautiful woman's blue silk and laughed, Yang Qinger gave him a blank look.

"Damn, what are you, and dare to talk to my Qinger Qingqing?"

Long Ao broke his mouth and scolded, Lin raised a brow!

I have seen those who feel good about themselves, have seen shameless, have not seen such shameless!

When did this become your Qinger!

"What am I? What small speaker are you!"

Lin Chen smiled disdainfully, and then stretched out his arms around the slender waist of the beautiful woman's bones. He held Yang Qinger the moment he spoke loudly.

"Don't change your name on the down line, you can't sit and change your surname; pretend to force the road through the road, the people in the road say you have lost your mind, a **** gun in the wave, the shot is the most handsome Lingzhou Linchen in Kyushu!"

What the **** is this name?

When I heard the last words of Linchen Linzhou, the powerful players on the road suddenly changed!

Needless to say, the strong of the Dragon family, those group emperors sitting on the side could not sit still! Stand up awesomely!

This child is Lingzhou Linchen?

"Are you Lin Chen?"

The old man in the yellow robe slightly aired!

This name has almost reached the point where no one knows it or no one knows it in the current mainland of Kyushu!

"Nonsense, there are people who dare to pretend that I can't. The most difficult person to impersonate in the world is me Lin, polish your dog's eyes and see clearly. With this handsome face, you can see who can pretend."

Lin Chen patted his face and smiled shamelessly.

Then, his expression turned, the corners of his mouth rose slightly, and he was mad!

"Yang Qing'er is my woman. No matter what kind of dragon family you are, I only have one sentence: Do you want to go! How far you go!"

Lin Chen's domineering wave, the beautiful lady in her arms shook!

Yang Qing'er looked up, Hao teeth lightly chewed her lips, her beautiful eyes stared at the teenager's side face distractedly, and her heart throbbed.

He actually said that; I am his woman...

Although this is not the truth, there is a high probability that the attention of the Dragon family will be transferred to him, but the moment he said it, he would be so shaken...


Before the old Huangpao responded, Longao suddenly drew his sword!

The seventh-order knife "Huanglong" in his hand is like a round of blazing sun, hung up high, disillusioned countless Canglong roar, the whole Yang Mansion vibrated! Slashed to the top of Lin Chen's head!

The power of this knife, chasing the fourfold war emperor!

Dang ~! Bang ~!

The crisp and hard gold-iron collision sounded, and the ground at the foot of Lin Chen cracked, and the cracks continued to extend, like a giant python swinging!

The furious image of Canglong crushed the crystal walls of space, and turned into a hurricane storm sweeping the hall!

When this terrible wind pressure was about to overturn the entire Yangfu Hall, there was a curtain of battle gas rising all around!

The strength of the violent dragon shattering the space and the aftermath of the fighting swayed on the water curtain, and the layers of ripples appeared, and all the power was absorbed and swallowed by it.

When the water curtain disappeared, I saw that Long Ao, who was at the center of the water curtain, held the knife in both hands and cut diagonally towards Lin Chen.

His blade was still three feet away from Lin Chen's face, and he remained immobile.

Because what stood in front of him was Lin Chen's right index finger, which was understatement!

The tip of his finger is against the blade of the sword, with a touch of golden light!

One finger! With just one finger, took Long Ao's full blow?

All the strong men twitched violently when they looked at it!

How strong is this Nima?

That's a knife to chase the fourfold war emperor!

No matter how bad it is, its not so weak! He stopped it with one finger?

I don't know who froze, murmured.

"How hard is he! My mother!"

"He's so hard!"