My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 612

Vol 5 Chapter 612: Extremely Arrogant Extremely Overbearing

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Chapter 612: Extremely Arrogant! Extremely overbearing!

With one finger, you can catch up with the fourfold warlords, at least, you need more than sixfold warlords!

Can a 21-year-old compare to the sixfold war emperor?

If you haven't seen it with your own eyes, I'm afraid no one can believe it!

Bounced with his fingers, his fingertips shook Long Ao's blade, and the violent and overbearing pure power shocked his war knife away!

Longao stepped back and forth, panicked, like a ghost!

Lin Chen is now in the triple mid-term, and cultivation has already surpassed Longao! Not to mention that he himself is a leapfrog, leapfrog monster level strength!

The mid-triple cultivation of the triple is combined with more than 100,000 points of intermediate gold energy, which makes his golden robbery war body has become an indestructible state, but in terms of hardness, Lin Chen, who urges the golden robbery war body Hard, pretty low-level seventh-level weapon!

Not to mention his pure power has reached 5.05 million dragon power! To put it bluntly, Lin Chen can hammer Longao with one finger!

Lin Chen put her arms around the beautiful woman's slim waist with one hand, slammed a punch, and the punching style was like a wild dragon, and slammed into his chest! The force that cuts off the river engulfs the space crystal wall into a vacuum zone!

Dang ~! boom!

A dark cane stood between the two, blocking Lin Chen's fist, and the water curtain continued to absorb the impact, so that the hall did not collapse.

The elders of the Seventh Warlords of the Dragon family stood not far in front of Lin Chen. Lin Chen raised his brow without fear, and took a step forward!

This step represents Lin Chen's position!

"This son is so bully! If that punch is real, the young master will have to explain it here!"

The old man in the yellow robe squinted his eyes, his vigorous and powerful palms were slightly curved, and the red gold fighting spirit spread like a Dapeng wings.

"Every triple war emperor, pretend to be a big-tailed wolf. If you can't do it, you're called the old one? Well, I'm never afraid of playing a group fight with Lin. No matter the old one, I will clean up together today!"

Lin Chen pulled Yang Qing'er standing behind him, his fingers stretched out, pointing to the two six-fold war emperors of the dragon family and all the war emperors of the dragon family, and disdainfully said-"Just one is not enough for me to fight. I stand up! Anyone who is not convinced will leave Yang Mansion today!"

Bang ~!

As soon as the words fell, the four Divine Lights descended from the sky, and the four avatars stood out in four directions of Lin Chen!

Seeing this scene, the old man in the yellow robe who had planned to force Lin Chen to suppress Lin Chen felt numb!

Four avatars? And every sense of oppression is not inferior to the body! This kind of unique learning is unheard of!

Even Long Ao, who wanted to rely on the prestige of the family to suppress Lin Chen, felt a horror!

He punched the punch just now, and he must be dead! Now four more? If you are too strong, the elders of his dragon family may not be able to guarantee him here!

This time, it was the turn of the Dragon family to dare to speak out!

Lin Chen's strength, they see clearly! One is already too strong to fear, add four more? That's a fart!

At the beginning, Yang Fu, the elder who wanted to protect Lin Chen, could not help but shake his head and smiled.

Keep a fart! This kid is much stronger than him!

This little guy keeps them from Yang House!

"Grass, fight or not! Give a happy word, I have hundreds of millions of a second, no time to waste time with you."

Lin Chen's shoulders were shocked, and the momentum further suppressed everyone in the Dragon family!

"Jiangshan came out on behalf of talented people, hehe, Linzhou Linchen, really well-deserved reputation."

The old man in the yellow robe smiled and flirted, and his palm turned over, pushing the two elders with six spirits.

"What happened today was disturbed by my dragon's family. Unexpectedly, I can still see the legendary little friend Lin Chen, who is willing to worship the wind."

The second old man quickly guarded Long Ao, afraid of what happened to this little ancestor.

The old man in the yellow robe waved his hand: "Let's go, today's thing, my dragon's family disturbs Yang Mansion."

"Fuck you!"

Lin Chen punched him again! The old man in the yellow robe plucked out his hand and shot it, and his fists collided!

"What do you guys want? Mo Zhen thought my Dragon family was so bully?"

The old man in yellow robe was furious!

"I just bullied you? What did you do to bully Yang Man just now? I am someone in Lin who dare to bully even the pseudo-spiritual home of Shenzhou. I can't manage a dragon's house of your **** mother? Grass! What do you think of this place? ?Want to go to the kiln or go to the restaurant?

Lin Chen sneered. With one hand, the five-colored dragon turned and stood proudly with the gun!

"Leave all of you with the precepts to Yang Fu as a remedy. And there is the shabby pen over there. Yes, look at it, it's you. Apologize to Yang Fu, be sure to speak loudly! Speak until I hear it!"

As soon as this request came out, the expressions of Long Ao and the Dragon family's strong men changed!

Leave their naling ring? This **** is just looting!

Roar ~~!

Long Xiao Zhen Tian, two giant dragons turned out! Purple Phoenix wings, green dragon body, and a four-winged high-spread, Yinglong tail is like a blue sword, overbearing!

The eyes of the old man in the yellow robe shrink! It turned out to be two dragons with an intermediate level of 7th or higher!

The most terrifying thing is that the green dragon that didn't break through the seventh-order advanced level has a purple phoenix wing and a dragon wing, which is strange and extreme! I even smelled a hint of danger from it!

Even those group emperors sitting in the dark on the edge are secretly shocked!

They have seen Kyushu for tens of thousands of years, 100,000 years, and many strange things have been seen, but this is the first time they have seen two kinds of fierce beasts with more than two blood lines! And it's more horrible than one!

"I have always served people with virtue, and those who refuse to do so are basically dead. How about, do you want to give it a try?"

The four avatars spread out and surrounded the dragon family. If there is a disagreement, it will start!

"Damn, how many cards does this kid still have!"

The old man in Huangpao was badly corrupted, and with the addition of these two dragons, he did not have the confidence to keep his own young master.

No wonder! It's no wonder that this child could turn China upside down, and that the nuclear energy of the past few days has exploded into Danzhou. It must be that this has happened in China!

Their dragon family prefers not to provoke, how to provoke this madman! Even if you have a dragon background, you can't afford it! Even the legendary family of gods and souls have been turned upside down by him. He is still afraid of a dragon background?

"We pay!"

The old man in the yellow robe gritted his teeth and shouted!

The warlords of the Dragon family looked at each other, and at last they were extremely reluctant to surrender their precepts!

No idea! If you dont pay, you will be in danger!

Lin Chens name, who hasnt heard of it today?

The legend of this uncle who punches the real mountain, puts the nuclear energy as fireworks, and even puts the "nuclear fireworks" on the entire mainland of Kyushu. Is there anything else he dare not do?

If you dont pay, there are only a handful of people who can go out alive!